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  1. Career planning is a roadbody of the workplace road. Career planning is an essential part of the career development process of new employees of power plants. Below I will share with you the newly -entered staff planning model of the power plant, I hope to help you!

    The employee career planning articles of power plant 1
    Introduction and continuous deepening, the company's organization, management model, work interface, and business processes are facing new changes. Employees are facing sudden changes in internal and external environments. The career path planned by employees before the "three episodes and five" systems is subject to Inspiration, the original organizational and post -work types no longer exist or adjust or merge or integrate categories. To provoke the company's rapid development during the transformation period. To this end, the company should vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening talents, implement the strategy of talent drive, establish a sound incentive and restraint mechanism, form a cultural atmosphere of respect for knowledge and talents, help employees grow, establish occupations with employee capabilities and quality matching occupations The development channel and building a mature career planning system can not only meet the needs of employees' growth and development, but also lays a solid foundation for the company's continuous healthy and rapid development of human capital.

    The qualitative work of planning target positions

    The qualitative work of the post refers to the post standards set in accordance with the "three episodes and five" systems. Qualification and preparation of post manuals. The company can set up a qualitative working group in the post. According to the "three episodes, five" system county -level company level positions issued by the provincial company, the core, conventional, and general positions will be detailed to the job standards and work standards. The qualifications are clear.

    The discovery and excavation of occupational ideals

    I due to the instruction manual, job responsibilities, work standards and qualifications of each position at a glance, employees can be based on the requirements of the post and their own own requirements and their own Planning and selection goals, and then discover your career ideals. At the same time, the company can develop a 360 -degree capacity assessment system, which can summarize the evaluation of superiors, lower -levels and employees at the same time. It can not only help employees to determine the career goals, formulate promotion plans, but also enable the person in charge of the department to use this on this basis for employees' employees’s The ability to analyze and evaluate, and accordingly propose the goals of organizational planning, and communicate with employees, and finally reach an agreement.

    The design and clarifying career development channel

    The first category is the development channel of the job, that is, the management career channel, which can be divided into two forms of promotion and rotation. In the process of climbing the ladder, employees can always rise to a higher level after their ability has reached a certain level. In order to unblock the management channel and enable employees with management capabilities and vision to realize their career ideals, our company has specially introduced the "Yuhang Power Supply Local Office Management Measures (Amendment)", "Yuhang Power Supply Bureau's team settings and the core positions of the team team. Administrative Measures, "Administrative Measures for the Reserve Cadres of the Mid -level Reserve of the Yuhang Power Supply Bureau", "The Implementation Measures for the Public Recruitment of Mid -level Cadres (Trial) Public Recruitment of the Yuhang Power Supply Bureau", "Interim Provisions on the Selection and Appointment of the Mid -level Cadres of the Yuhang Power Supply Bureau (Trial)" and "State Grid Hangzhou City A series of management measures such as the Division of the Division of the Division of the Yuhang District Power Supply Company and the post exercise of the postal exercise are guaranteed as a guarantee of improving management channels for employees.

    It, the company can also gradually allow employees to share the organization's career development through enrichment of work, change of concepts and methods to innovate.

    The supporting management system is ideal escort

    employee career planning and management systems are divided into two parts. One is to help employees to determine their career goals, and the other is to help employees improve the final final Goals. Through the 360 ​​-degree capacity evaluation system, on the one hand, employees can understand their own abilities more comprehensive and clarify their "shortcomings". On the other hand, according to the employee's personal development willingness and the overall planning of the organization, the company can actively take the initiative to actively take the initiative to actively take the initiative to actively take the initiative to actively take the initiative. Employees who actively strive for progress set up "career instructors" who match employees 'career ideals. Professional guiders must be direct or superior leaders of employees in principle. They provide guidance and help for employees' career development in the form of mentors.
    The employee career planning chapter 2
    . Self -assessment

    's interests, hobbies

    In fact, hobbies are relatively extensive. Specifically, they are more interested in computers and music, and they are more concerned about the news of the country. And my hobbies are also based on these interests who like to play computers, watch TV, read books, and listen to music. I also like to chat with others.

