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  1. Letters are now the most popular chat tools, and WeChat groups are also often used by communication. However, WeChat groups are relatively closed. Generally, only friends with WeChat friends can add groups. How to join the strange WeChat group and expand our social circle, a tip can let us join the strange WeChat group.

    The WeChat entry group has two ways, one is to add the group by scanning the QR code. We can get a QR code picture of WeChat group in the chat information of WeChat group. Others can directly enter the group chat by scanning this QR code picture, which is very convenient. You can also collect various WeChat groups by collecting software, then scan the code to add into the group, or add the owner directly. You can understand on the website of Youyu.com.

    . Another way to join WeChat group is to let your WeChat friends invite yourself to enter the group. Because the premise of this method must be their own friend, so the limitations are relatively large. If you want to add more strange WeChat groups, this method is relatively not practical. Essence

    In after joining the strange WeChat group, how to interact with you

    The group chats have their own group rules. Pay special attention to this. In the group chat information We can see the group announcement issued by the group owner. Generally, what requirements will be written on it. For example, some of the remarks names of their group members will be required. These basic rules should be understood first.

    The method of incorporating a strange group is the fastest. There is a red envelope. The number of red envelopes should be as more as possible so that more people have the opportunity to receive. It can be said that I am a newcomer XXX. When the group becomes very active, it is easy for everyone to remember your name.

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