The film and television industry workers' monsters: the flood of the actor, the talents of the props of the props of the props

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  1. Zhang Zifeng's North Electric Examination is third, Zhao Jinmai Zhongda's operating test first. Whenever there is a star student art test, the results will explode the entire network, and a wave of performances for Beijing Film Academy and Central Theater Academy will be set off. Comparison of the department.

    The more and more star students learn performances. However, at the 26th Shanghai International TV Festival forum not long ago, the director of "Psychological Crime", "Practical Painted Rivers and Lakes" and "Antique Bureau" and the director of "White Night Chasing Merid" 500 talked about it. The domestic producers are very short in current talents.

    "Not only in the later period, special effects, including directors, screenwriters, etc., our entire industry lacks the ability to have the ability and creative and creative talents at the same time." Five hundred said. In his subsequent interviews, he also mentioned that the professionalism of the crew is generally low, and many staff such as clothing, makeup, and light have not received professional training.

    The shortage of film and television professionals is not a topic that appeared this year. As early as the 2016 China Film Investment Summit Forum, Feng Xiaogang pointed out that there were not enough talents in the film and television industry. There were only four or five of the crew of 100 people. At the Golden Jue Forum on the 2019 Film Festival, relevant forums have also been held to explore the road of domestic film and television industrialization.

    This Entertainment Dream Factory recently interviewed a number of crew staff in the film and television industry. From the perspective of the interview, many domestic crew, especially most small crews, except for the person responsible for the guidance. Whether it is serving, recording or lighting, most of them are born on the spot. Compared with the talents learned by colleges, more of them are cultivated by traditional teachers and apprentices.

    . However, students applying for film and television related majors in recent years have continued to rise. Judong hit a record high. Among them, the reimbursement of the acting department is still among the top in major universities. For example, North Film is 174: 1, the Chinese opera is 229: 1, and the drama is 192.5: 1.

    Capital influx, the rise of the draft show and the importance of traffic also make more people step on the threshold of low institutes. If you want to become an actor, the actors who are excessive are more flooded.

    Hirly the number of professional applicants behind the scenes has also begun to increase, and local governments have gradually attached importance to the film and television industry, but most people's eyes are still relatively slow. In view of the current talent training system and the industry environment, the industrialization of China's film and television is still long -term.

    "Film and television is an industrialized art, which can not be achieved. You must first complete the technology and then talk about creativity." Five hundred emphasizes at the 26th Shanghai International TV Festival Forum. The weak domestic film and television industry technology, and this is also the consensus of insiders.

    In the plot to pick bugs, spit editing over jumps, BGM is not coordinated, acting excellent acting, or special effects and makeup like five hairs ... With the upgrade of knowledge sharing, the people of the country seem to seem to be overnight. They have become "experts" in the film and television industry, and the only thing that does not grow seems to be creators.

    The appearance of these phenomena is not only because of the lack of creative talents, but also involving the imperfect film and television industry system, and the production staff is unprofessional.

    "The director group, producer, and editing group are basically born in the class, and the service of the service involves design and production is professional, but the on -site is responsible for props, makeup, and clothing. Generally, I graduated from vocational schools, and I entered the society at a time. "Wang Yan, who has been engaged in service design for nearly eight years, introduced Wang Yan to the Dream Dream Factory," Especially the lighting master, I rarely know the birth of the science class. , Especially in the field of film and television dramas. "

    The lights from the lighting master to Henan. County -Liling County, Henan Province. Most of these lighting masters have not received professional training, let alone the study of the science class. They are more followed by the masters they know. The lighting master can also transfer to the posts such as photography.

    It from an assistant to the big assistant to the lighting master, not only from physical labor to brain labor, but also the advancement of technology to art. But for many assistants, not only in ability, but also opportunities.

    "Many light assistants I know do not know much about this industry. For them, this is more of a life. In addition to the cultural level, they do n’t have many opportunities to learn, and it is difficult to encounter the right master. "Yuan Xuan, a lighting master who has been in the industry for nearly five years, introduced the Dream Factory.

