3 thoughts on “How to choose a glass stove panel?”

  1. For glass stove panels, it is better to use microcrystalline glass.
    Compared with the heating of the tempered glass micro -crystal glass, the microcrystalline glass is not cold, the high temperature is not cracking, and the stability is better.
    The many domestic use of micro -crystalline glass panels in Schola, Germany. Scholasselan® is a microcrystalline glass panel brand with more than 40 years of industry experience. Germany's craftsmanship and quality can be believed.

  2. Various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages: stainless steel materials are strong and collision -resistant, but after long -term use, the surface gloss will be worse; glass materials are more beautiful and corrosion -resistant and wear -resistant, but their heat resistance is not as good as stainless steel materials. Improper use can also lead to explosion. Consumers can determine products that purchase different materials according to their hobbies.

  3. Steel glass: tempered glass is a new type of material. Many consumers do not know it. In terms of use, as long as the impurities and carbon deposits on the stove circle are regularly cleaned to avoid ignition of the fire holes. We must do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the panels on weekdays, and do not hit the stove surface gravitational, try to avoid the stove surface overheating or suddenly cold.

    This stainless steel: As we all know, the temperature near the stove at the stove at the time of the gas stove will be very high. The temperature of multiple places in the panel is still as good as normal. In terms of heat resistance, users can place a hot pot on the panel without worrying about the problem of the panel.

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