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  1. The China Cement Association is a national social group voluntarily composed of corporate institutions and community organizations in my country's cement industry. n1. Propaganda, implement relevant policies and policies of the party and the country, and undertake affairs entrusted by relevant government departments.
    2. Carry out the basic situation of the industry, and put forward suggestions on technological progress, development planning and technology, economic, policies and economic regulations to the government departments, and participate in relevant activities.
    3. Strengthen horizontal connection and exchanges, and coordinate the connection between the industry and the industry and other industries.
    4. Provide enterprises with timely, accurate information, technology, management consulting, and multi -level services for talent resource development.
    5. Reflect the wishes and requirements of member units, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member units and industries. Organize the industry to negotiate to establish a rules and regulations, establish an industry self -discipline mechanism, and maintain the order of legal and fair competition in the industry.
    6. Strengthen the connection with foreign industry organizations, carry out foreign economic exchanges and cooperation, and participate in coordinating economic disputes.
    7. Edit publication and publishing association publications and technical progress and development of the industry.
    8. Guide and support the work of associations in various regions, and organize other work experience.
    9. Manage the relevant affairs of the units directly.
    10. Other work that is beneficial to industry development and membership interests.

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