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  1. After reading a name carefully, I believe that everyone must understand a lot of things, and you need to write a record after reading. So how should I write after reading? The following is the after -reading feeling of the cabin on the grassland I organized. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.
    Themayes after reading the cabin on the grassland 1 "The cabin on the grassland" is not only rich in content, but also makes me feel deeply. When reading this book, sometimes I smile slightly and sometimes crying. Many knowledge and education have been obtained from it.
    The author is: Roland Ingle. This book describes the story of the pioneering story of the western grassland. The hard life of the Huaide family is not afraid of the hard work of the long distance. Pearls are crystal clear, vivid and touching. The book also wrote each character very vividly: there are optimistic and cheerful, only look up, and do not look down. Mr. Edward, a friendly, quiet and sensible sister, Mary; there are lovely little babies Lin Lin; there are loyal and obedient dog Jack ... living characters have been immersed in the story for a long time to feel this strong and happy family in the story. People, from them, let me know that persistence is hopeful and victory. When a person encounters difficulties, he should not be afraid, but to face it bravely and solve it. Will develop. Although their lives are hard, the humble cabin is full of love and happiness. They feel extremely warm. Many of our generations, many people lived in their clothes to reach out, but they were not satisfied. Many people do not know the hardships of their parents, the hardships of their parents, the hard work of their parents, the hard -earned money, arbitrarily waste, do not save money, and do not care about their parents' bodies. The book "The cabin on the cabin". After reading this book, you will gain a lot, you can appreciate the mood of "goodness under the big tree", and you will also know how to cherish it. Everything you currently have.
    I Happiness is a sweet word. It is not on the other side, just by our side. Happiness is not easy, so we need to cherish and cherish happiness. It is equivalent to cherishing life. A cherishment of happiness will feel happiness.
    Themagwood on the grassland after reading 2 In this summer, I opened the bookcase and took a book, which was the book name "The cabin on the grassland". Virtue.
    This book is a book that I am not tired of reading. It mainly writes the Roland's family to go to the prairie. They face the long and wide Mississippi River, the surrounds of wolves, the harassment of the Indians, the danger of fire, and wind and rain blocking. I like this book very much, because it is not long, because this book makes me feel helpless and difficult for the pioneers.
    This is Ings. Roland. Wide wrote under the encouragement of his daughter's rose. It is like a cup of ordinary coffee with sweetness. As long as you taste it carefully, you can experience its taste. I found that the dad in the article was very similar to my dad. Last year, it was snowing, blocking our way home. My dad drove a day and one night to get home. He didn't sleep all night. It was very hard. And Roland's father returned from the town. In order to return home early, the wind and rain could not stop his way. At this time, I felt the greatness of my father's love. However, because of the government's decision, the Roland's family could not move again and again. They could have lived a happy and peaceful life on the grassland, but they were going to move again. I don't know what would happen in the future. I really sympathized with the encounters of so many pioneers.
    It if you have time, you must go to this book if you have time, it is really interesting!
    Themagwood on the grassland after reading 3 I recently read a book called "The cabin on the grassland". This book tells the large forest where the Laura family left their lives because of the pursuit of ideal life, took the cars and set off in the west. On the way, they overcome all kinds of difficulties, finally came to the prairie safely and lived in the prairie. When they encountered all kinds of dangers, they survived together.
    This that impressed me the most: the Laura family met a rushing stream, the family was united, and with the efforts and persistence of the horses of the tent car, finally the canopy and the family spent peacefully safely. stream. It rained a few days before Christmas, and finally rained the day before Christmas, but because the rain increased the water level of the stream and the stream was fierce, Laura and Mary felt very disappointed because the water level was too high in Santa Claus. Come, so they can't receive gifts. But the neighbors they knew helped them live a pleasant Christmas. He bought gifts from the street and gave Mary and Laura. The two of them were very happy.
    I like the dad and Laura in Laura's family very much. I learned from my father to be capable, brave and optimistic. He has a very clever hand to make exquisite furniture. When he was in danger, he always rushed to the front to protect the safety of the family.
    . Laura is a sensible, questioning question, and full of childlike girls. As soon as she encountered something she didn't understand, she always had to ask a lot of questions. She likes all things in nature. She is playing with fish and imagining stars. She is full of innocence.
