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  1. 12022 Employment prospects of animation major
    The anime industry in China is still in the development stage, and its development potential is very great. Therefore, the employment prospects of the animation majors are very good. According to the survey of young people's favorite anime works, Japanese animation accounts for 60%, European and American animations account for 29%, and the proportion of original animation in Mainland China and Hong Kong and Taiwan is only 11%. Therefore, my country urgently needs to vigorously develop its own animation industry. Anime professionals with innovative thinking consciousness are talented talents in the society.

    The anime industry has broad development prospects and huge markets. Therefore, a large number of animation companies came into being, but there are very few talents in animation, so the animation industry has developed slowly. At present professional. The Chinese animation industry has a huge market of 100 billion yuan, and the derivative product market space of animation products is even greater. Therefore, the future employment prospects of learning animation majors will still be very good.

    22022 Employment direction of animation majors
    graduates of animation majors can work in film and television production and television media industry to engage in animation production, animation design, film special effects production, etc. The prospects are still considerable.

    Moving anime drawnman is also a employment direction of anime graduates. With the rapid development of computer animation technology, the continuous penetration of online animation, animation painters have become an emerging profession. This direction is the main in the direction. Work is to understand and implement design intentions and technical requirements, and to draw the shape of anime character.

    The graduates of anime can also be used as graphic designers. Graduates in this direction are mainly for facial media layout and creative design of graphic propaganda materials. The employment prospects are also very good.

  2. The main listed companies of the animation industry: Aofei Entertainment (002292), Light Media (300251), Xiangyuan Culture (600576), Tom Cat (300459), Bili.nasdaq and other
    Core data of this article: The number of Chinese animation films, box office, etc.
    in recent years, my country's animation industry has improved as a whole, the development momentum of domestic animation is strong, the box office of animation movies has increased significantly, and many movies such as "The Demon Children of Nezha" have achieved it In specifically, the development trend of my country's animation film includes the transition from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality and efficiency, domestic production gradually replacing imports, and domestic IP characteristics.
    In the change of quality and efficiency of quality and efficiency
    2015-2020, the Ministry of Culture, the State Council, and other successive issued the "Cultural Reform Plan for the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period of the Ministry of Culture "and" Opinions on further stimulating cultural and tourism consumption potential "Policies and other policies clearly propose to support original animation creation production and publicity. my country's animation industry as a whole starts from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality and efficiency. Especially in the animated film market, the overall number of domestic works showing a downward trend. In addition to the impact of the epidemic, only 14 animation films were released in 2020.
    Although the number has fallen, in recent years, the box office of my country's domestic animation film has increased: in 2014, my country's animation movie "100,000 Cold jokes" won 100 million yuan of the movie box office; in 2015 Return to the box office of 956 million yuan; in 2019, the box office of "The Demon Children of Nezha" exceeded 5 billion, which directly drove the box office of my country's domestic animation film to 7 billion yuan in 2019. According to Yien data, in 2020, affected by the epidemic, the box office of domestic animation films totaling 1.6 billion yuan.
    It's average box office of a single movie, in 2019, due to the ultra -high box office of "The Demon Children of Nezha", the average box office of my country's domestic animation film reached 260 million yuan. 110 million yuan, an increase of 120%compared with the 050 million yuan in 2018. It can be seen that domestic animation films have developed rapidly in recent years, and domestic animation has initially achieved the development path from the pursuit of quantity to the change of quality and benefits.
    Classed domestic animation films have gradually replaced imports
    This animation film market has been occupied by foreign works for a long time, but in recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic animation production, domestic animation films have begun to enter the audience's field of vision. The emergence of works such as Tong Shou Shi "and" White Snake: Origin "and the success of word -of -mouth and box office all confirmed that the current development momentum of Guoman is full of prosperity.
    In the data of "Cultural Trade Blue Book", from 2015-2020, although the proportion of domestic animated films in my country is declining, the proportion of box office is on the rise. It can be seen that at the level of demand, domestic anime is gradually replacing imports. Under the influence of the epidemic, in 2020, there were 33 animated films in my country, with a total box office of 3.038 billion yuan, of which the number of domestic animation films accounted for 54.55%, the box office accounted for 56.85%. Essence
    The trend of domestic IP characteristics
    looking at the box office champion of Chinese animation film since 2015, four are domestic films, of which "The Return of the Great Saint of the West" and "The Demon of Nezha" The three parts of "Jiang Ziya" belong to the theme of mythology and legends, which contains distinctive Chinese colors.
    Bepening statistics according to San Entertainment, the frequency of domestic IPs with domestic characteristics in Chinese animation is increasing, especially mythical legends themes have been popular in the market in recent years. From 2015-2020, a total of 119 recorded animated films tell the story of Chinese classic mythical characters. Among these 119 works, 24 works are centered on Sun Wukong, followed by Nezha and Erlang God, involving the works of 11 and 8 respectively. , Chang'e, Shennong and Nuwa.
    In summary, although the number of domestic animated films has declined in recent years, quality and efficiency have been increasing. Since 2015, excellent domestic animation films appear frequently, myths and legends are full of Chinese characteristics IP movies The box office results are particularly prominent. If Chinese animation wants to develop in the long run, it should not blindly enter the mature markets that have been occupied by the United States, Japan and other countries, but should develop new areas with Chinese characteristics. Domestic works open the international market to be just around the corner.
    It data refer to the "Analysis Report of the Planning Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning Planning of China's Animation Industry" in the Foresight Industry Research Institute.

  3. As a screw in the animation industry, let me tell you that this is a job of eating youthful rice. I suggest that you go to the exam as a cultural job or do a three -dimensional animation unless your body is lush hair.

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