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  1. In daily life or work and study, when it comes to composition, everyone must be familiar with it. Composition is a narrative method that people have expressed in writing about knowledge, experience and ideas stored in memory. Do you know how to write compositions to be standardized? Here are the compositions I have compiled for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    The composition of the scene 1 My hometown is in Jingzhou, there are many fun places there, and the scenery is beautiful, it is a flattering city. Among them, I like the fields in the country most.
    Spring, my mother and I came to the fields in the countryside. Next to the field, all flowers bloom, fragrant. The grass also spit out tender green leaves. The bees and butterflies flew over to pick the honey, adding a vitality to the fields of spring.
    In summer, the scorching sun is empty, we walk into the field, watching this fat watermelon larger day day than a day, and can't help but snoring, so quickly pick up a green watermelon, smash with his fist, start eating stand up.
    It autumn, the field has become a golden ocean. At this time, it is the time when the peasant uncle is the happiest. The seeds of spring finally harvested! Moms and dads took us to picking fruits, and we only ate it. No matter what, the adults couldn't laugh and laugh.
    In winter, snow is flying, silver wrapped. The entire field is like a white carpet, we quickly rushed towards the field in the field, we played snowmen, snow fights ... are fun!
    This is really a beautiful four seasons, I love the fields of my hometown!
    The composition of the scene 2 weather is stuffy and hot. After dinner, our family of three walked out of the house and went to the river embankment to cool.
    On the streets, lighting lights, lawn lights, neon lights are on, the lights are flickering, and the city is specially beautiful. I saw the people who walked in three or three or two, holding the fan in their hands, and kept fanning. Some children are still holding ice cream in their hands, eating beautifully.
    This to the river embankment, there are already many people on the lawn. They were gathered in a circle, some were chatting, some were playing poker, and some were playing games. There is also a folk art troupe next to us, singing "Grandma White Drunk". The surrounding audiences broke out from time to time with thunderous applause. Although the sky is hot, they are smiling and interesting.
    The ponds in the distance also came from a beautiful piece of music. You listen: 呱 呱, that's the frog in the drum.蝈蝈 蝈蝈, that is 弹 弹 弹 蝈蝈 蝈蝈 蝈蝈. Qu Qu Qu, that is the bamboo flute. Suddenly, a firefly lined with a neat team, flying with a small lantern, flashed, really beautiful!
    The moon is like a mirror at this time, and the moon is like a disk. The vast night sky is sprinkled in the jasper plate like a pearl. what! What a beautiful summer night!
    The composition of the scene 3 After lunch today, I watched the TV leisurely, and my mother took a broom to the living room to clean up. I think: Mom has been busy for a day, why don't I help her sweep the floor? Thinking, I stood up and said, "Mom, let me help you sweep the floor!" "Well, my dear son is really sensible, I washed shoes in the yard." Mom said with a smile.
    I I held the broom in my mother's hand, bent down, and easily swept from the room to the bathroom. I felt that I was over and shouted excitedly, "Mom, I swept it!" "So fast, let me see." Mom walked into the room while talking. When I saw her look at the door, I looked at the stool again. Then, my mother patted my shoulder and said to me with a strong heart: "Sweep the floor without sweeping the edge, sweep a thousand a day." The face was hot, quickly picked up the broom, seriously sweeping the house seriously Essence It's really easy to do one thing, but it is difficult to do one thing!
    , although I was so busy that I was sweating, back pain. But looking at a dusty ground, seeing the smile that my mother was satisfied with, her heart was sweeter than eating honey.
    I think: In the future, I will help my mother to do more things.
    The composition 4 When I was still in elementary school, I especially like to eat popsicles. I often run in the small sales department in the summer evening.
    Remember the summer two years ago, after school, I went to the small sales department at the school gate as usual to eat popsicles. "Wow"! It's really better to eat a popsicle in such a hot summer. So I "solved" the "three times, five divisions and two". I threw the popsicles and food bags satisfied with satisfaction, and then I was ready to go home without looking back!
    In at this time, a little girl's voice came from behind: "Big sister, your garbage drops, put it back to its home!" I thought: Who still cares about my business coming Intersection So I looked at it with a good look -a little girl about six or seven years old stood there. She had big watery eyes, clear eyes, pink small round face with her cherry -like little mouth -like mouth Essence There are two small braids on your head, which is really cute!
    So I lost my anger instantly. I walked over and asked her, "Little sister, do you say that there is a home for garbage? Then where is his home?" Put it in its home -the trash can so that he won't be alone. "I couldn't help but tremble and felt ashamed. A little sister knows how to develop hygiene and not throw garbage. I am not only throwing garbage, but also almost losing her temper to the kind little girl. So I picked up the popsicles and food bags and brought it back to its home.
