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  1. If you have not giving birth and prepare for fertility in the future, you cannot raise several pets:

    1, cats are the most unspeakable pets for pregnant women. Parasites hurt the baby very much, and the consequences are serious.

    2, rodents rodents include various rats, rabbits, and chinchillas. There are many animal germs, with various pathogens on the body and easy to mutate.

    3, the poisonous snake will not be said, the danger is very high. If you are still young and persuade you not to raise such animals, then you have to face a dilemma. I do n’t want the animals to be abandoned by people. This is a professional habit and sorry.
    I personally think of pets that are suitable for raising:

    1, dogs. One of the great benefits of raising dogs is that dogs are almost the smartest animals that can raise them. Raising dogs also need to be based on your actual family situation and preference. Generally speaking, the character of large dogs is docile and quiet, and small dogs are bold and more sticky. The best dog in the family is Labrador/Golden Retriever/British Rabbit Dog/Pakistan. These dogs are very good in personality, very high in obedience, and can get along with children. In fact, raising dogs basically have no effect on pregnant women. You can look at the expression in the Bible of pregnancy.

    2, mink is actually the third largest pet in the world, but there are not many people raised in our country, but now there are more. And worry -free, it is really good, and it is really gimmick to bring it as a scarf in winter. However, you should pay attention, the mink is also sure that the taste is relatively large, but I heard that the stinky glands can be removed by surgery.

    , I wo n’t say much about crawling animals and fish, including turtles and lizards. Such things are quiet and long -lived Observation, depending on you like it.

  2. There are many types of pets suitable for young women. According to daily see, they will introduce several options.

    1, cat. Cats are docile, cute, and pleasing, and they are the best choices for many people. The benefits are: there is not much space to occupy, and it does not take time to tease. The owner only needs to prepare food and water to clean and clean.
    2, dogs. Dogs are natural and good, loyal to the Lord, and never think of the poor. It is wonderful to raise one as a companion.
    3, rabbit. Bunny and rabbits are timid, like to make holes, and girls who like to be pure and clean and clean are mentally prepared.
    4, fish. Little fish in the water, tired, lacking, enjoying it for a while, wouldn't it be happy?
    5, turtles. Except for feeding and cleaning, you can interact occasion occasionally. Lazy turtles are symbols of longevity.
    In the end, there are many types of pets that young girls can raise, but it is advisable to not delay work and life. Girls who need to prepare for pregnancy, if you want to raise dogs, go to the outpatient clinic of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital for consultation.

  3. 1, goldfish

    Callow fish is an animal that many girls like very much. They are not only very beautiful, but also very good. Just put them in the fish tank, you can spend less. Replacement of water regularly is enough to give them food, and you don't need to worry about them sick, and they are also cheap. The key is that it is particularly good -looking at home. It can be used as decorations. When a person is at home, you can feel that animals are accompanying himself.

    2, tortoise

    This like goldfish is also a very practical pet. They cost low, don't worry about their bodies, turtles have a long life. You just need to buy it home without worrying about getting sick or death. The turtles are very hungry. Even if you travel for a few months, you don't have to worry about no one feed it and have problems. The turtle's temperament is also very mild, suitable for various people, and girls will be cute.

    3, small dogs

    dogs should be the first choice for many people because it is the most common and cute. Dogs are good friends of human beings. They are gentle and loyal, especially when girls alone, raising a dog to accompany themselves can also bring a sense of security. And as long as the dogs are good at educating when they are young, they do not need to worry about the health problems of the dog. The average cost of raising puppies is not very high. Girls are still suitable.

    4, pet mink

    Pet marten is a very popular pet recently. They are very cute and cute. They have fluffy hair and are similar to their cats, but they take care of them better than cats. Do n’t worry about cat food and cat nests. Girls should like it very much. There are very few pets around, and it looks very unique. And the life span of pet mink is 8 to 12 years, and can be with them for a long time.

    5, hamster

    Hamsters are also known as My Neighbor Totoro. It is also one of the popular pets now. The cost of raising it is very low, and the appearance is really cute, especially when eating is very cute. Hamsters need too much space, as long as it gives it a cage, it will live in it. When you feel bored, you can take it out to tease it. Don't worry about its hygiene, it is very clean and very suitable for girls.

