1 thought on “How to develop new customers in the clothing industry”

  1. 1. Combining your own product characteristics and advantages, carefully select the customers in the information, and choose the customer base that may be suitable for you.
    2. The mentality of contacting customers must determine whether new customers are willing to contact you in depth.
    3. In terms of contact method, if you have better English conditions, we recommend that the first contact method is used to use the combination of telephone and fax.
    4. Establishing an English website specializing in display products is very important to connect and develop new customers. It can not only give new customers in detailed product introduction, but also avoid expensive costs brought by premature product transmission.
    5. For new customers who have not placed orders for a while, don't rush to urge, let alone give up easily.
    This is the basis for our development of new customers, welcome to consult

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