    Since then, I no longer throw garbage. In the summer in the future, the quality of the little girl has been accompanied by me, making me refreshing in the hot, and the more the popsicles eat, the more delicious it is!
    The composition of the scene 5 weekends, our whole family went to Qiandao Lake to play together. As soon as the high -speed speed, our car drove on the private highway to the Intercontinental Hotel. The road is curved, and the scenery on both sides is particularly beautiful. I looked out of the car window on the right, and the clear and bottom Qiandao Lake sparkled under the sun, as if wearing a brilliant glow. I looked out from the car window on the left. The peaks of the mountains continued, and the clouds on the top of the mountain made me seemed to be in a fairyland.
    The intercontinental hotels that have been hidden in the green trees have been hidden in the green trees. The hotel is really big, like a large maze, how can I go through; there are many facilities in the hotel, indoor swimming pools, children's playgrounds, movie halls, gym ... The hotel is so beautiful; You can see the turquoise and green Qiandao Lake. I was lying on the small bed on the balcony, holding the sun bath, not to mention how much I enjoyed.
    Early the next morning, we went to visit the lake. When I came to the hotel's private pier, a white cruise ship had been waiting for us for a long time. I rushed to the cruise ship excitedly and sat in the first row. When everyone arrived, the cruise ship slowly walked forward.
    The island in Qiandao Lake is like a naughty baby, and his head is out of the water, as if saying hello to us. Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a mushroom floating on the water, which is very interesting. How did the name of Qiandao Lake come? Listening to the grandfather on the boat, there are a total of 1078 islands on the Qiandao Lake, and it is also magically arranged into a "public" word, so everyone calls it "Thousand Island Lake". The water in Qiandao Lake is so green, and it seems that the green island is stained by the surrounding green islands. The water is so deep, so cool, I hold a handful of water with my hands, and the water droplets flow out of the fingers, like crystal clear pearls.
    The breeze blowing my little face, making me feel refreshed, it is really "boat line blue waves, people are swimming in the painting". I love you, beautiful Qiandao Lake!
    The composition of the scene 6 a gust of wind blew away, blowing away the girl Qiu, and blowing winter. Winter flew in the sky and brought me a trace of cold.
    The "Snow Angel" slowly came to her. There were snowflakes in the sky, and the "Snow Angel" gave Shubo a "white cotton jacket", giving the earth's mother a "mask", giving the children a happy and happy world. All the snowflakes danced on the stage of the sky, and they crossed the beautiful lines, falling on the snow lotus.
    In night, the snow outside was large. The snowflakes were flying in the air, and when they were tired, they lay gently on the earth's mother and fell asleep. A small snowflake, gently floating down from the sky, floating lightly, floating, falling on the cheek on the side of the road, a slight warmth, the little snowflakes melted and gently melted ... ...
    The steps in the snow, a small snowflake fell in my hands. It is so pure and transparent. The small one on the top of the one on the above is so bright, as if I can see your heart clearly. Suddenly, a ray of heat wandered in my hands, and the little snowflakes melted silently. So beautiful, pure and snowflake, how fragile life is! A trace of warm current turned it from pure snowflakes into a water droplet. Although there is no snowflake beauty, it is still so beautiful, so crystal clear.
    In at this time, a wind -flavored wind came from me, and my hair was blew and my heart was blew.
    The snow in winter is beautiful and beautiful, and the beauty is in my heart .........
    The composition of the scene 7 unknowingly, the sunset is falling, and there is still a piece of orange in the western sky. The sunset.
    The clouds in the sky are also dyed. The clouds in the sky are also changing silently, you see! The cloud in the sky seems to be an elephant flying in the sky. It instigated its big ears, as if asking you to go to the sky friendly.
    Is you see! The cloud in the sky turned into a hungry bitch, as if a big bone was waiting for it in front. Behind it, those puppies rushed up like a rocket.
    Is you see! The cloud in the sky became a male teacher living in the zoo. It stretched the body and looked at the lion below quietly on a mountain. As if it is a teacher in the school, looking at the lion below is its student.
    Is you see! The clouds in the sky turned into a steed living on the Grass Garden, flying on the grass garden of the earth at the fastest speed.
    In this beautiful night, I looked up at the sky, and there was an endless scene animal in my heart. The late clouds are both beautiful and cute. I ca n’t say excitement in my heart.
    The composition of the scene 8 There is a East Lake Park at the door of my house. It is beautiful all year round. Do you know how beautiful she is? let me tell you!
    Spring, the willow trees by the lake hang down, like the braids of little girls. The lake is quiet like a mirror, and the little fish in the lake is colorful, swim freely in the water.
    The summer, the big tree by the lake was like a huge parasol to send us a coolness. The breeze blew, the lake water rose layers of ripples, the sun was sprinkled on it, sparkling, beautiful! Knowing on the tree, it seems to be practicing the songs in the summer.
