Where to find learning materials and similar items for self -study software testing?

Where can I find learning materials and similar items for self -study software test?

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  1. The switching software test is unsuccessful. Fortunately, I finally got a satisfactory return through my own dedication. I hope everyone can get some help and ideas through my experience.
    The hotel management major in universities. When I entered the school on the first day, I will imagine that one day I will become a senior manager of the hotel and manage a five -star hotel. Unfortunately, I only gained a regret in 3 years. Because of various reasons, the majors did not learn well. In the end, I gave me a very absurd internship experience.
    The work was fruitless. After a month of torment, I started to consider switching. After understanding the information of multiple parties, I finally chose the software test. Because everyone knows that the synonym of the IT industry is high salary, so it looks decent in front of relatives and friends. And software testing is the easiest to get started in the IT industry.
    The first problem encountered by the zero base is how to learn. At the beginning, it was foggy. You can only buy some books on the Internet first, but the results are very small. So I started to find tutorials on the Internet and asked for help, but most of the cases were seventy -eight, and I could not get effective answers. And I do n’t have the ability to sort out these materials. I started to doubt myself, should I choose to give up
    The thought of giving up, but I did n’t have more choices. Even if so, would I face it again? Everything is difficult at the beginning, and I need to have such awareness. I can only continue to go forward. Fortunately, the transfer is coming. When looking for resources online, I added a lot of related technical groups. With a clearer understanding. I also got a lot of help, making me more confident to do this.
    for more than a hundred days, from the day to night, either studying or studying, from test theory to actual combat operations, large and small problems, with the help of seniors in the group, can always solve it quickly. Slowly, test methods, use case design, web test, APP test, interface test. Although it is still far from the technology Daman, there should be no problem to find a junior test engineer.

    In the suggestions of the predecessors, before looking for a job, I brushed a lot of interview questions, which was fully prepared. Finally, after interviewing 5 companies, I got a e -commerce company’s e -commerce company’s Offer, 8000 a month, was very successful for me at the time, and made me look forward to the future.

    does zero base transfer software test difficult? How can I find a job? This should be a problem that all newcomers will face, so I made some summary and learning methods in combination with my own experience, hoping to help everyone.

    1. Clarify learning goals
    Is to clearly understand our learning purposes. We are not to past the time of recreational ourselves for interest, nor are we challenging other people's rice bowls. It is for career, find a high -paying job. Only by clarifying your goals can you have the motivation to learn.
    2. Formation of learning plan
    This must be planned in detail before learning, try to refine it as much as possible, be executed as required, and can be summarized and summarized, which can improve learning efficiency.
    In the study plan to first choose the direction of development. There are a lot of software testing positions. After the test theory is completed, if the application direction is different, things to be learned will be very different. I can't say that I have to do performance tests, learn to test theoretical knowledge, run to learn XSS vulnerabilities, SQL injection and other knowledge; I can't say that I want to do automated testing, learn to test theoretical knowledge, and then go to learn, JMETER.
    This Software test learning steps are very important. Most novices do not understand the growth path of software testing. I do n’t know what stage is suitable for some contents. It is best to take you with experience, with a thigh hug, and the learning efficiency is extremely high. I have a deep understanding. If you do n’t have to worry, just find the corresponding software test exchange group. I just added several software testing and exchange groups.
    [Software test learning exchange group] Learn a little every day
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    3. Select learning materials
    The online resources are very useful. Which ones are really useful? How should I choose. Therefore, it is very important to choose the information. I don't recommend buying books, because the content of the general book is not so easy to understand, and reading books is still painful. I personally understand it. You can go to some major industry coffee blogs to read some technical articles. Generally, there will be novice entry information to recommend it.
    If you still have no clue, there is a shortcut, that is, go to the study group recommended below me to ask for advice. The learning group is testing peers and seniors. There are many experienced people. Efficiency, if you are afraid of trouble, I suggest that you take this method. This is how my learning materials were done at the time. I was afraid of trouble. After entering the exchange group, I asked every day. After torture a set of information, I just follow the logic of the information.
    I also sorted out the information I organized and my learning path. I shared it with everyone. Friends who need it can enter the group to pick them up. In addition to the basic resources of the entry, we have also done a lot of advanced advanced. Automated resources, from theoretical to actual combat, can the unity of knowledge and action be truly grasped.
    [Poke here to enter the group] GET massive information explanation video, novice entry must be!
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    4. The correct learning method
    The things must be law, and then success. The correct method can help you take a lot of detours. If it is an inefficient learning method, maybe others have learned completely, and you are still thinking misunderstanding. There are no basic suggestions to lay the foundation first, and the foundation can read the text. Don't be afraid that the theory is boring, the foundation is really good, and then you will open it. The path of learning is to be able to bear loneliness before there is result.
    For Xiaobai, someone guides it is much more efficient than self -learning, especially friends who are easy to give up. You can try to join the learning group below. You do n’t need to fight alone. Everyone grows up together, and there is a big cow to take a lot of detours! As long as you learn a little every day, you will find that the software test is very easy! Intersection Students who want 0 basic start can join this group!
    [1T software testing data] Download it by itself, a hundred enterprises test the internal resource sharing of the position, click to get it!
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    5. Practice out of real knowledge
    The learning of any skill is based on practice, and the IT industry emphasizes project experience. Without practicing, it is like spending a long time to learn the theory of shooting. As a result, there is no chance to touch the gun at all. Do you think you are accurate? If you want to learn software testing well, you must have more practical practice for technology, you must practice more, without the bonus of proficiency. No matter how much you learn, you can just talk about the soldiers. Once you face the real problem, you will be able to start Essence
    It is not difficult to learn software testing. The difficulty is to persist and believe in myself. My experience is that since the software has selected software testing, you must believe it. I believe it can become an efficient channel for your advance in the future. Only to learn more, and you can persist when you encounter difficulties.
    The is not to fight alone. It is best to hold the heating and achieve each other. The effect of the mass effect is very powerful. Essence
    [Software test learning exchange group] Learn a little every day
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    So friends who want to learn software test can join some communication groups, which have detailed operations and corresponding technology Explanation, friends who are looking for actual combat projects can enter the group.
    The opportunity is only a person who is prepared, which is a society that depends on the ability. Sometimes, the reason why you develop badly is not because there is no opportunity, but because you are not ready, leading to opportunities to pass by with you. If you want to learn, it is not too late when it starts, not looking forward and afterwards, as long as you do your best, the rest will be handed over to time!

  2. Master the necessary programming language and script language ability, such as C language, Java, mastering the use of testing tools, such as QC, QTP, etc. This is universal skills. No matter which industry is engaged in

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