    Yuan Xuan University studies the director's major, because he is interested in lighting. With the help of school teachers and brothers, he studied the lighting course and did a year of stage lighting. After graduation, he graduated. After graduation, he graduated Skilled to the lights, he also quickly joined the industry and became a lighting master.

    According to him, the lighting assistant born in the non -science class needs to be at least 3 to 5 years, which is still enough to work hard and have a suitable master. But he also mentioned that if you are born in a science class, or have learned a little bit in professional colleges, although it takes a year or two to grow, it will be much easier.

    Wang Yan also said frankly that the on -site service staff in the crew wants to go up and improve themselves, and usually follow the master to learn.

    The aids and benefits of assistants are generally not high whether they are light or service. They are also nicknamed "film and television migrant workers".

    "The salary of college graduates will not be high, most of them are small crews with low budgets." Wang Yan said. Small crew budgets are limited, and the science class is more professional and unwilling to go. To some extent, it also reflects the unbalanced supply and demand of talents and the non -benign of competition.

    The light assistant 500 a day, the unit working time is 16 hours. This is the compensation standard for a large number of lighters in 2017 after a large number of lighters. 500 days, in addition, there are no other insurance and benefits. Since most of them enter the group with the master, many do not sign a contract with the crew, but directly pay the salary by the master.

    500 yuan 16 hours of high -intensity work, which seems to be a good offer in the 3 -year drama field record. Xiao Jiang introduced to the Dream Entertainment Factory that the quotation of many crews is only two or three hundred a day, and the working hours are more than 16 hours. The time to sleep every day may only be three or four hours.

    "The crew's work is really hard, and the compensation and paying are not proportional. This may also be why many people who graduate from science class are unwilling to work in the crew," Xiao Jiang admits, "And we don't, even if we are not There is no way to be satisfied. "

    . However, for those who are born in a non -scientific class but who want to develop in the film and television industry, entering the crew seems to be the best choice, "there is no closer to this."

    Itdapons Dream Factory understands that in the enrollment chapter of the Beijing Film Academy in 2020, the corresponding major in serving design is the major of drama, film and television art design, and the lights are included in the Department of Photography.

    (Introduction to the Department of Photography at the Beijing Film Academy)

    But undoubtedly, graduates of the photography department of the Film Academy rarely do lighting masters. Relatively speaking, the Academy of Drama, such as Chinese opera, and the drama, has more detailed art in art. Under its stage art department, there are special lighting, clothing, and makeup majors.

    (Introduction to Undergraduate Admissions at the Central Academy of Drama 2020)

    The University of Media University, Zhejiang Media College and other universities also have image design and lighting art majors, but industry insiders have introduced that in addition to several top domestic universities, few people actually go to universities to study such majors.

    The aspect of the school is due to the lack of resource equipment. The bigger reason is that most people think that such practical majors do not need to spend a few years in school theory.

    "Few people specialize in studying lighting arts, but also transferred to many majors after graduating from this major. I have a classmate." Yuan Xuan said.

    . Even if it is a domestic professional college graduation, the resources and teaching quality that the school can give is not so satisfactory. Wang Yan frankly said, "I haven't learned anything for four years in college, just master the basic skills."

    The words of Wang Yan, Yuan Xuan also agreed. The four -year study is instead of letting them go to the industry's exhibition smoothly, more like a knocking door.

    "On the one hand, it is because the school is equivalent to working, which will affect the reception and the salary of work. It will be almost the same as the school's salary for 2 days. The other reason is The door category cooperates, the comprehensive strength is not good, or the school's teachers, alumni, and equipment resources are not good, and people cannot keep people. "Ah Ran analyzed," Source source is also a problem. There will also be a great sense of frustration. Except for the schools such as Nortel and Chinese Opera. "

    The economy is not satisfied, and the career will not be expanded. In addition High, so many professionals are unwilling to enter colleges, or they finally choose to leave after staying in a short time. A Flans left a movie and television college who had worked because of similar reasons.

