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  1. Crocodiles are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical rivers and oceans. Some people may ask: Isn't the crocodile living in the river? How can it be counted as marine animals? In fact, the ancestors of modern crocodiles really live in the ocean. In order to maintain the physiological balance of the internal salt of the body, they must constantly excrete excess salt in the body through the salt glands under the eyes. This is "the tears of the crocodile". So far, all crocodiles still have salt glands. So the crocodile is an animal from the ocean.

    It in the waters of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia, there is a salt water crocodile. This salted crocodile may be the largest crocodile in the world. They always live on the estuary and shallow coast of the river. The mangrove coast is where saltwater crocodile lives. When the salt water crocodile swimming in the middle of the sea, they often swim a long distance. The food of salted water crocodiles is very extensive. There are various fish, crustaceans, birds and mammals on their recipes. Like the Nile Crocodile, they often lurk under the water in groups and wait for the opportunity to attack the livestock who drink water by the river.

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  3. There are indeed crocodiles in the ocean, but it should not sneak into such deep underwater.
    A crocodile, or salted water crocodile, is known as the largest present crocodile and a crocodile that can inhabit in the marine environment. There is no need to sneak into such deep underwater, after all, their prey and habitats are in the surface waters.
    In addition, the Emperor and crocodile of the Baiji Period were also marine crocodiles. These two crocodiles were about 12 meters, but it is unknown whether they can sneak into such a deep sea.
    A crocodile information: KE./view/32672? FR = ALA0_1

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