5 thoughts on “How important is Xiaobai, a "wharf" to the industry's predecessor?”

  1. It is very important, because if you are a new life first, you are not too deep to know this industry, and as a new entry, Xiaobai, if you want to mix it in this industry, if you mix it well, it is still very good. You need the support of the predecessors. If you do n’t go to the dock, you may be bland and even unable to mix.

  2. It is very important, because for a newcomer who has just joined the job, when you encounter a predecessor of an industry, you can seek help from them when they encounter difficulties. They will share their experiences with themselves. You can let yourself take less detours on the journey of the industry.

  3. It is very important, because you have just entered an industry and do not have a full understanding of this industry, so you need to worship the dock for your predecessors. This can greatly help future work. Ask your predecessors.

  4. If you worship your predecessors, you can learn the many knowledge of this industry. You can quickly enter the industry and adapt to the method of doing things in this industry. At the same time, you can also work more well. You can also learn from your predecessors and Lesson, so that you make less mistakes when you work.

  5. My male ticket, now transferred to the industry, read and switch careers after working for a few years, and the pressure is quite strong, but he will find local resources. He found his friends in his graduate school at that time. It's time to get to know a staff member and give many interview suggestions. After the postgraduate entrance examination is successful, from the automated cross -industry to operation, we have found a variety of private messages in Zhihu or friends who have the same experience, and it does have different effects. Activeness is more important to find the dock.

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