    This pets are a person who needs love and patience. If you are not ready, you must consider it before raising it. If you decide to raise pets, I hope the above suggestions can help you.

  4. When it comes to pets, people usually get them up with these animals, such as dogs and cats, but now, new highlights have appeared in the pet market, such as spiders, crickets, hamsters, lizards, color -changing dragons, snakes, and other "replacement pets. "This seems to be different from the positioning of pets in the traditional impression. Today, we will introduce the top ten uncommon but well -raised pets.
    The ranking of ten cheap and good pets
    The first place: Turtle
    The feeling of nourishing turtles is wonderful. First of all, turtles, because it is different from cats, dogs and other pets, they are patient and love. Secondly, turtles are better. Most of the turtles are very hungry. Even if your family has traveled for half a year without going home, there is no worry that the turtle will be starved to death. Third, the turtles are gentle and thick, and people of all ages can be raised as long as they want to raise them.

    The second place: Goldfish
    Needless to doubt that goldfish is a pet that most families choose to raise. They are quiet and suitable for viewing. Look at the picture, don't you think the color is good? Watching the fish in the fish tank swimming around, people's mood will follow better, and gold fish will make your life feel better.
    Secondly, when the family is dry in autumn and winter, the water in the aquarium will increase the humidity.
    Third, if you have children at home, you can let your child know nature from a young age. Generally speaking, fish farming is good, but you need to consider slowly in choosing fish farming.

    Third place: Snail
    Snails may be a relatively rare pet, but the feeding of snails is random, and it is a small animal that is very easy to feed. It is okay to feed once a day, and it doesn't matter once a month. When the environment is very bad, it shrinks to the depths of the snail shell and returns. This is the fun that other species cannot bring you: if you are not afraid of many small snails, try to buy two heads. The two discuss who is the mother and who is the father, and then congratulate you as your grandfather. Snail feeding costs are very low, raising snails, don't worry about everything, go to the seafood market to find a boss to buy one. Usually, when you make vegetables, leave the cucumber tail. When you eat fruit, take a bite and give it.
    It is easier to survive, with plants, it is best to use leaves, juicy, the tender the better. Occasionally, some weeds are needed to eat it and improve its life. Snails can be fed with different fruits and vegetables, and it is not picky at all. You don't have to worry about him starving to death.
    In general, snails can survive for two or three years. It likes humid places to avoid direct sunlight. It is better to raise in winter, because the snail is hibernating in winter. When it is too hot, it will sleep. During the sleep, the dry membrane was sealed with the shell, and the entire body was hidden in the shell. So keep moist. The size of its box is independent. It is recommended not to use a carton, snails like clean!

    The fourth place: Hamson Totoro
    Hogs need to raise two, so that it will not be boring and boring, two can play together. Totoro is good and cheap. Be careful not to feed Totoro too much food. Its digestive function is not very good.
    Totana uses bath sand every day, and you must also eat special grains. You must control the time and quantity of feeding. The real thing cannot be brought with water to prevent it from being troublesome. According to personal preferences, as long as there is food and cage, hamsters will grow up, but in comparison, hamsters are better raised. Totoro is very docile and lively, likes to walk around, very curious, and has no aggression. Totoro is a high -ground animal and is not easy to get sick.
    Totoro will bathe in the bath and spend the weekend alone without worrying about care. Totoro is a single vegetarian animal, so its feces are dry and have no taste. There is no problem in the room. My Neighbor Totoro's hair is very soft, unlike the hair loss like a dog or cat.

