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  1. The text department (teasing cat for a while) was original and plagiarized the party's respect.
    Cat food can be considered a more convenient pet food, which can not only satisfy the basic nutrition of the cat, but also make the owner save time. However, although cat food is a more convenient pet food, it cannot be said to be the best food for cats. Eight sauce has always advocated that pet owners imitate the natural diet as much as possible, such as feeding and cat rice feeding.

    raw bone flesh and cat rice (including canned staple foods or staple foods) are more suitable for cats than cat food. However, if you don't have so much time and energy to make food for cats, then you can add these foods to cats on the basis of cat food.
    The first type: Chicken breasts
    The protein content of chicken breasts is relatively high, which can be regarded as a highly cost -effective high -protein meat. Although chicken breasts are not good for humans, the cat loves to eat. If you usually feed cat food, you can cook chicken breasts with white water every three differences, so that the cat can solve it. The method is to boil it with white water. Don't put any seasonings. If you cook it, you can tear it to the cat to eat.
    The second type: no salt cheese
    The salt cheese is the kind we can buy in the supermarket. Although this kind of salt -free cheese is milk, it has been fermented. Cats have absorbed it well and do not diarrhea. Eat a little salted cheese for the cat, which can make the cat's hair bright and shiny. However, it should be noted that this salt -free cheese has a high calories. Do not give the cat too much at a time.
    The third type: goat milk powder
    Onon milk powder molecular structure is relatively small, so cats do not cause diarrhea. The nutrients in dairy products are rich in nutrients. Drinking a little properly can help them supplement nutrition.
    The fourth type: egg yolk
    egg yolk is also a good thing for cats. It is rich in lecithin, which is very good for cat's hair. If you want the cat's hair to be smooth and beautiful, it is right to eat a few egg yolk for the cat that week.

  2. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people also pay more and more attention to enjoying the quality of life, pursuing the construction of spiritual and culture, and no longer the fact that they are simply focused on clothing, food, housing, and transportation. Life and leisure, for example, in order to enrich their daily leisure life and enrich their spiritual world, people choose to raise a small pet to accompany themselves. Pets are the creatures that coexist with humans on this earth. Life has played a fulfilling role, especially its lovely appearance, which has captured the hearts of many people. And the most common animals in daily pets must have cats of cats. As one of the pets with the most time to accompany dogs like dogs, cats' high cold and cute and petite are one of the reasons for many people. There are naturally many pets. Pay attention, such as this cat, first of all, we must give it to it. In addition to the daily cat food, what food can we eat for cats?
    Before talking about food, we must first understand the truth. In fact, cat food is not its only choice for cats. From a scientific point of view, the nutritional value of cat food is far from other foods. The nutritional value is high. From the scientific perspective, it is a cat: raw meat> cooked meat > frozen dried > canned food > wet grains > cat food, so there are many varieties of food in front of cat food to choose to choose If we have a lot of free time and we can withstand the large cost and time cost of cats, we can try the following foods.
    Cochry breasts and chicken breasts are a kind of meat that belongs to cooked food. For our general public, its purchase cost is very low. In terms of economic acceptance, we can afford it. I also like it very much. Of course, what we value most is nutrition, and the nutritional value of chicken breasts is also relatively high. Many cats in chicken breasts need vitamin A and vitamin B1. Of course, the protein content is extremely high. Big features. The method is not complicated. Put the chicken breasts into the water and cook it. If you are not assured, you can add some cats needed to be put into it, then chop it, and mix it in the rice to eat the cat.
    Raw beef raw beef so -called raw meat varieties naturally belong to the first gear of cat nutrition food, but the price is much higher than chicken breasts. Can eat raw beef frequently, but you don't need to care about this. Occasionally you can eat raw beef for cats, and the nutritional value of raw beef is naturally speechless. It contains vitamin B, B, B, B, B, Combined with linoleic acid, potassium, rich protein, osomantic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium, especially the content of myosine is very high, it is very important for male cat development. The specific method is Feed the cat for cats, and choose whether the cat's eating capacity needs to be cut thinner.

  3. In some rural cats, there are any specialized cat food, the simplest food is also very good, such as: steamed buns and egg yolks are stirred together. Usually, the millet porridge we drink is food that can be eaten by cats. And it is also good for cats. You can try it.

  4. In addition to cat food, kittens also prefer to eat mice, as well as a variety of fish, and other meats. These foods are good for cats.

  5. In addition to cat food, you can also feed cats with all -wheat bread or some edible coarse grains. Cats also love to eat fish, and they can also feed the cat some fish in an appropriate amount.

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