    The professional personality

    The attitude characteristics of character:

    . My personality is more introverted, not good at expressing yourself in front of others, alone When facing the following group of people, I ca n’t say a word, so I am not good at communication, so I will not choose a professional occupation and cannot develop in the fields that I am not good at.

    The emotional characteristics of personality:

    . My character is the typical northern kind, which is more impulsive and emotional is stable and easy to fluctuate. Sometimes I feel ridiculous afterwards.

    The will of personality:

    . My character is decisive, stubborn and stubborn, and insist on not letting go easily. However, it is undeniable that it is not very good in the control of willpower. This may be a big disadvantage of mine, and it is optimistic in prediction of things.

    The personality characteristics of personality:

    In terms of imagination, I belong to the type of active imagination, that kind of divergent type. At the same time, I think I am doing things when I am doing things. It is a combination of realism and fantasy. Sometimes I often fantasize.

    . Occupation options:

    Id my profession. I think I am more suitable for engineers such as engineers:

    What is an engineer? Engineers? Engineers? It refers to a type of person who is engaged in engineering system operations, design, management, and evaluation capabilities. Below it, there are titles such as technicians, assistant engineers; Of course, this is only a kind of calibration of the technical level of engineering construction or management personnel.

    The height and low as a job title (qualification), divided into: researcher -level senior engineer (Zheng Senior), professor -level senior engineer (Zheng Senior), senior engineer (deputy senior), engineer (intermediate), assistant engineer, assistant engineer (primary).

    usually referred to as intermediate engineers. The title of the engineer is to evaluate the competent authority of the superior. Among them, the intermediate English titles exam and application computer exam.

    . Determine Occupation goals: Electrical engineer

    Position responsibilities

    · Electric outsourcing part of the supplier evaluation, and the introduction and transformation of some outsourcing technology;

    N · prototype trial production, participate in on -site tests and deal with electrical failures, and propose product improvement measures;

    · Determine the final product or system, and prepare related documents such as production files, use manuals;
    · Monitoring products to improve future design.

    The qualifications

    · Electronics, electrical or related majors, bachelor's degree or above; English level 4 or equivalent reading and writing level;
    · n · five The work experience of the manufacturing industry around the year of the power distribution product;

    · Familiar with electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design, electrical component selection;

    Team collaboration ability, communication ability, modesty and practical;

    · Can be proficient in operation

    . During the year, my main goal was to graduate in vocational schools smoothly. During the school, I carefully studied all subjects. At the same time, I need to understand the needs of society for engineers and read more books about electrical.

    between 2014 and 2017, the qualifications of assistant engineers must be achieved. Can participate in on -site production tests and deal with electrical failures, and propose related product maintenance and improvement measures.

    In 2018-2021, I want to be able to operate all electrical products of the company to meet the requirements of electrical engineers.

    For this goal ability

    The words that inspire yourself are: the steps of the ladder are never set. The other feet go up.

    . The end of the end

    Matherous people who are struggling are real gold and are not afraid of fire;

    Because they knew that the road of faith was completely different from the beginning of the road,

    and they could not choose

    This road is dead.

    The self -confidence can not be developed overnight.

    It you must not look forward to those children about fifteen years old.

    Before getting this belief,

    must be sorrowful and shed tears.

    is so good, it should be like this ...
    The employee career planning articles of power plant 3
    1. The general situation of the power industry:

    The power industry is roughly divided: power grids, power plants, design units and related equipment manufacturers.

    The power grid

    Since the separation of the grid and power plant in the past few years, the original so -called power system has been divided into two major pieces. Power Grid Corporation (State Grid Corporation and Southern Power Grid Corporation).

