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  1. To do a good job of WeChat public account, the content and promotion are important, so do you know how to name the WeChat public account? Let me explain to you what naming techniques are of the WeChat public account. Welcome to read.

    The WeChat public account naming skills First, the nice WeChat public account name directly calls its name
    is directly based on the name of the enterprise or service, and the product name as the WeChat public account name. For example, Tmall, Durex, Public Comment, Nine -point Magazine, etc. we are most familiar with. Generally, big brands, media, etc. The public account that everyone is already known is to call their names, and then they may derive several WeChat public account trumpets in various ways.
    . The functional method of the nice WeChat public account name function
    This form can directly show the purpose and service of the public account, so that users can better understand your platform. For example, hotel assistants are used to book hotels. In addition, there are Xinxin tourism, which is recommended by travel. WeChat membership card is one -stop platform for merchant membership cards.
    It, the nice WeChat public account name image name method
    The method of the image of the enterprise or the image of the service product, the image of specific things or abstract things can be used. Anthropomorphic, metaphors and other methods. For example, basketball park is the WeChat public of basketball sports information; film factories, help you find movies you want to watch as soon as possible.
    Fourth, the nice WeChat public account name adopts vertical industry naming method: industry name use
    The typical WeChat public: film business school, WeChat law, Douban city, Baidu movie, etc. These are named by the industry.
    Fifth, the nice WeChat public account name questions
    In the question of questions and questions, so that followers get interest. For example, to see what public tonight, what can make money public. They told users to help you discover your favorite movies, recommend wealth management products and save money.
    The sixth, the nice WeChat public account name alternative name method
    The public accounts are generally running: fresh, fun, interesting, materials, and kind of form. If you want to do funny entertainment categories, you can consider it quickly. For example, the gossip news WeChat public, Mac skills WeChat public, cold jokes select WeChat public, etc.
    The trick of name of WeChat public account 1. Names must be noted
    Is the public account name of good memories, which can be impressive and never forget. If you see the name of a public account, you will remember it all at once. If you recall his content in the future, it will be very easy to remember to pay attention to this account. If you deliberately start a complicated name in order to highlight the "force", it may be counterproductive. Under the current pace of life, the name that people cannot remember the first time is often difficult to leave an impression.
    2. The name should be aroused
    This names that can be remembered is a large part of the reason is to evoke people's curiosity. An interesting public account name can evoke everyone to understand its desire, because people want to know what the content is, and of course they will pay attention to these public accounts. For example, the names such as the "" Baggers of the Supreme People's Development Council "and" Federal Tea Regulatory Bureau ".
    3. The name can be easy to understand
    good names should be easy to let users understand, so that users are the first After seeing the name at a glance, I know what this account will write, which reduces the cost of user education. On the contrary, if the name itself is in the clouds, there is no point in the clouds, or there are some rare words. It is difficult to understand what the account is written, which undoubtedly increases the cost of user education.
    . The name should be easy to spread
    The good name should be easy to spread. It is convenient for everyone to speak. To avoid any words or words that increase the meaning of increasing communication costs, the obscure names will also be greatly reduced in the dissemination effect. Naming
    In new public accounts, you must first determine the positioning, the direction of the content, and the object of the audience. Therefore, we can analyze the attributes of the target users, including their age, cultural background, gender ratio and other information, and think Their common life scenes and work scenarios, understand what spiritual needs and material needs they have, so as to determine the account name.
    It if we want to create an account in the automotive field, how can we name it? Our users are definitely interested in cars, or some users who have already bought cars. For this feature, there is a name in the industry that has a special name. His name is "after there is a car". The four words reflect the main content of the account, and also see the target users they cover.
    2. The naming keyword name
    is named for the public account. The title is the same, it is best to be simpler. We have to establish an account in a certain field, directly combine the keywords in this field, and add a noun and adjective combination. , "Bread Finance", etc., are combined with the keywords of financial and economic. For example, accounts in the travel field, "travel together", "global travel", etc., all highlight the keywords of travel.
    . Name
    A creative name usually arouses the attention of users. The common creative name method is mainly homophonic and connotative. Many interesting store names also love to name them by homophonic, such as a selling bag. The store is called "Bags", and another shop selling fabric is "cloth weaving road". It is particularly creative.
    4. Highlighting demand name
    Is, including any product, including the website, including the website , APP can meet the needs of certain users. Similarly, different public accounts can also meet the needs of different users. We can combine accounts to meet what needs to be named.
    For example, there are two large size in the automotive field, both of which are named by everyone's pain points. One is called "WeChat road conditions", and the other is called "investigating violations". It can be seen from the name that these accounts can meet the needs of car owners to check road conditions and investigate violations. Through the positioning of precise demand, these accounts are easier to promote and spread their target audience. However, because there are currently nearly tens of millions of public accounts, the names of many public needs may have been possessing. If you want to name it from this direction, it is more suitable for some accounts for vertical fields.
    5. Combined with numbers
    Sometimes, the public account name has some numbers, including Arabic numerals and time numbers, which can emphasize the effect. For example, the current "ten o'clock reading", through this account, we can almost judge the post time of the account, that is, the reading audio will be published at 10 o'clock every night. Such a name is very recognizable, and you can even cultivate users' reading habits.
    6. Through the name of the person

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