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  1. There are more places in Jiangjin Cats in Jiangjin Catshan Sakura Park
    Catskrak Sakura Park is located in Matshan in the south of Jiangjin District. Cat Mountain plant is covered with high coverage, mountains are undulating, and the slope is large. There is sufficient sunshine, which is very suitable for the growth of cherry trees. It is a good place for tourism and leisure.
    The planned area of ​​the Catshan Sakura Park project is about 7,000 acres, with a total investment of 260 million yuan. Adopting the "cherry blossom " model, the core connotation of "flower road culture, tea ceremony culture" as the core connotation, "tea mountain bottom, cherry blossoms, red leaves embellishment" as the external performance, use different specifications, different varieties of rare cherry blossoms and red leaves to create to create a creation A group of leisure and vacation travel destinations integrating tourism, viewing, leisure, health vacation, parent -child interaction, the largest, most product, and the most beautiful landscape.

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