5 thoughts on “What kind of business is a woman around 30 years old to make money”

  1. 1. If I am 30 years old, I have sufficient funds, I think I will open a clothing shop or snack bar, make my favorite career, decorate the store as my ideal look, and sell the style of clothes or desserts I like.
    2. If the funds are insufficient, then I will find a job that suits you to fight for the goal!
    If I can try it at all, I do n’t know the workplace at all, or I am degraded, I will still work hard and do my best to learn!
    3. As a 30 -year -old woman, we must have our own goals;
    Actually, many people think that women should bring children at home when they are 30 years old, or after being washed or finished at the restaurant. Those who degrade themselves so, as long as they struggle, women who are 30 years old are still a strong woman!
    4. Women are 30 years old. If we want to live a comfortable life, we can do cultural jobs in a better company. At this time, we must plan our lives. How to improve yourself and create your own life values ​​in a limited time.

  2. Now starting a business anime shop is good. The animation industry is the current domestic rising industry, and it has also been supported by the national government preferential policies. The prospects are very good. Moreover, with the introduction of excellent anime in recent years and the rise of Guoman, the number of domestic anime enthusiasts has continued to increase, and the demand for animation peripheral market demand is strong.
    Anime shop products involve a wide range of products, such as: animation model hand -offs, style and style supplies, home supplies, plush dolls and other product systems. Anime products are rich and natural profits will increase. Generally speaking, starting anime stores is a low investment, high profits, and operability.

  3. The original poster thinks good, but if you want to make money, you still need to choose what consumers like to do now. Various carved products, creative porcelain plates, etc., are novel in style. Customers can not only buy creative products, but also customize favorite creative products according to their needs, such as printing the favorite text or patterns on the product On the top, formation of creative products with personalized customization.

  4. It is best to meet your local consumption level if you open a store. Generally, women 30 years old are mainly family children. They can choose relatively easy jewelry. Toys stores do not need special professional knowledge and have a large profit. If you have a good local economy, you can also consider opening anime shop, and the gross profit is generally 100 % to 300. If you are not experienced, you can also consider joining. Recommended a few: Doro, Naizi Witch, NICI. You can ask what the policy service costs of their policy, and then consider whether to open it or join.

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