    In autumn, the golden leaves fell from the branches, like a butterfly flying in the air. A group of geese in the sky flew south, and after a while, it was arranged into the word "one", and the word "human" was arranged for a while.
    In winter, it is snowing. Children come to the park to fight snow battles, ski, but lively!
    do you think the scenery of Donghu Park all year round is very beautiful?
    The composition of scenery 9 Whenever holidays, our family has to go to small farms in the countryside for vacation. The small farm is beautiful all year round. I like the little farm in autumn.
    It autumn farm is so beautiful! It was surrounded by a piece of rice fields, and it looked like a golden blanket, blew the breeze, and the rice fields rose layers of ripples, making people look like a golden ocean. Passing through a piece of rice fields, a rice fragrance came, and the full rice grains splitted their mouths and laughed, as if welcoming people's arrival. Entering the farm, the fragrant farm meal makes the population water. You can taste the most delicious food of the farmer this season. You can also experience the fun of harvesting rice and feel the hard work of farmers.
    has a dense orchard behind the small farm. When you come here, you can truly appreciate the joy of harvest. Entering the orchard, a small lantern cage hangs densely on the branches, walking to the tree to see, it turned out to be a cooked red persimmon! Take a bite, sweet and more love, the more you eat, the more you love to eat, and he can't help picking up a basket and another basket, and bring back to share the sweetness of autumn with your family.
    It autumn farm is so beautiful! It not only gives people a beautiful scenery, but also enjoys the sweetness of the fruit.
    The composition of the scene 10 Yangzhou has many scenic spots. For me, the most impressive is the thin West Lake, Heyuan and the ancient canal.
    S thin West Lake, you may have only heard of West Lake! But thin West Lake will also make people forget. The Baita is a building with a white overall, like a huge cone; there are three noodles in Diaoyutai, the white tower can be seen in the north, the five pavilion bridges are seen on the southwest, and the lake flashed on the southeast can be seen; There are Wuting Bridge and Twenty -Four Bridge! This thin West Lake, I like it in my heart!
    This is an ancient building, which contains the houses where the lady lived, with old -fashioned clothing and old -fashioned furniture. It is really everything! There are countless rockery in Heyuan, and it is terrible. If you drill into a maze -like rockery, you may not find anyone else! There is a Wangyue pavilion in the pavilion. The bright moonlight at night is filled with the earth. Sitting in the pavilion, looking at the bright moonlight, it is so charming, so comfortable, as if entering the mother's arms.
    The long history of the Guyun River is about 1,800 meters long. A pair of glittering armor, making the "dragon" look more spectacular and more majestic ... The water waves patted the stone wall, making a bell -like crisp, echoing in our minds "Ding Dang, Ding Dang, Ding Dang ... … "
    I love Yangzhou, especially the beautiful thin West Lake, the charming Heyuan and the majestic ancient Yun River.
    The composition of the scene 11 My hometown -Wenzhou, there is a beautiful land -charming forest. There are cute little animals there, tall trees, and fresh air.
    The spring girl quietly walked into the big forest with a warm sunshine. The grass emerged from the ground, and the flowers nodded to the girl. The little animals woke up and jumped out of the cave. Singing the song "Ding Ding Ding Ding" is really colorful and nice!
    The spring girls jump away, and the summer is rushing, the leaves become green, whenever the night is the night. When it was coming, the first "Animal Concert" was on the pond. The first little frog was on the court. It sang the song that it could understand only by itself.
    has not gone away in summer, a strong wind in autumn blows away summer, the leaves are yellow, the wild geeks fly south, and the animals are preparing to spend the winter.
    The winter forest wearing a layer of thick cotton coat. The white elf -Xue, falling from the sky, beautiful. The child pushed the snowman on the snow, playing snow sticks, and played happily.
    In you, the forests in spring, autumn and winter are different, do you feel it?
    The composition of the scene 12 In this fall, all the troubles seem to have held a large party, and then they are together together. I came to me in the end. I don't like these non -speed guests, and I don't want to receive the so -called gifts.
    In I don't know where to start. I even forgot what my first "gift" was. Does MP3 fall vertically from a table of more than one meter? Is the naughty bird not leave traces on my fast -drying clothes and not shame? Is the flashlight caught, so if you have a fire? Still excited to go home but unexpectedly forget to bring back luggage back? Or is it "selling vegetables" as an awkward grievances? And what I don't want to mention.
    The resentment, complaints, and regrets. All remedial measures are useless now. With Lidong as the boundary, let these lost fly with the wind.
    letting the autumn wind take away my trivial matters and troubles.
    In even if you don't vomit, let go!
    In the end of the four seasons, we should smile and greet each other, just to leave a good memory of a season. Lucky flowers will bloom alone, continue to bloom, aroma, only attract the protection of angels.
