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  1. If you catch the mouse, you need to raise a raccoon cat, or other native cats that are not civet cats. Tanuka cats are a type of Chinese pastoral cat, also known as native cats. Tanuka cats are cats fed by our ancestors to catch rats to protect crops. They are loose cats. They have evolved naturally, and they are very easy to raise. What cats eat what they eat, and they are hardly sick.
    The so -called variety cats and pet cats are used to exist for pets and come from artificial breeding. In order to be able to cultivate a good -looking, docile and cute cat, people are constantly breeding. Each country has each country breeding different varieties, such as beauty short and English. Because people blindly pursue the appearance of appearance, these pet cats do not meet people's requirements during the breeding process. For example, they are not good -looking, unruly, and not docile. The rest that meets the requirements of pet cats. Therefore, the nature of such a cat catching mice has basically been weakened or eliminated during the breeding process, so it is not suitable for grabbing mice.

  2. Personally, the cats that can grasp the mouse should have these two conditions:

    . The cats who can catch mice have been living with female cats for a long time since childhood. The female cat grabbed the mouse and knew that this was a prey, and could eat it.

    . The environment of the cat has always had the existence of mice, and the cat saw the mother cat predating the mouse when he was a child, grab the mice and eat mice. And with the continuous accumulation of mouse catching experiences, he gradually became an excellent hunter. Netizen: Ancient people: There are long faces with chickens, lazy tails like snakes. This is the ancient cats of the ancients. The cat's face is thin and long, and you must be bite the chicken and eat it. If you don't find it early, a group of chicks bite one for a day or two, and it will be killed by a group of chickens for a long time. The cat's tail is thick and long, and it must be as lazy as a snake. In addition to waiting for the host's meals, it seems that it is not its post to catch mice. You Yun: Pass the tiles, exposed the claws and turning tiles. The cat walks through the tiles on the room, leaving a wet footprint. If the cat stretches out the claws on the tile, you can roll up the tile. It is said that this cat is majestic and amazing. Most of the mice smell the smell of the cat and avoid it from afar. This cat can't catch the rats. With such a cat, it can control the mice of two or thirty families. The cats who can catch mice are strong in their bodies, their eyes are smart, their faces are short, their limbs are strong, and their claws are extremely sharp.

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