5 thoughts on “Where is the building materials market in Jiangxi Province?”

  1. There is a building material market in Sima Temple in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province; there is a large market for decoration building materials in Fuhe Road.

  2. Nanchang building materials market distribution:

    Jiangxi Province Decoration Building Materials Market Nanchang City, Nanchang City No. 539, No. 539, Jiangnan Road 0791-6415078

    Bei Avenue No. 278 0791-5201888 (Qingyunpu District)

    No. (Qingyunpu District)

    It, Luoyang Road, Luoyang Road, Luoyang Road, Nanchang (Qingyunpu District)

  3. At present, the building materials market in Nanchang, Jiangxi is distributed as follows:
    1, Xiangjiang Building Materials City, Nanchang has two Xiangjiang, one is on the Jiefang Road and one on Qingshan Road; Nanjing Road;
    3. East China Building Material City, on Guangzhou Road;
    4. Provincial building materials market, located on Fuhe Road;
    5. Xiyingmen, located at 1166 Fusheng Road;
    6. Nanchang Jinwu Yuexing Home, located at No. 777, Zhenxin Avenue, Nanchang County. (Opposite Changnan Passenger Station);
    is a relatively large store, you can go and see.
    looking at lz adoption.

  4. You can go to the Mojiayu Building Market of Mojiayu, Changsha, to see it near the transition station of the South Railway Station, Baidu Map can be found

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