3 thoughts on “How about Bi Run's body milk of half acres of Huatian family?”

  1. The Betun body milk of the half acres of flower field is pretty good. Most of them have been used. It is very suitable for autumn and winter. The effect of hydrating and moisturizing is very good. The texture is light. I have painted it every day after taking a shower every day. It really effectively relieves my dryness and peeling on my body after autumn.

  2. Not long ago, I believe that everyone's circle of friends was brushed by the first cup of milk tea in autumn. Recently, the first body milk in autumn has also been brushed. It is a new autumn product from half acres of flower fields. A touch of fragrance, 24H long -term moisturizing. In response to the problem of dry and rough body skin and dandruff in autumn and winter, through special research on RIVETOR technology, repair the body skin barrier to achieve a long -term moisturizing state.
    It cut into the body care track to create a leading brand of body care domestic products
    In the current consumer's skin care concept, facial care can no longer meet their needs, and the care of body skin has become increasingly important. With the continuous upgrading of consumption, body care products have also emerged in the beauty market. From the point of view of Taobao Tmall, the sales volume of body care categories from May 2019 to June 2020 was nearly 110 million, with a year's GMV amount of 7.5 billion. In 2020, the size of China's hair and body care market was 78.3 billion, a year -on -year increase of 1.7%. With the development of the skin care market, body dairy categories have also become a must -have for fashion for many young consumers.
    The half -acre flower fields have been deeply cultivated in the field of body care, and successively launched a series of high -quality products such as physical milk, frosted, hand, foot film. In 2019, Yiyue became the number one domestic product brand sales for Tmall's body care products, and won the first Tmall 618 body care for domestic goods for three consecutive years. A dark horse in the field of nursing.
    The constructing its own R

  3. Half -acre flower field comes from Jinan, Shandong. All the skin care products of half acres of flower fields use the ingredients of pure plants, so it is very safe to add at use. The body milk of half acres of flower field is very easy to use and not sticky. You can also see the granules when you squeeze it out, but when you apply your body, the granules are not strong. Therefore, it is very comfortable to apply the body without rubbing the skin.

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