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  1. Pet insurance has only begun to rise in my country in recent years, but it has developed abroad for more than decades. The types of pet insurance are: pet medical insurance, pet third party liability insurance, pet death insurance. However, at present, the more common pet insurance in China can be divided into two types in terms of protection: pet medical insurance and pet third liability insurance. Pet insurance definition Pet insurance refers to the insurance premiums that the insured pays the insurance for the insurance of the insurance. , Disabled, illness, or commercial insurance acting for the age and period of time and period of the contract.
    In the United States, all types of pets can be insured, including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, reptiles, big belly pigs and various rodents. Insurance costs usually depend on the age of animals, health status and choice. Generally speaking, the amount of insurance for elderly animals is higher. Some insurance companies may not cover certain varieties (such as varieties with poor hip development).

    This international insurance classification international pet insurance products are mainly divided into three types: pet medical insurance, pet third party liability insurance, and pet death insurance. Different pet policies provide different insurance liability scope.
    Pet medical insurance: compensate for the cost of pets that suffer accidents or illnesses for medical treatment.
    A pet third party liability insurance: The main guarantee of the pet owner's liability for compensation for personal casualties or property losses due to pets.
    Pet death insurance: It is mainly responsible for paying a certain insurance deposit to the pet owner when the pet dies or the disease of the disease or the stolen or lost.
    The different pet insurance policies provide different scope of insurance liability. Internationally, some pet insurance companies divide pet insurance products into different levels of insurance policies, such as bronze cover only guarantees pet medical insurance and pets of pets. In addition to the protection scope of bronze insurance policies, Silver Cover also guarantees pet death insurance. In addition to the protection of silver insurance policies, the Golden Cover also includes a wider range of third -party property liability insurance and platinum policy. (Platinum Cover) provides a wider range of guarantees than gold insurance policies such as weight loss food cost guarantee.

    This domestic insurance classification of pet insurance is somewhat similar to personal insurance, which is nothing more than death, disability, and disease. However, at present, the more common pet insurance in China can be divided into two types in terms of protection: pet medical insurance and pet third liability insurance.

    Pet medical insurance Pet medical insurance is to reimburse a certain amount of treatment expenses generated by pets for treatment. The price of pets is relatively high, so this type of insurance is still more practical for shoveling officers. However, pets are not the same as people. There will be many restrictions in the protection. The treatment institution is a big problem. At present, domestic professional pet treatment institutions are relatively scarce, and are mostly concentrated in front lines and provincial capital cities. Some pet medical insurance also limits the area of ​​insured, and the addition of up to become a double threshold. Pet medical insurance seems to be beautiful, but in the current market environment, the practicality is still relatively limited. It is more suitable for the shoveling officers living in first -tier cities, or shoveling officers in the surrounding areas.

    Pet third -party liability insurance third party liability insurance, mainly to compensate for the medical expenses and litigation costs of the third party's damage caused by the family to raise pets. In the provisions of insured pets, the role of home support pet liability insurance is only suitable for "legal pets", so the scope of protection does not include pets that are prohibited from relevant laws from raising. And similar to large or fierce dogs.
    Is after insured pet liability insurance, if the family raises pets, it is injured or damaged by others, and the cost of liability for legal liability will be compensated. Of course, others here do not include the insurer and family members, family employees, and temporary residents, and they are not guaranteed to cause other animals to cause other animals. Responsibility insurance can reduce the burden of paying medical expenses to others.
    . Although the development of pet insurance is facing the insufficient pet data and identification technology, insufficient pet insurance awareness, and the qualifications of pet hospitals are different, in general, with the development of the Chinese pet industry, the pet insurance market will inevitably welcome the pet insurance market will also be welcomed by welcoming Come to their "spring".

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