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  1. Hunan Huaguang International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., headquarters is established in Changsha, Hunan. In 1990, from the former China Light Industry Import and Export Corporation, the Changsha Branch of Huaguang International Transportation Corporation, in 1993, the state was restructured. The international ship agency company '' (Certificate Number: MOC-VA01539), which has developed a history of more than ten years; in 2007, it was approved by the Ministry of Transport to become "NVOCC Certificate Number: MOC-NV03302) ; Now the agent: ANL, CMA, CNC, EMC, HASCO, HPL, HSD, KLINE, KKC, MSC, NYK, OOCL, PIL, SNKO, SITC, TSL, YM, Zim and other ship companies, establish The long -term strategic partnership of mutual trust and win -win, and authorized to directly issue shipowner and authorized inland boxes to be issued; the reason why Hunan Huaguang could establish regional agency cooperation between the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River It is because Hunan Huaguang has its own Jiangheai branch container fleet, and has established a long -term Jianghai joint development strategic partnership with the sea ship company. The company also takes into account the international air transport agency business. The agent airlines include: Hong Kong Dragon Airlines, Southern China Airlines, Oriental Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines. The company obtained the ISO9001 -2008 international quality management certificate in 2001; it is a comprehensive international shipping agency company and freight agency enterprise. Procuratorate, Huaguang Zhuzhou Office, Huaguang Yueyang Office, Huaguang Wuhan Branch, Huaguang Jiujiang Branch, Huaguang Yichang Branch, Huaguang Shanghai Branch, etc.; The foundation, with the advantages of agent multi -ship companies, provides customers with container business, air transport business, land transportation business, international iron sea joint operation; providing bounds, storage, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging. Port transit, signing, customs declaration, customs declaration, commodity inspection, insurance, foreign trade operating rights agency and other related links of import and export of import and export. The company joined WCA in 2008 and became a certified member of the International Freight Forwarding Association. In 2012, members of the CIFA and FIATA international network companies were added to ensure that our company can provide customers with refined export business DDU and DDP of export business Services and import services provide refined EX Work and FOB services. Since the establishment of the company, the company has adhered to the purpose of "integrity, efficient, and smile" to provide customers with the most economical and fastest logistics services. Enterprises, Chinese -foreign joint ventures, import and export companies, manufacturers, and international freight forwarding have become long -term loyal partners, and in the development path of logistics to achieve the "three -win concept" with shipowners and customers.

  2. Guangzhou Liyang International Freight Kyra, I am responsible for the air transportation of EK/KQ, the South American Line in the Middle East, Africa, and the South American Line. Welcome to make friends with me and cooperate together.

  3. Guangzhou International Cargo on behalf of KYRA, specializing in air transportation EK/KQ, the advantages mainly attacked the Middle East Africa India and Pakistan and other lines.

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