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  1. There are many reasons for the kitten not to eat or drink. The owner should take corresponding measures according to the specific situation: if the kitten does not eat or drink because the kitten is changed, then the owner should prepare a quiet and darker environment for the cat. Prepare sufficient water and food for cats. Try not to disturb it and let it slowly adapt. In addition, if a cat will not eat or drink, the owner should take the cat to the pet hospital for treatment in time.
    Rejuvenating reactions: Many kittens come to the new home, and the owner will be very happy and close. In fact, doing this is an extremely bad behavior! Because cats reach new families and new environments, they will have a rejection of the new environment, which is the so -called adaptation period. If you touch it at this time, or play with him, it will make it more scared of this strange environment. What should I do? You only need to give it a warm environment space, and prepare enough food and water for it, so that the kitten will be familiar with this new environment during this period, just try not to disturb to disturb it. Generally, the rejection time of the kitten is about a week. If the cat is taken home, the larger the rejection time, that is, the smaller the cat, the stronger the adaptability.

    The dietary habits: This problem must be noticed by parents, that is, the eating habits before the cat bought it. Everyone has different ways to raise cats. Some people like to feed cat food, and some people will cook cooked meat. So before each cat returned to the new home, he had developed his own eating habits. Therefore, when parents take their cats, they must ask what kittens usually eat, and to prepare something that kittens usually eat for the cats, so that the cats can adapt to this over -period. Some parents may ask, then I can't always feed according to its previous eating habits? This may be inconvenient for me. Can I change to my feeding method? The answer is OK, but we must pay attention to that the kitten's eating habits cannot be replaced casually, and the dietary habits also need time to adapt. It will cause the kitten's anorexia. Have loose bowels. For example: For example, you want to change the cat food of the card. When replacing it, the cat food that you eat before is mainly used, and then add the new cat food in it, mix it, add a small amount, and then spend a small amount. Every day, give it more new cat food until the old cat food is completely replaced. The same is true for changing other cat food methods.

  2. It is normal for the kitten to just go to a new home.
    This when cats just arrived in the new home, they would become nervous, scared, and restrained because of their strange environment, so they dare not move, eat, and move. This is a normal phenomenon. What the owner can do is to put a warm cushion, cat food, snacks, toys, toys, and cat sand pots in the position of the cat, so that the cat can feel the safety of the surrounding environment as much as possible. In addition, if the cat's appetite is not appetizing and even accompanied by other bad symptoms, it is necessary to take it to the hospital for a systematic physical examination.
    Wet grains, you can give some cans or wonderful fresh bags. Do not give the kitten to drink milk to cause gastrointestinal diarrhea and cause death. Drink a special milk powder for cats and dogs.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello!nThis is normal!nCats are sensitive animals, and a little change in the living environment will be aware of it. Therefore, it is normal for cats to do not eat after the cat moves to a new home. At this time, the owner can help cats adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, but the owner must first win the trust of the cat. Then prepare the cats that cats love to eat, and cats will adapt for a period of time.nI hope my answer is useful to you! I wish your cat adapt to the new environment as soon as possible and a happy life! Thanks!nMore 2nBleak

  4. The new environment is not adapted, just like people have reached a strange place, they always have psychological pressure. I feel that the owner does not want it, and it is sad. Hug it more, just eliminate the alert in a day or two.

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