2 thoughts on “Will the cat's life span shorter?”

  1. Hi! Although there are not many pet cats now, there are not many rats, but there are still; of course, eating mice is harmful to cats.
    It because there will be many parasites in the mouse, if the cat is not eaten in time, the consequences are unimaginable.
    We mice like to live in a dark and humid place, what is the dirty place. As far as the problem itself is concerned, eating mice alone is generally no problem; unless the mouse itself is sick or just takes the mouse medicine, the cat will certainly reduce life.
    But eating mouse meat, those parasites were transferred to the cat's body, and these parasites would cause a series of diseases.
    In you don't want your own cat to eat a bunch of disgusting parasites, let alone the cat's hair drill into their hair during the process of catching mice.
    If you are worried that the cat will be disadvantaged if you eat mice, go to the hospital for check and repeat it in time.

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