How about car group purchase? Is there really a discount?

How is the car group purchase? Is there really a discount? Is there a big group buying group in Shenzhen?

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  1. The discounts of buying cars in the group are different, and the place is different.
    Different 4S shop preferential prices are also different. If conditions are possible, it is recommended to be more than three, and some of the discounts are thousands of yuan, and some of them will be a little more preferential when they are sold.
    1, gold nine silver ten
    , no matter what industry, the law of Jin Jiuyin can seem to be universal, as well as the automotive industry. Whenever it is nearly a year in September and October, automobile manufacturers and dealers will be mentally excited and start preparing for sales at the end of the year. At this time, almost all brands have played a price war, and various marketing activities have come. However, Jin Jiuyin Ten does not only refer to September and October, and often car purchase discounts will continue until the end of the year.

    2. During the large -scale auto show

    The large -scale auto show in China, such as the Beijing Auto Show, Shanghai Auto Show, Guangzhou Auto Show, Chengdu Auto Show. A large number of consumers and the media are paying attention to it, which has also become a time period for manufacturers. At this time, some brands will increase preferential efforts to attract customers at the time period where consumers are most concerned about cars.

    The after -sales service
    The car after -sales service after group purchase and future maintenance issues are very concerned about each friend who bought cars in different places.
    First of all, the after -sales service of the car is all nationwide, and the warranty period is generally guaranteed X or X 10,000 kilometers.
    The after -sales service of the car is responsible for the brand's 4S shop or after -sales service station. Through the manufacturer's website, you can query the local after -sales service point where the car is located. The after -sales service of the car is nationwide, and there is no geographical restriction, that is, at any 4S or after -sales service stations of the brand, you can enjoy the after -sales service.
    The after -sales service period of the car is X years or X 10,000 kilometers, which prevails for the first time or mileage. For example, the after -sales service period of a car is 2 years or 6W kilometers, so the car is no longer in the warranty period after two years or more than 6W kilometers after the time of time, and it is prefatient.
    Secondly, the maintenance problem of cars
    The first insurance of the car or the previous maintenance is free. This free maintenance can also be done at any 4S or after -sales service stations. In fact, these maintenance money Afterwards, the manufacturer will settle the maintenance 4S. If you encounter a 4S that refuses to maintain free maintenance, you can play manufacturers' after -sales service telephone complaints to protect the owner's rights. This trick is the most afraid of 4S, because once the complaint is received, the manufacturer will be severely fined!
    It's maintenance in the future, not to mention, car maintenance is an important source of car 4S income. 4S is very welcome to go to their store for maintenance!
    In summary, car maintenance and after -sales service stations are available at any 4S and after -sales service stations. Please please dispel this concern!
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Auto Group Buying

  2. It can indeed be a little cheaper than to buy it alone. It can be cash discounts, or more gift packages and other items, depending on the store.
    The steps of car group purchase:
    1. Before registering for group purchase, please learn about the group purchase process. The group purchase price is not reported during telephone consultation.
    2. For registration information, please fill in accurately according to the prompts so that the seller can successfully notify the group purchase activity information.
    3. For group members who successfully participated in group purchase, the Automobile Word of 1 day in advance to notify the time and place of the group purchase of the group purchase by SMS or telephone, etc., and confirm whether it will eventually participate in the group purchase activities according to your own situation.
    4. Netizens who participated in this event go to the 4S store inquiry, do not leave personal information or pay the deposit, so as to avoid the final determined group purchase 4S shop as the netizen inquiry 4S shops, resulting in conflict, resulting in not participating in group purchase Case.
    5. Netizens arrive at the sales hall of the 4S shop at the group purchase site. Please do not promote "group purchase" loudly to avoid affecting the purchase of retail customers of 4S stores.
    6. When booking a car, bring your ID card and deposit (notify the amount of deposit before opening the group, you can swipe the card).
    [advantages of group purchase]
    1. Price discount. Car group purchase is the most important thing for price attractiveness. The larger amount of quantities, the more people formed group buying, the greater the discounts given by dealers. The specific preferential prices should be dependent on different models, but in general, the price of group purchase preferential prices will be about twice as more than the self -purchased car purchase. it goes without saying.
    2. Pre -sale service. The group purchase fills the gap of "pre -sale service" in the automotive market to a certain extent. Buying a car is much more complicated for buying other products. For example, it is difficult for ordinary people to understand about the knowledge, insurance, loans, etc. of the car. Therefore, in terms of information, buyers and sellers are asymmetric, and group purchase can make up for this asymmetry. General group buying can be implemented through the Internet. Buyers can communicate information online. Everyone, you say, I have gradually approached the professional level.
    3. Make sure to pick up the car in the group purchase model to prevent the problem car.
    4. The group purchase site is generally mainly delivered to the deposit. The main reason is that there are too many people who participate in the group purchase car. If you have to pick up the car, it will affect the procedures for others. Due to various reasons after booking the car on the same day, you can go to the 4S shop to refund unconditionally. If the on -site price is inappropriate, the team members can choose not to buy, they just ask everyone to consume clearly, and they will never force everyone to consume.
    5. Save and effort. Except for choosing your own car before buying a car, you can save a lot of time and energy through the form of car group purchase. For dealers: sell more cars to get more rebates.

  3. There is no free lunch, and the saving can be saved on the surface. It's so good that those who buy a car are not available to buy them. The weaving people just want to get a few fish on the Internet. Where can I find it regularly, formal

  4. It can indeed be a little cheaper than buying it alone. It may be cash discounts, or it may be given more gift packages or something. You have to depend on the shops. Find a group purchase group to go to the portal on the door. Organize group buying, look for more, look more

  5. Relatively speaking, there may be preferential points, but the disadvantage is that it may have to wait, and you have less bargaining fun.

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