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  1. The specific accounting industry in the pharmaceutical industry can make accounts according to the commercial accounting system. It is mainly necessary to learn the knowledge and system and basic accounting of commercial accounting accounting.
    A accounting work responsibilities:
    . Correct invoicing: seriously check the outlet information of the Kingdee system and the invoicing information on the invoicing application form, carefully study each detail to ensure that the value -added tax invoice is correct.
    . The amount of the reimbursement form is filled in the amount, the accuracy of the cost items, and the authenticity of the invoice. Comply with and maintain financial discipline, implement the financial system, implement accounting supervision, and be responsible for accounting audit.
    It, organize the bank's return order and reimbursement form, the payment application form, invoicing application and entry and exit documents.
    . Account processing:
    1. The review is correct, the signature reimbursement form and the payment form are recorded one by one to correctly collect various expenses subjects.
    2. Responsible for reviewing funds receivables and generating accounting vouchers.
    3. At the end of the month, the fixed asset depreciation, amortization of intangible assets, rental fees, and pay for salary and taxes.
    . The collection, organizing, storage, and mailing for special VAT invoices.
    6. Responsible for the accounting of company expenses and profits, withdrawing various types of taxables, and handling tax declarations;
    . At the end of the month, the accounts of each bank will be checked in time to meet the accounts. Clean up the prepaid payments and urge the invoice to recover.
    8. In accordance with regulations, timely checkout, prepare accounting statements, and achieve the real numbers, accurate computing, and complete content.
    . The number of accounting vouchers is preserved, and timely sorting out, binding and archiving; properly keeping various accounting materials and conservative financial secrets.
    The work arranged by the leader.
    Extension information:
    It in insurance institutions. The employment range of accounting majors is very wide. At present, the employment prospects of accounting majors in our country can be summarized as a few points:
    . domestic enterprises: large demand, poor treatment and development.
    Career condition: This one has the greatest demand for accounting talents, and it is also the largest employment direction of accounting graduates. Many small and medium -sized domestic enterprises, especially private enterprises, are only "Mr. Account Room" for accounting positions, instead of professional talents with financial management and analysis capabilities. Moreover, most of these companies' financial supervision and control systems are quite simple. It is not until the company is bigger and the financial complicated that the relatives cannot be fully controlled that "outsiders" will not be recruited.
    S salary: Most of the newcomers are concentrated at about 1,500 yuan.
    . Foreign companies: good treatment and professionalism.
    Career conditions: The same job treatment of most foreign companies is far above domestic -funded enterprises. More importantly, the financial management system and methods of foreign -funded enterprises are mature, and new employees generally conduct professional training for a period of time. One of the reasons for high work efficiency is that the division of labor is meticulous, and the details of the division of labor can only learn a certain aspect of the position of the responsible position. Although this skill is very professional, it is not good for the entire career development process. Financial control, analysis and other experiences. Most of the follow -up training opportunities are another reason why foreign companies are very tempting. Financial management is also an experience and knowledge that is more valuable and more valuable. It is more suitable for actual work and is more applicable.
    The salary: The reasonable monthly salary of new employees is more than 3,000 yuan. Most foreign companies can solve various insurance and housing provident fund of employees.
    . Wealth management consultation: the ascendant sunshine occupation.
    Career status: People who have been to banks such as banks and other financial institutions should know that the recruitment demand for personal financial consulting positions is gradually amplifying. Moreover, due to the increase in social investment channels and the reform of the guarantee system, wealth management of financial management system Consultation services will definitely enter the life of more city white -collar workers. The demand for such talents should be in social investment wealth management consulting service agencies.
    The salary level: The treatment of the bank's personal wealth management consultant is different due to the different regions, but at least the monthly salary should be more than 2,000 yuan. With the increase of experience, income will also grow.
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  2. Accounting in the pharmaceutical industry is a commercial retail company. You can make accounts according to the commercial accounting system. It is necessary to learn business accounting knowledge and system and basic accounting knowledge.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the accounting industry's accounting, if it is a medical industry in the medicine industry, first of all, it is an accounting for sale, including the entry price of ① production of raw materials, ② there is price, including retail price and wholesale price. Some rebates to the pharmacy are also the focus of accounting. ④ The rest is the accounting of some operating costs.

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