    I think this book is very interesting: the closeness of the family and nature, and the warm feelings between neighbors, all of which make me deeply like it.
    Thismaking on the grassland after reading 4 Remember when I was in the fourth grade last semester, my father gave me a book, the name of the book is "The cabin on the grassland". La Ingus Wed. The book describes the Laura family in a large forest and lives in harmony with the animals. However, as there are more and more people living in the Great Forest, the Laura family who wants to live peacefully with animals has to move away. When they came to the prairie, they covered a beautiful cabin with their hard -working hands, and made a lot of practical furniture by themselves.
    . Laura's family in the house was indispensable and worried. As once, when her father went out to find materials for furniture, a group of wolves appeared in front of Dad's eyes. Can Dads easily give up the wolf group like us? No! Even when the snow is big in winter, Can Dad give up? No! It is because of their hard work and efforts that they can give them a perfect home.
    but we? Sometimes when we encounter a little setback, we give up lightly. Is our patience and persistence be as big as the tip of the needle? If we are chased by the wolves and walking in the snow, will we give up? ?
    Mudge, this book tells us that in our lives, we must use our efforts and hard work to gain the most worthy of gain. Moreover, no matter what you do, don't give up lightly. I believe that the method is always more difficult than difficulties. This is why I recommend this book for everyone. If you also like this book, then open this book and read it happily with me!
    Themayes on the grassland after reading it for 5 days. I read a book called " "The cabin on the grassland", after reading it, I can't help thinking. I really want to live on the grassland like the protagonist in the book, and feel the beauty of nature like them.
    Themay in the book is not a simple house, it is a warm and safe family. Dad Charles supported his family with his perseverance and wisdom in the predicament, while her mother brought the warmth of the house with her hard -working hands and charming smiles. In this home, life can be happy every day.
    Ixingly, I envy Laura. Under the care of Dad, she can follow her father to hunt, go to see the fat pine chicken, cute little rabbit, and even what she has never seen. I really hope that I can live on the prairie with my parents to explore the endless mysteries of nature.
    I also like Mary very much. She is Laura's sister and a good child with sensible and physical parents. She helps her mother stack the quilt every day and washed the chopsticks. I can't help but sigh from the heart: If I also help my mother do some housework like Mary, how happy it is!
    It read this book. I know that a good life needs to be created by ourselves. We should learn from the Laura family. No matter what difficulties are facing, as long as we work hard, happiness will come.
    Themagwood on the grassland is a real American story. This is a real American story. On the road to move, a carriage with a tent, a heroic dog, and a man who is most like a man. In the crisis, they used wisdom and actions to interpret the problem of "optimism of life".
    The most thrilling part is the part of Chapter 12. The great father Charles and his friend Mr. Silou dug a particularly large well next to the wooden house, but very unfortunate, because there will be a particularly dangerous gas under the well. Inadvertently sucked into a lot of gases that endangered life and fainted in the well. In order to rescue his friend, Charles said, "I can't throw my friends in the well, and I can't watch my friends die in the well." This sentence suddenly raised my heart, and the ice was ice. In a word, my tears flowed down.
    It chapter 16, the chimney suddenly became angry. The whole family did not immediately lift the water from the well to extinguish the fire until the smell of the smoke. After this fire, I understood that the family was concentric, and its profits were broken. Although the tender grass became a withered grassland, after the fire, I believe that my home will definitely get a vitality!
    "The cabin on the grassland" tells us that in combination with the actual situation of life, the problem of "happy life needs happiness".
    Themagwood on the grassland after reading 7 I read a lot of books this summer vacation, but I like the "cabin on the grassland" written by Laura the most. The book tells the thrilling story of the Laura family's increasingly noisy forest to the western extension.
    did they bid farewell to the forest, went west all the way, entered the prairie where the Indians lived, and began life on the grassland. The people on the grassland were scarce. One night Laura was sleeping in the fragrance. Suddenly, a wolf came out and woke up Laura in his sleep. In the dark, a bunch of moonlight sprinkled into the room through the windows and walls. Laura turned over and looked out of the window. In the moonlight, a group of wolves gathered in a semi -circular and surrounded their cabin. The headed head wolf stood in the middle of the wolf, and the eyes flashed with green light.
