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  1. The hot spring resort is a comprehensive place that integrates a variety of functions such as bathing, accommodation, catering, conference, fitness, and hot spring resort entertainment.
    I Although the research and summary of the development model of hot spring resorts is still very backward, a large number of advanced hot spring resorts in China have actually achieved remarkable success through the innovation of the development model through the innovation of the development model. Essence There are mainly the following six classic development models:

    Scenic area mode
    The so -called "characteristic hot spring scenic spot" model, which is to create a unique hot spring bath scenic spot to win the market. This is the most fundamental model of the development of hot spring resorts. The scale of such hot spring resorts is not necessarily large, but to a certain extent, it is to create modern hot spring culture, create a hot spring industry standard, and lead the overall development of the Chinese hot spring industry. The key is to use culture to pack the theme or highlight the characteristics of natural landscapes and form experience -type hot spring bathing scenic spots, mainly including two types:
    , first, the boutique hot spring scenic spots for the public. It is represented by the leader of the Chinese Hot Spring Industry, the Royal Hot Spring and the super -rising star -Tianmu Hot Spring. Whether it is the "Royal Spring Road", "Taiyi Five Body", "N Fu Tang Six Fang", or Tian Mu's "Zhen landscape Hot Spring", "Tai Chi Eight Decoction", "Beauty Four Run Tang", " The nine -step and six -way Mu Mu soup ceremony, and the "summer hot springs" that they jointly advocated, are actually creating and enriching modern hot spring culture. It is precisely because it is committed to creating hot spring culture, excavating the connotation of hot spring health, and building a hot spring lifestyle. Yu Hot Spring and Tianmu Hot Spring have become the benchmark of the industry. Not only are it successful in project development, but it has successfully cast an enterprise brand, forming a management team and management operations. Models make it have capital output brands and implement national strategic expansion.
    The second, a high -end SPA scenic spot for the niche. It is represented by Kunming's Bailian SPA. The Bailian SPA uses the regional advantage of Kunming Yangzonghai Tourism Resort as a high -end leisure vacation product gathering area, emphasizing high consumption per capita instead of large -scale tourists, and eventually rated it as "Asia First Hot Spring SPA" and obtained development The business is greatly successful. We judge that with the increase in China's high -end leisure consumer groups, the Person SPA model will become one of the most important directions for future hot spring resort development.

    Conference center mode
    The "Hot Spring Conference" model is the most common and easiest development model of hot spring resorts. "Small conference" two modes.
    The first, "Hot Spring Large Conference" model. Beijing Jiuhua Villa is undoubtedly the most typical representative. It keenly see the huge conference market in Beijing, make full use of the hot spring's health and recreation value and leisure integration effect, larger the integration of hot springs at the conference, and treat business meetings as the most important service. Build a comprehensive business and conference facilities (the number and scale of its conference rooms are shocking), supporting full -time meeting reception department, and guest rooms, catering, entertainment, sports, health care, medical examinations and shopping services that meet the all -round needs of conference guests, plus it, plus it Powerful relations of relations make it a well -deserved "hot spring capital" in Beijing. This kind of hot springs met model, through the combination of large -scale conference exhibitions and hot springs, and carried out various supporting construction and business services around the meeting. The huge breakthrough is a typical innovation model, but the huge scale of its conference market is the key to supporting its success.
    The second, "Hot Spring Small and Small Conference" model. This model relies on medium or provincial capital cities. It mainly uses the hot spring's leisure and health value to attract small and medium -sized group conference markets. It is the most basic development model of most hot spring resorts in my country. Due to the relatively high requirements for factors such as market size, resource value, capital investment, and venue conditions, it is also the most successful development model. However, the biggest problem of such development models is that the competition is relatively fierce. Therefore, the theme positioning, product characteristics, and operating level of the hot spring resort have put forward higher requirements. Make high -level planning and planning.

