What should I do if I have left the blue cat for a year and a half?

Because I have a deep relationship with it, feeding it every day is very sticky, and I have to sleep on my legs every night to help it tickle. Then I sleep, how can I let it go?

5 thoughts on “What should I do if I have left the blue cat for a year and a half?”

  1. It's rare to pity a little creature like this, really a caring person. In fact, raising a cat is also a fate. Not everyone wants to raise such a blue cat, isn't it? I did not expect it to be lost. It is natural that it is natural to lose and sad. You can go to the outside of the outside and post some hairs to find it to find it. Maybe it is used? If you ca n’t find it, do n’t be too sad. People ’s life is impermanent. There are often accidents and deaths and deaths. Slowly calm down, listen to some music that helps to sleep before going to bed, pray for cute cats, and bless it to be safe. It is best to return. treasure.

  2. The cat who raised a year and a half, lost yesterday, who is it? It is estimated that it is not good to feel, because after all, I have been raised for so long, and I have deep emotions to him. It is like my family. I did n’t go home. Of course, I am very worried. He has become your life. It is an indispensable part of it, so please regain her, maybe where he is wandering now? Move all the relationship around him as much as possible to find him, not only for your own peace of mind, but also for his safety

  3. Pet cats that have been raised for a year and a half are really sad. Of course, it is best to find it. If you can't find it, you don't have to be particularly sad. From the new adoption of a kitten, animals, and human beings Feelings are gradually cultivated. Hope you can control your mood. I believe you can adapt to new pet cats.

  4. See if there is any monitoring around, adjust the monitoring, and send a cat information photo. See if anyone can see it near the surroundings, it is definitely uncomfortable to love cats away. My previous cats are also crying to death. Find, I believe I can come back well and come on.

  5. The cats are lost, and they usually love to run at a high place. You can see if there is any neighbor upstairs. Or with the stray cats around, let's talk about your cat's name, let them call them home quickly, and eat some stray cats. My friend recovered this way, try it.

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