4 thoughts on “Can cats drink yogurt?”

  1. Of course, it may not even seriously aggravate the symptoms

    The people think that yogurt (or fresh milk) must be good for cats, because in the period of human infants and young children, drinking milk is very strong, so so Cats will be the same, especially some cats will be curious to chase the request, in fact, otherwise! Animals are very different from human physiological systems, even very different.

    Cat nutritionist told us that cats can completely get the water needed by other foods and some of the calories from carbohydrates; but cats cannot use milk to live! Even most of the cats (especially kittens) have lactose intolerance. They do not have lactose enzymes, so they cannot digest lactose in milk. Therefore, soft stools or diarrhea will occur after drinking milk (or yogurt) for hours. Situation. If the lower diarrhea occurs, the intestine cannot fully absorb water and nutrients. If your cat has a similar situation, then stop feeding milk or yogurt immediately.

  2. If the cat can be drunk with lactose, but it cannot cure diarrhea and vomiting, if it is caused by eaten up and diarrhea, you can fast for 24 hours and give it a special treatment for cat diarrhea at the same time. If there is no medicine for the time being, there is no medicine for the time being. You can give it a dry yeast first. Each cat is 1 tablet each time, take 2 to 3 times a day, and you can give it a small amount of stream juice after 24 hours, such as meat soup, eat less meals until it returns to normal.
    If the diarrhea caused by parasites, effective insect repellent should be used.
    During the treatment and recovery, pay attention to feeding clean drinking water to avoid dehydration. Strengthening nutrition during the recovery period is the key, adding nutritional and easy -to -digest foods for cats, such as cats, fish soup, and broth. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the living environment warm, ventilation and bed cleaning to avoid secondary infections or cross infections with other cats.

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