    In at this moment, the head wolf suddenly screamed, and the other wolves also called. Laura suddenly became nervous, but his father was calm. He walked from one window to another window with a gun, so that the children should not be afraid to sleep at ease. Laura thought that there were dads and Jack anyway, and the wolf couldn't get in, so she fell asleep slowly with a hearty heart. Waking up the next day, the wolf group was gone. It's a thrilling night!
    The life on the grassland is free and comfortable, but it is not smooth. At a sunny noon, Laura was preparing lunch with his family. Suddenly, there was a rolling smoke not far away. At this time, Dad hurried back and said, "The grassland is getting angry, everyone will fight the fire together." Dad let the children filled all the barrels full of water, Then wet the sack. Everyone cooperates with the division of labor. As soon as there is a flame crossing the wet sack, they use water to extinguish the flames. Dad was still plowing a deep gap around the hut to prevent the fire from extending to the hut. After some efforts, the family finally successfully guarded the small wooden house they had worked hard.
    "The cabin on the grassland" is a brave, tender, thrilling, and interesting pioneering journey. Looking at today, we may not necessarily be better than Laura in the electronics era. We enjoy the gifts of our ancestors. At the time, I also forgotten various living experiences and survival skills. I really want to sit in a March -to -March of the grass.
    Themaking after reading the small wooden house on the grassland 8 "The cabin on the grassland" is about the Laura family who leaves the big forest they live in in order to pursue the life of their dreams. Depart from the west. Go to find a new home. Along the way, they experienced all kinds of difficulties, and finally came to the prairie and settled in the prairie.
    When they first arrived in the Prairie, they started to have nothing, and then through the efforts of the family, the cabin became more and more complete. Here, they encountered a large natural disaster, and they also encountered the harassment of brutal Indians ... but no matter what difficulties they encountered, they could face strong and eventually lived a happy life.
    In this book, I like the role of "Dad" very much. Because I learned a lot on him. I learned on the "Dad Charles" and I learned to use it for manual brains, bravery and optimism. He has a pair of dexterous hands. He will build a cabin and make many exquisite furniture. Whenever he encounters danger at home, he always stepped forward and stood at the forefront to protect his family. When they had to leave the grassland, Charles was still hopeful for future life.
    I. When I read this book, I was often moved by some wonderful plots, and I was also laughed at by Laura's innocence. I am envious of their lives on the grassland. At the same time, you also understand that a happy life must be obtained by hard work.
    Themagwood on the grassland after reading 9. Today, I read the book "The cabin on the grassland" written by Ingus Roland Wed, and found that the characters described in this book are lifelike and wonderful.
    This book is a book I am not tired of reading. Every time I read it, I will give me a new feeling, new feeling, new encouragement. This book mainly wrote the story of the Roland family who left the Wisconsin Forest, drove a tent, and moved to the Kanshes Prairie Live.
    It finished this book, I deeply moved them to overcome various difficult wills and perseverance with action and wisdom, and the way Roland dad dealt with the problem made me deeply realize that The charm of friendly getting along:
    This mentioned in the article that the Roland family's food was taken away by two Indian brothers An, but the Indian brothers were not satisfied. And Roland's father did not remember to hate them, but chose to forgive. From this, I thought that it was important to get along with people. The love and respect, they were hurt on the way, but they did not cry and did not give up. They chose to be strong. Although their life was hard, the humble cabin was full of love and full of happiness.
    This book tells me that no matter what difficulties and setbacks encounter, you cannot compromise. You must face it calmly. As long as you have a firm belief and determination to persist in the end, I believe that I can do this well, then It must be successful, and my life must be a happy life and a happy life!
    Themayes on the grassland after reading the last page of "The cabin on the grassland". Taking out the shadow of the family in the book ...
    "The cabin on the grassland" is a classic of the famous American writer Roland. According to her own growth experience, she took ten years of hard work to complete this masterpiece. It tells that Roland has moved around with her parents since she was a child, and has developed hard. Although she has gone through various difficulties and dangers, the family has always maintained a strong and optimistic spirit. They are not afraid of long -distance travel, they are not afraid of rebuilding the house, they are not afraid of being threatened by wolves ... small stories like pearls and crystal clear and touching. The books also write each character very vividly: Charles, who is uncomfortable and cares about his family; the hard -working, brave Carloin mother; uncle Edward, who is humorous and friendly; The loved little baby Lin Lin; there is a peaceful and peaceful peace; Aje, who is loyal and obedient ... The living figures make me immerse in the story for a long time to feel this strong and happy family, from them On my body, I know that persistence is hopeful and victory. When a person encounters difficulties, he should not be afraid, but to face and solve it bravely, so that people will progress and society will develop.
