What are the platforms that can be traded in US stocks? How about the first securities, it is not recommended for push

1 thought on “What are the platforms that can be traded in US stocks? How about the first securities, it is not recommended for push”

  1. There are quite a few common trading US stock securities firms. The first securities, Futu, Tiger, Zunjia, and Xueying are a lot. The first securities are also okay. It is also good to choose him. It only needs to have a smartphone to achieve it anytime, anywhere, carving, and operating at any time.

    The expansion information:

    Introduction to the first securities network
    The first securities network is founded by senior shareholders, the purpose is to promote the value of securities investment, adhere to the long -term holding of long -term holding Invest with value! It is the newly rising stock of stocks in China. The First Securities Network will pay attention to the development of China's economy, focus on the direction of the market, the development of the industry, analyze the investment value of various stocks and the various news of the stock market, and open up a real and valuable information porch for domestic and foreign investors. The majority of stock investors escorted.

    1, passion: love life, happy work, start from shaking hands and smiles, and always passion at the team; the team of China Securities Network is rich in professional technology, rich operating experience, vibrant, shouldered by a group of The composition of highly educated talents with a sense of social responsibility.

    2, original creation: bold imagination, careful verification, and continuously seeking new breakthroughs and creations in the field of our own work; it will provide our investors with authoritative, comprehensive and timely stock information, industry research and dark horse recommend.

    3, responsibility: Establish a strong sense of responsibility, be responsible to colleagues, responsibility to the company, responsibility for yourself and family, and the most fundamental is to our investors.

    4. Service: From the beginning to the end of the China Securities Network Team, we will take "customer first" as the most basic service requirements of the enterprise into the enterprise's comprehensive work, transform into the consciousness of employees' consciousness action.

    5, excellent: always maintain an excellent mentality; the Chinese securities network team will continue to pursue and improve, and will continue to absorb beneficial experience and lessons Our investors continue to grow, continue to increase investment knowledge and investment awareness, and create a better tomorrow with investors.

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