    In more environments come from the heart and be entrusted to the calmness of the soul to nourish.
    The past is history, the future is a mystery, and now it is the gift of heaven. The ruined autumn presents a point, a slight pain on the long memory disc, then why enlarge it and make it warm in your heart and become a solid cornerstone. Looking forward, of course, it is winter trip.
    The wipes in the northwest are getting larger and colder, but it is refreshing and rational; snow, white earth, quiet. As if there is only a white world, a unique white world. Use a blueprint instead of reality. The novel also shows amazing power, making it brighter than the sun. There are always hope, there are always opportunities, there are always expectations waiting for you. This is what will be faced in the future.
    At the beginning of winter, it is both a dividing point and a connection point. Looking back at the past, looking forward to the future. Looking back, I have a clear conscience; looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence.
    In a smile, retract another smile, and still smile Lidong, leaving himself a summary of the past, watching the clouds in the sky, unintentionally staying;
    The composition of the scene 13 Children holding a wicker and playing happily, yeah! It is summer.
    The summer morning came quickly, but it went slowly during the day.
    In summer, when you walk into the park, you will be attracted by a magical taste. By the way, the lotus gentleman's fragrant fragrance is clear and comfortable, just smell it, just smell it. Hexiang, you will feel that all your troubles will disappear like a smoke.
    The elegant fragrance of lotus makes people obsessed and intoxicated, and it looks more attractive. The white and white appearance makes people look more and more comfortable, the more they look, and the more energetic, letting the first tired disappear into the layers of clouds.
    The lotus flowers are not only beautiful, but also have a lot of meaning. For example, the ancients called the lotus is kind and beautiful, and most of the people who were called the lotus were Buddhism. For the lotus, the eternal sentence "out of the mud and not dyed" can also see the meaning of the lotus from this sentence.
    The lotus in the summer, the willow tree also shows himself. The leaves are getting greener, green, and the wind blows. It is so beautiful to the sky!
    The summer, although hot, there are beautiful scenery everywhere, I like summer!
    The composition of the scene 14 Some people say: Autumn wind and autumn rain are sorrowful. I love autumn alone.
    It autumn, make people feel comfortable and linger.
    Early morning, morning mist surrounded. The mist shrouded the earth, covering a layer of gauze on the beautiful nature. In the 感觉, people feel how mysterious and dreamy. When you stroll in the stream next to the stream, from the clear stream of water, you can see your crooked shadow, and the happy fish play freely in the water. When you make a ghost, you will feel like you are a fish in the stream, and that feeling is wonderful. When you stroll in the woods, in your ears, Ying Ge Yan language, one after another; in front of you, the leaves fly up and down and dance with the wind. You will doubt who holds a grand banquet in the forest? When you stroll in the mountains and fields, the mountains and magnificent mountains are magnificent, and the fields are golden, you will feel that the creator is so sacred and great. The cool breeze blew, soft, itchy, stroking you gently to your mother's hand, who is scratching your itch . Everything is so fresh and elegant, and it is comfortable and lingering.
    During the day, the bright sunlight shines on the earth, and the sky is high, the clouds are light, and the wind is clear. Thousands of miles in the sky, there are white clouds floating in the blue sky, like a small wave flower on the sea. Drunk, you will feel that you seem to be one of the waves in the waves, cheering and leisurely. The autumn night is more charming. A round of bright moon rose slowly, the naughty stars blinked in the air, flashed, as if they were squeezing into people; the evening wind swaying the leaves. Dancing clear shadow, like in the world? If you sit on the bluestone by the stream and watch the beautiful scenery, it will definitely make you feel refreshed.
    If autumn, colorful autumn.
    I love autumn -like autumn. It is because of the autumn that our lives are more beautiful and more colorful.
    The composition of the scene of 150,000 things recovered, and spring is here. The tree is green, the grass is green, the flowers are colorful, everything is beautiful. The grass came out of the land, and the leaves came out of the tree, all green and tender. In the park, in the community, the wind is light, the grass is soft, people lie down, lie down, sit, play a few rolls, play a few football, play a few games, run a few times, fly kites, catch and seek Essence Under the big tree, we sat, lying down, lying on our stomach, and sometimes climbing up the trees and catching birds.
    -Nie Yan
    The cold Winter left, the beautiful spring girl is here!
    The spring girl seems to use a large pot of green paint to "paint" the earth's green oil, which is beautiful!
    In look! The frozen streams have melted out, and they ran around day and night.
    In the field, you will find that the original bare trees, dry branches have grown tender, green branches and leaves; birds and worms have drilled out of their own tree holes. Some fly in the sky, and some squirmed on the ground.
    The farmers planted, fertilized, and watered. They were busy, looking forward to
    The children to punish kites, kick football, and swing thousands of autumn on the grass.
    I love spring, because spring brings me happiness.

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