    The national power grid company consists of five regional power grid companies such as North China Power Grid/Northeast Power Grid/Huazhong Power Grid/Northwest Power Grid/East China Power Grid; Southern Power Grid Corporation is Guangdong Power Grid/Guangxi Power Grid/Yunnan Power Grid/Guizhou Power Grid/ Hainan Power Grid et al. Composed of five provincial power grid companies.

    In power plants

    In power reorganization, the power generation is mainly composed of five major power generation groups such as Huaneng/Datang/Huadian/China Power Investment. Essence

    This design institute

    The regional design institute with Grade A qualifications mainly includes the following: Northeast Electric Power Design Institute, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, Southwest Electric Power Design Institute, North China Electric Power Design Institute, Northeast Electric Power Design Institute, Central South Electric Power Design Institute, etc. The provincial-level power design institute with Grade A-quality-quality is not listed one by one, and interested friends can find information on the Internet.

    Equipment manufacturers:

    The power equipment should be roughly divided into one device and secondary equipment. If you do n’t know if you do n’t know one at a time, you will not talk about it. rn rn   国内现在从事电力二次设备生产的厂家不少,但是从综合实力来看,排在前四位的应该依次是:南京南瑞继保,南京南自,河南许Following, Beijing Sifang.

    This wholly -owned or joint ventures are: ABB, Siemens, GE, Schneider, etc.

    2. The treatment and development of the power industry:

    The treatment of the power of the power grid in recent years, and it has always been a hot focus of debate. I have not done it at the power grid company. I can only guess what level their income is at through contact with the people of the power grid company.

    XX I stayed in Tianjin for a while. I went to Tianjin to find a client when I passed the New Year's Day and just encountered their festivals. I didn't see them sending too many things, only when the client and I came out-I was holding a few condoms in their hands. He said to me with a smile that everything should be sent, there is nothing to send, each person gives a few boxes. This buddy was running at the time, and the college degree in Tianjin University had a basic salary of about 4,500 per month.

    In more examples, several students from our class graduated last year. One of the comprehensives of going to a province in the south. Electric power companies in prefecture-level cities, 55-00 each month before the job, how many everyone guessed after the job.

    Is for the treatment of the power plant, I don't want to say it, let's give a few examples.

    The friend graduated from Zhengzhou Electric Power in XX. It has been working in a certain power plant under Huaneng for almost four years. Now the annual salary plus bonus is almost 120,000.

    The students went to Inner Mongolia's armal power plant after graduating from XX year. It was very hard to just go to carrying cables every day. Later, there was a plan to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but because I had a girlfriend and got married at the end of XX, the postgraduate entrance examination was gone. There are more than 2,500 wife, more than 1,300 local house prices, and live easier. At that time, he felt that he should not be bored in the power plant for a lifetime, but-but now he feels good, feels that life is not stressful, very comfortable, and there is no shortage of money.

    Is for the hot nuclear power treatment in recent years, so I do n’t need to say it, everyone may know. With the lack of energy, development of nuclear power is an inevitable general trend. A high school classmate went to the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station. I got 2 houses in 2 years, with a total area of ​​nearly 200 square meters. As for the specific treatment, everyone guess. When chatting, many friends feel more depressed. Because various power companies or power plants must be more complicated than state-owned enterprises, the interpersonal relationships are complicated, -a will definitely talk about the seniority, so I think that for undergraduate, if you want to achieve success in the power company, you have to be calm, and there must be some. The ability to shoot horses.

    The general undergraduate entering power companies or power plants may have to start with operation and maintenance, and it may be clear that it can be done. Every day in the cold cabinet, more sadly It is gray, so the days will inevitably be bored. If the small leaders encounter are not good, or the interpersonal relationship is almost, they may feel that the life will be more boring and there is no hope. In fact, what kind of career to choose depends on what life you want. If you want to be flat for a lifetime, care and design, and repeat the same work every day. It may be a good choice to stay at a power company or power plant. However, if-you think the life you want is not as bland as water, it is recommended that the power grid or power plant enters with caution.