    Lan family cherishes little happiness, defeating difficulties with optimism, creating life with diligence, and a hard environment full of laughter. Yes, happiness is by our side, see if we will cherish it -early morning, my mother got up a bowl of soy milk that was grinded earlier for you; it rained, the raincoat sent by my dad to the rain; winter After, grandma's thick sweater hit you one by one ... In fact, we wrap happiness every day, and we should know how to cherish it.
    No matter how difficult your life is, as long as the Roland family cherishes happiness, you will feel happy!
    Themagwood on the grassland 11 "The cabin on the grassland" is the most representative work in the cabin series series. Creation. In the second grade, I took the borrowing from Yu Yinzhi. Teacher Zhang was recommended by Teacher Zhang in the winter vacation, and quickly ran to the bookstore to buy it back carefully.
    The story tells the expectations of expanding a new life. Moms and dads with Roland and sister Mary and Baby Linlin, who are less than seven years old, left the big forest with a caravan. They pass the state of Minnesota and Missouri. Drive through the icing river; crossing the stream to the prairie; set up a hut and settled near the independent town. Dad reclaimed the wasteland and hunting, and the family resisted the attack of the wolf together; escaped the grassland fire;
    Ixie the hunting dog in this book the most, because Jack is very smart: it will be hunting and will resist the attack of the wolf group and protect the family; Finding the smell left by the family and finding the master is too loyal!
    I I like Dad very much. Because Dad is very, very capable, there is almost no thing he can't do: After moving to the Prairie, Dad cut some trees for his family to make a very simple, sturdy, solidly resistant to the wind and rain; Dad can hunt, and the meat can be eaten. , Finemake accumulates to exchange daily necessities in the town; Dad will also pull the violin. When Dad is idle, he will pull up the violin. In the melodious sound of the piano, the sisters and sisters sings, dance, laugh, happy, happy Extremely ...
    read this book, and I seemed to have come to the prairie, tasted the fragrant corn cake that my mother branded; heard the sound of my dad's melodious piano; I also saw the ferocious Indians, and appreciated it. I appreciated it. The beautiful scenery of the prairie ...
    I like this book!
    Themayes on the grassland after reading 12 this summer vacation, I read a novel " House on the grassland ". After reading, I was deeply attracted by the Laura family's difficult journey on the grassland.
    This is the story of the Laura family who left the Star Star Forest House and lived in the prairie. Although the Laura family lives on the picturesque grassland, there are always threats and dangers. They are not afraid of the burning fire of the burning fire. They are not afraid of rebuilding the cabin. They are not afraid of being surrounded by wolves. With their tenacious fighting spirit, they used their wisdom to overcome all kinds of difficulties, and finally achieved the Kansas prairie.
    It finished this book, I deeply felt the strong will and tenacious perseverance of the Laura family. They experience the suffering that ordinary people cannot experience, and they suffer countless damage during the journey, but not only did they not give up, they also chose to continue bravely. Although they lived hard, their cabin was always full of love and happiness.
    can't help but remind me of our current life. Every day I have all kinds of delicious meals, wearing beautiful clothes, and living with spacious and bright houses. However, many of us have a missing conviction and less spiritual spirit. On one occasion, I encountered a very difficult topic, and I wouldn't do it for a while. I first did not try to make the topic, but to ask the teacher for help. Later, under the guidance of the teacher, I soon made the topic, and I found that the problem was not difficult. As long as I thought carefully, I could do it. I don't really want to come now!
    Laura's experience tells us that no matter what difficulties we encounter, we must have love in our hearts, we must have a firm belief, and we must persist in the end. Can succeed!
    Themagwood on the grassland after reading 13 In the ocean of reading, I have experienced Robinson's deserted island survival, tasting the toughness and helplessness of the mother and wolf in the dream of the wolf king, and also for the love of Feien's love for Weber Touched tears. The most rewarding me is the "cabin on the grassland" I recently watched.
