1 thought on “What sections are divided into the adjusted Tencent platform and content business group?”

  1. After adjustment, this business group can be divided into six major sections:
    The online video BU, which is integrated from Tencent video, micro vision, and application treasure. The content, operation and membership system in charge; Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent, serves as the BU president, in charge of the product system and technology.
    It as well as well known that Tencent Video is one of the best in the domestic long video platform, but Weibi can never become the leader of the short video business alone. This time, the two are combined to the online video BU. "The purpose is overflowing.
    Ip, the long video platform and the combination of short video platforms, it is inevitable to remind Tencent's family bytes. In the byte system, Douyin short video and volcanic version of short video business, watermelon video video business, watermelon video video There is also a tendency to march in the middle and long videos. How can Tencent stand by the team to compete with the family.
    It, the social platform business consisting of QQ and QQ space. The person in charge of this business is Yao Xiaoguang, the vice president of Tencent and the president of the Tianmei Studio Group of the Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG), in charge of QQ.
    Yao Xiaoguang has previously made great achievements in the game field. It is known as the "one of the top ten leaders" in the Chinese online game industry. He has launched a number of national game products in Tencent. Next, we must further gamize the development of QQ. At the same time, Liang Zhu, the vice president of the group and the former QQ leader, was appointed as CEO and member of the board of directors of Tencent Music Entertainment Group. Later, Liang Zhu will be mainly responsible for the management of QQ Music, Cool Dog Music, Cool Music, National K Song, and Long Audio Business Line under the management of Tencent's subsidiary TME.
    The three, QQ browser Tencent's highlights, in 2020, the QQ browser launched a new information service content combined with Tencent's highlights, trying to affect the modern people's information browsing mode.
    The four, Tencent Film Tencent Anime. Since September 2015, Tencent Films is officially established. Cheng Wudian serves as CEO, and then Cheng Wu has successively served as CEO and Cat Eye Entertainment in the Reading Group. executive director.
    Wen, Tencent News, in the information business, Chen Juhong, vice president of Tencent, will no longer serve as the person in charge of Tencent News, and will be transferred to other BGs, and there will be important business appointments. The person in charge of Tencent News has another appointment.
    The six, Penguin, in the future, is very likely to unite Tencent's highlights and Tencent News to create a content creation platform that can be beaten today.

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