    The power design institute

    I am currently in a small design institute, which small courtyard is really inconvenient, but it is absolutely true. I came out of this hospital from the original equipment manufacturer in April.

    Although the hospital is small, the qualification is Grade A-, so it is more convenient to work. I often work overtime, so I will go out for supper almost at 12 o'clock in the evening, which is more tired. But it is very good to learn, because you need to contact the equipment of various manufacturers and understand the situation of the entire substation. As for the waiting-encounter, the two-time design is about 6,500 per month, and there are bonuses at the end of the year. This is the treatment level of the small courtyard. As for the courtyard, everyone guess, I won't talk about it.

    Is a friend who has a self -study undergraduate. Now in a certain regional design institute, the monthly basic salary is 300, the annual salary plus bonus is almost 60,000, the average house price of the city is about 2600, the cost of life is not high Essence As for the hospital-those who have formal preparation, can be imagined.

    Equipment manufacturers

    The only twice. Friends who are interested can talk about it, I will organize.

    The Nanjing Nanrui should be the best in the four major domestic manufacturers, and the treatment should be the best. Whether it is salary or business trips.

    The self -technology in Nanjing South should be a little worse than Nanrui, and the treatment may be similar.

    This Xu Ji, known as the strongest strength in the country, is currently the strongest in China. At present, there are many industries and mixed industries. At present, the engineering design is about 30,000 years of salary, and the production debugging and on-site debugging 25,000-30000. If the experience is special-don't be rich, it may be more. Master's degree is generally developed, with an annual salary of about 50,000.

    The cooperation with Xu Ji in Beijing before, but later dispersed, the technical strength is slightly inferior to Xu Ji, and the treatment is better than Xu Ji. The company's management is a bit chaotic.

    mades to talk about the career development of the power industry

    This has already spoken a lot in front of the power plant and power grid, or the old saying, if you want to live a stable life, then then Stay in the power grid or power plant, whether you are undergraduate or a master's degree, you will definitely live easier. If you don't want to be bland all his lifetime-, then continue to look down.

    The waiting time at the power plant and power grid may develop an inertia, because life is relatively good. It seems that once you enter the power grid, rarely come out. When you enter the power plant, even if you change jobs, you may also jump in the various power plants. If you have an idea and be good at learning, you may seize some technologies and go to some design units or better equipment manufacturers to find a good errand.

    The myself-a family's words, please don't misunderstand-, if you want to develop, a better choice is to enter the design institute or a good device manufacturer.

    If into the design institute, I think that as long as you are willing to learn, you can do it alone for three years, and you will definitely do well. If the ability is relatively strong, after a few years of basis, do the master, and then to be a director or something, it should be a relatively cool thing. The professional ability is not strong, it doesn't matter. There are many things for good equipment manufacturers. Now better, such as ABB recruiting sales engineers or technical support-type talents, prefer to have the background of the design institute. Well, give you an example.

    I friend Nanjing Electric College graduated, and now he is responsible for the sales of two provinces or power plants related equipment in a foreign company. Before going to a foreign company, he had brought four years in a state -owned enterprise with electric equipment. Now this friend has a monthly salary of more than 6,000. Generally, you live in four-stars or five-star hotels. The daily traffic costs are 300 (no matter whether it is poor or not, how much you spend, generally not more than 300), the work is relatively easy, and the average house price in the city is 4,500.

    If into the device manufacturer, after a few years of debugging the engineering design, if you feel that the payment is not proportional to the income, and there is no room for rising, then you can change jobs. As long as you have work experience, as long as you feel that you are not worse than others, you are not deaf or blind, and you will not be worse than others. As for the development of the equipment manufacturer, I don't say it if I am not interested. To stabilize, enter the power grid or power plant.

    The is too aggrieved to enter the power plant or power grid. It is recommended to take the following ways:

    1. Always in the design institute.

    2. The design institute first, then equipment manufacturer.

    3. From equipment manufacturers to equipment manufacturers.

    4. From equipment manufacturers to design institutes to equipment manufacturers.

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