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Is there a future in the automotive industry SQE, wage status? How to get a job? Do you tell me a senior person? Many thanks!

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  1. There is a future, you must first learn the relevant documents of the TS16949 system, such as PPAP/APQP/MSA/SPC/FMEA. This is very helpful for your work. According to the supplier category you are responsible Expertise. Such as machinery, electronics, electrical and electrical. In addition, learn the management knowledge and skills of suppliers. To achieve the above, it can be a basic qualified SQE. The manufacturing industry work between 2K-6K. After 3-5 years, if you work hard, your position should be promoted or doing the SQE of foreign companies, and there should be between 6K-15K. good luck

  2. SQE is still promising. At present, domestic talents still need this aspect. Now many private enterprises in China and the manufacturing industry of state -owned enterprises are far from joint ventures. The shortcomings are mainly in technology and quality management. And a good SQE can not only control the quality of the parts incorporated by your company, but also improve the management ability of the supplier, thereby reducing costs. First of all, if you want to engage in this job, you must be familiar with TS16949. After that, I focused on learning PFMEA and 5 why I solved the problem. You have the idea of ​​doing SQE. I hope you can work hard for it and wish you success! Intersection Intersection

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