    Fifth place: Pet rabbit
    . The rabbit we mentioned is Chinese white rabbit with many kinds of rabbits. Rabbit is afraid of cold, and should be paved in autumn and winter (do not use newspapers to prevent rabbits from eating poisoning) and nude needs to be surrounded; rabbit food: vegetables (Chinese cabbage, tomato less feed), fruits, dried grass (add crude fiber, this is this, this is this, this is this crude fiber, this is this, this is the crude fiber, this is this crude fiber. This It is conducive to reducing hair ball production), rice, rice, etc. Unless you can recognize the poisonous grass, the grass is not recommended to feed;

    Sixth place: pet cat
    cats are cute, many people like to raise them, especially for busy young people It is a good choice. Cats are high -cold animals, they like to clean, not as sticky as dogs. For those who have rich experience in feeding, breeding is not difficult. The feeding methods and training methods are very simple, so if you have rich experience in feeding, you can have a cat to accompany you.
    The cat -star people do not have many breeding experience. For the first time they raised cats, even if they gave them a very docile cat, they would find it difficult to raise cats. It is best to supplement the knowledge of cats first and master the appropriate feeding method, and then go to raise a kitten, which can prevent the cat from being harmed due to certain problems.

    Seventh place: Small dogs
    Murangus many people like it. When they take the dog home, they will always find some abnormal conditions. For example, the dog's loud roar may cause complaints from neighbors. For example, dogs will be naughty, or like running, etc. These are many problems that may encounter dogs. Only these problems are solved, can dogs really get along with the owner.
    So, for people who like dogs but have not raised dogs, it is best to raise some puppies first. For example, Teddy, Chihuahua, deer dogs, etc., these small dogs eat less, the owner will be more convenient to feed and clean, but the dogs need to spend more time with them.

    It 8: Hedgehog
    The special small animal is hedgehog. As long as you master a certain breeding skills, you can easily raise a healthy, cute hedgehog. Hedgehogs are easily impacted, quiet, like darkness, and fear of light. Feeding: It is best to choose a quiet corner, such as a balcony, use a carton box to build a nest hedgehog, and lay dry grass and cotton.

    Ninth place: Pet mink
    The fresh pets are currently suitable for rich people, that is, pet mink. They are carnivores, which are slender and similar to the body of the cat, weighing 0.8-2 kg. Its life span is 8-12 years old. At present, this small animal may not usually see much, but in fact, they are not difficult to raise, but the price will be relatively higher.

    Tenth place: Pet spider
    Why are anyone raising spiders? Because the requirements of spiders' daily diet are simpler, there is neither hair loss nor noisy. It has low requirements for the environment and environment, strong adaptability, mild temperament, and simple feeding.

  5. The poodle, also known as Teddy, is named after the dog has a hair that looks like a teddy bear. Among the small and medium -sized dogs, Teddy is one of the few dogs that win with a value. The hair of the poodle is curly and it is not easy to lose hair. It is very suitable for those girls who are allergic to hair. It is extremely convenient to take care of it. Pet owners can dress dogs different shapes according to their preferences. The poodle is born with cleverness, lively and active, has strong execution ability, and very alert. It can not only be accompanied by the owner in daily life, but also reminds the owner to pay attention to safety under danger.

    What can a pet dog be raised by girls? The following four are the most suitable!

    2. Do girls raise? The answer is okay. In fact, as long as you understand it, you will find that German Mu's personality and heart are more like a child. In daily getting along, German Mu's personality is often considerate, gentle, good -tempered, and very well -known; but when the owner encounters danger, De Mu will show a personal bodyguard that becomes the master and protect the safety of the owner. The cold and inside Germany is very suitable for girls to raise, which can protect the safety of the owner very well.

    3. Samoyed

    The white fur and a pair of large black eyes. Samoyed has been favored by many young girls with its excellent appearance. Samoyed was first raised by humans as a sled dog, so its body shape is relatively strong, the physical fitness is very good, and the response ability is fast. With a well -behaved and docile personality, it can give the owner a great sense of security, and it will not be naughty because it is naughty for naughty. The owner caused trouble.

    4. Labrador dog

    The temperament of the Labrador is the most docile and well -known in these dogs. It will not be easily angry. Labrador's IQ and high obedience can be easily learned to learn a lot of difficult skills. Labrador dogs like to be close to humans, and have a strong desire for weakness. For girls, raising Labrado is also a very good choice.

    above is the four pet dogs that are more suitable for girls. So what pet dog is suitable for girls? This requires varying from person to person. Different people like the types of preferences. As long as you think that you like the type you like and take care of it, no matter which dog, you can live in harmony with the owner.

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