    This book mainly tells the story of the Laura family, from the large forest in Wisconsin, to the story of the grassland of Kansas. Along the way, they encountered a storm, and the wheels were covered with mud, staying for a week; then they crossed the turbulent river rivers and rushing rivers; when they arrived in the grassland, they also encountered wolves surrounded by wolves, grassland fires, fiercely fiercely fierce. The grassland is hot, but in the face of this kind of difficulties, they still cover the cabin indomitable and live a happy life.
    It finished this book, my heart could not be calm for a long time because of the Laura family's struggle. When crossing the river, the river almost overturned the carriage, but with the efforts of Dad, the carriage was pulled on the shore; when the family was surrounded by the wolf group, the father did not shoot, but calmly guarded the family and the wolf. The swarms were turned to dawn; when the grassland fire occurred, the parents dug a circle of trenches around, and put a humid sack in the pit to prevent the fire spread.
    I dads are not afraid of difficulties, tough, and the spirit of facing the difficulty moves me deeply. This reminds me of my dad. When he first learned to swim, he couldn't move forward and continued to sink, but he did not know how to practice, and finally swim slowly. Now he can swim tens of meters now. I was proud of my dad.
    The is invincible and involved in the difficulty, and he retreats. In the future, I must also learn from these two dads. In the face of difficulties, we must not shrink, but to meet the difficulties. Only when you are tough can you become a real strong in life.
    Themayes after reading the small wooden house on the grassland 14 "The cabin on the grassland" mainly said that a long time ago, father, mother, Mary, Laura, Kali baby, and their pet dog Jack, because I didn't like to be in the forest Seeing the cruel scene of hunters to kill animals, they decided to move to the Indian immigration area. On the road, Dad changed two old horses with exhausted two old horses on the road; he kept looking for a place to camping until it reached a large grassland, the family stopped, and they decided to live here here. It's right. As a result, Dad started building a house, repaired the fireplace, made wooden doors, and the window. He also met Uncle Scott and Mr. Edwardz. Of course, so many processes are not completed within a few days. The family of five of their family members complete the various processes of settlement on the grassland while living. Unfortunately, because the Indians were going out of them, the family of five got on the carriage and began to find a new home.
    It's dad in this book is a clever craftsman. He can do it exquisitely and practical no matter what he does. All home tools on the prairie are decorated by father. He was also very brave. When he rode a pony to send to patrol around, he encountered wolves, because his father's cleverness, his dad and the faction were not eaten by the wolf group. There are girls Laura and Mary. Laura is very naughty and Mary is very kind. Their mother is a good mother who is a clever, compliant with etiquette.
    I like the book "The cabin on the grassland", how about you?
    The a few days before the small wooden house on the grassland, I read the book "The cabin on the grassland", which made me understand a lot of truth.
    This is the story of the American Civil War that has just ended. The Laura's family migrated in the west. After thousands of hardships, they built a small wooden house that belonged to them. Among them, what impressed me most was the scene where Laura saved people.
    one day, the chimney of their cabin was on fire, and the fire burned through the wind. The fire tongue licked to the helpless roof. The mother saved the fire next to her. Laura's sister Mary was scared to sit on the chair. A burnt big wooden bar rolled to the ground, and Mary didn't dare to move. Regardless of life, Laura rushed into the fire and pulled out the rocking chair with the strength of his body. Fortunately, if they stepped one step later, there was no family in the whole family.
    I I admire the spirit of cared about Laura's care and care for family members. We also need to love our parents. Parents who love our own must not have to be a big deal. It can also be a trivial matter. Make them very happy. For example, the family who worked hard for a day returned home, we can put a pair of shoes, heat the cool meals, and tell the family about the happy new things today. In this way, parents will forget the fatigue of the day. For example, family members also have troubles. You can listen patiently to him or her, help them analyze, and make them happy. For example, when the family is uncomfortable, we can put a cup of hot tea, help the family to push back, loosen the back, loosen the back, loosen it Pine bones, make the family comfortable. If you have the ability, you can also help your family to worry about it, help your family clean the room, cook, and wash dishes ... In short, if you do n’t distinguish the size, you only need to have that heart.

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