    The development of disciplines also directly affects the current situation of the industry. The unprofessional and imperfect system of employees, the quality of the work will naturally be affected.

    A Ran admits, "When I first returned home, it was not suitable. The quality of domestic practitioners was uneven, and it would be difficult for your thoughts to be in place. In addition, the pressure of funds will slowly change. Complete work instead of adding flowers on the cake. "

    even some large crews, the staff's professionalism is not high. In 2018, the "Last Night of the Earth" directed in 2018 was reported by the crew's professionalism and overall planning "Starting work", "the actor contract expired but only a quarter of them", and this is It reflects the long way to go to the professional and industrialization of domestic film production.

    . Although governments in various localities have begun to attach importance to the development of the film and television industry in recent years, the number of students behind the scenes behind the scenes is also rising, but in Arano's view, there is still a long way to go in the domestic film and television industry. Too slow, the film and television industry requires a lot of funds and continuous investment. "

    . When talking about international film and television drama cooperation, 500 also pointed out that he would want to absorb some film and television creative talents from abroad, Including young practitioners who once performed a director or director B in Hollywood. In addition to these young people's thinking more active, on the other hand, because they have been cultivated by the Hollywood mature industrial system, they are more international in terms of aesthetic, working ability, or work habits.

    The development in the film and television entertainment industry in recent years, the number of participating in art tests has also risen year by year, most of which are for performances.

    The number of applicants for the Beijing Film Academy's art examination in 2018 was 45,000, an increase of 18.17%compared to 2017, and the number of applicants in 2019 reached 59,000, an increase of 31.02%year -on -year, a record high. Among them, the reimbursement ratio in 2019 was 174: 1.

    The number of applicants for the Central Academy of Drama in 2019 was 67,000, an increase of 16,000 people year -on -year, the highest in the past years, and the performance of the performance department was as high as 229: 1. The number of applicants for Shanghai Theater in 2019 is 45,000, which is also the highest number of people since history. Among them, the performance ratio of the performance department is 192.5: 1, but by 2020, the performance ratio of the performance department will increase to 222: 1.

    Guan Xiaotong, Wang Junkai, Yi Qian Qianxi, Liu Haoran ... A large number of young people who have become famous for young people undoubtedly drive the enrollment of art colleges, although the number of enrolls in major colleges and universities due to the limitation of teaching scale and resources, the number of students enrolled students It also maintains the original scale, but it cannot stop the determination of the latecomers.

    Compared with behind the scenes, the threshold of the actor is not high. And with the development of new media in recent years, the rise of the draft show, and the channels for entering the entertainment industry have also changed. As a result, the surplus of the actor seems to be a new problem in the film and television industry.

    "Excessive actors are actually problems that have always been, because the threshold is relatively low, but it is actually normal." Ah Ran believes.

    The reporting ratio of the performance department of professional institutions has increased year by year, which also shows that as more and more young people want to learn professional performances, domestic institutions are in the stage of short supply.

    The tension with the science class resources. Variety shows and folk performance workshops related to performances have emerged endlessly in recent years.

    In 2017 Zhejiang Satellite TV launched "The Birth of an Actor" and became a hit. It was renamed "I am an actor" for two years. The art of "The character of the actor", Youku's "Acting School", etc., collected Chen Kaige, Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei and other domestic first -line film and television coffees.

    The performance workshops and master classes gradually increase. For example, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun and Chen Guofu founded the Yamashita School focusing on the performance in 2017.

    But in the eyes of the public, good actors are still scarce.

    The influence of the cold winter and epidemic in film and television has led many actors to shoot without playing. It is not new to shoot short videos, broadcast live, and sell online red. There are also more students who have just graduated from the Department of Performance and even have not graduated to choose to participate in the draft show, hoping to get some traffic and popularity.

    The contents of these new forms have taken part of the public's attention, but it seems that many actors have provided new ways to go out, and it will also play a certain buffering role in the industry as a whole.

    (at the request of the respondent, Afn Ran, Wang Yan, Yuan Xuan, and Xiao Jiang in the text are all pseudonyms)

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