    The paradise mode
    The combination of hot springs and sports amusement is also one of the most common development models in the hot spring resort. The core is on the basis of the hot spring bath, through the development of sports amusement projects that meet tourists' experience and participation needs, effectively enhance the overall attraction of the hot spring resort, extend the time of staying tourists, and even improve the issue of off -season operations of the hot spring resort, improve the improvement of the hot spring resort, improve the improvement The per capita consumption level is made from a breakthrough in the overall development and operation. The following mainly introduces four models:
    one of them, hot spring water fun. The hot spring resort is introduced to the hottest water play project in summer to make up for the insufficient development of this off -season product in the summer. It has very prominent results for improving the overall operation of the hot spring resort. It is represented by the Water Space in Wendu Water City, the Guangdong Enshe Jinjiang Hot Spring, Guangdong, which is known as the "China Dynamic First Spring", and the largest hot springs in East China -Zhejiang Wuyi Qingshui Bay · Qin Hot Spring. The introduction of a series of stylish, dynamic and exciting water span projects such as hot spring drift, hot spring swimming pool, water slide ... This model has been proven to be one of the most successful development models, but the key to future competition is the continuous innovation of the water span project.
    The second, hot spring golf. Represented by Shanghai Sun Island Golf Hot Spring Resort, Beijing Longxi Hot Spring Golf, Huizhou Tangquan Golf, Guangxi Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley, Tianjin Baozhu River Emperor Hot Spring Resort, fully combined with high -end hot spring spa SPA and golf movement, forming a facing high -end market High -end leisure classic combination products, hot spring golf, is a classic model developed by the top resort. In this model, the integration of cultural innovation is the key to the improvement of the overall quality.
    Wen, hot spring ski resort. It is represented by Qingdao Jimo Tiantai Hot Spring Ski Resort and Liaoyu Changling Hot Spring Ski Farm. Hot spring combines the most fashionable and challenging skiing project in winter. It is a wonderful combination of health and sports. It will form a strong attractiveness and competitiveness. The concept of "vitality winter" will also emerge. Essence This model should be an important model for the development of hot spring resorts in the northern region.
    The four, hot spring comprehensive amusement. It is represented by Zhuhai Haiquan Bay. Combining the relatively static hot spring bath with a variety of dynamic amusement projects, combining dynamic and static, and the combination of health and leisure and amusement experience can greatly enhance the overall attraction of the hot spring resort and improve comprehensive returns. The Haiquan Bay Resort takes rare marine hot springs as its core, with five -star hotels, mysterious island theme parks, fishermen's docks, fantasy theater, medical examination center, Caribbean coast, sports club, expanded training camp, golf project, leisure fishing area, leisure fishing area It is also composed of self -driving camps. It is the most complete and comprehensive super -large tourism leisure degree in China.
    is awarded the title of "National Tourism Leisure and Leisure Vacation Demonstration Zone" by the National Tourism Administration. This mode brought the combination of hot springs and diversified amusement projects to the extreme, which produced great market attractiveness.
    The five, natural hot spring farmhouse. Represented by Zhejiang Suichang Hongxingping Hot Spring Hot Spring Resort, in addition to the innocent natural hot spring developed from Suichang County, it is also the only five -star hot spring farmhouse in Suichang: Resort and Agricultural Experience Park and Agricultural Tourism Park There are different experiences in different seasons. There are tea experience areas, bayberry experience areas, bamboo shoot experience areas, Banzu experience areas, melon fruit sparse vegetable experience areas, fishing experience areas, etc. N grows, does not apply fertilizer pesticides, all of which are farmhouse fertilizers, green and environmentally friendly, native, healthy and delicious; it is worth mentioning that the resort has the original ecological Wuxi River big head fish, catfish, silver fish, tiger fish, etc. The soil pork in Hongxingping, the chicken of Huangningling, and the cattle and sheep in the lakes and the lakes are countless. This model combines hot springs with modern natural projects, producing huge markets in the local area.

    The rehabilitation base mode
    The core essence of the hot spring to attract the market is health care. With the continuous increase of people in the Asian health status in the society, people's demand for health and rehabilitation is getting greater and greater Combining hot springs and rehabilitation therapy can be the best industry. Relying on institutions such as hospitals, life science research centers, and other institutions, give full play to the role of medical, life science and health management, combine the application of modern therapy methods, and use the health and health value of hot springs with daily medical examinations, medical treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation, health, fitness, etc. Waiting for a series of means in depth to create a hot spring rehabilitation nourishment base, you can do articles on healthy health and health, and achieve huge benefits. Such models are represented by the four major rehabilitation physiotherapy centers in the country and the famous Asian hot springs -Tanggangzi Hot Spring Nursing Home.

    The ecological manor mode
    Them mode is represented by Beijing Crab Island Resort. According to the "Hot Spring Ecological Manor" model, the development of hot spring resources with ecological farm will be organically integrated, and dual goals will be achieved:
    , on the one hand, it will effectively exert the value of the extension and utilization of hot spring resources, create greenhouses with geothermal, and develop high value -added species Breeding projects and hot spring ecological agricultural projects will help promote ecological agriculture from a single product economy to serving the economy. On the other hand, the construction of ecological farms effectively improves the leisure environment of the hot spring resort, and can also use the facility carrier of the ecological farm to create a very distinctive hot spring bath place. Taking the Beijing Blue Manor designed by Lvwei Chuangjing as an example, through the artistic transformation of the greenhouse, it has become the core place of the hot spring bubble bath center. The investment is not large but very distinctive, forming a model of combining hot springs and ecological farms. This model is very suitable for developing hot spring resorts in non -construction areas.

    Community mode
    Due to the great value of hot springs in health and tourism and leisure, it has created a very prominent advantage for the development of real estate, especially tourism real estate, and can often be characterized by "health and leisure". Form huge competitiveness in the real estate market, so as to obtain very considerable return on investment. Therefore, the "Hot Spring Tourism Real Estate" model has become one of the most priority development models for most hot spring resorts in the country.
    The widespread combination of hot spring and tourism real estate has even formed a large number of large -scale hot spring resorts, hot spring town, hot spring new city (district) and other projects, which has driven the overall development of large areas. We believe that the development model of "Hot Spring Tourism Real Estate" will still be one of the most important models of future hot spring resort development.

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