1 thought on “Can the driving industry federation represent driving school?”

  1. Since the driving school federation on May 23, 2015, with the care and support of the relevant business authorities of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Transport, under the efforts and leadership of the Council of the Federation It is one of the well -known branches. In particular, it was the first to release industry self -discipline conventions in the industry, carried out industry self -discipline activities in depth, and received the recognition of relevant management departments, industry and social masses, and also received the sincere support of member units.
    In October 2015, the "Notice on Promoting the Reform of Motor Vehicle Driver Training Examination System Reform Opinions" (National Office [2015] No. 88) reposted by the General Office of the State Council's General Office clearly requires that including the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security, and the National Development and Reform Commission Multiple ministries and commissions have promoted reforms and completed the tasks of reform. This marks a new period of reform and adjustment in the driving training industry. At the same time, the reform of associations such as associations, chambers of commerce, and other communities is also implemented step by step. Therefore, we must fully recognize the situation and see the direction. The purpose of society can help member units to plan the future, not to leave behind in the new period, and innovate.
    In past 2016, the first year of the densely introduced by my country ’s driving test and training of the new policy, the implementation of the implementation of the new policy, the new year of the transformation and upgrading of the driving culture market, and innovating development, the industry reform has surged.
    The past year, the self -examination test was pushed away, and the self -study direct test of the boots landed; this year

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