Pangbo talks about the interior of the talk show, what is the current status of the talk show industry?

4 thoughts on “Pangbo talks about the interior of the talk show, what is the current status of the talk show industry?”

  1. 1. The original talk show is only used, and now it is necessary to perform talents.
    The original meaning of the three words of the talk show is to make people happy by mouth, but as many shows are more and more popular, they will constantly change their tricks and invite stars and artists in various industries. Come to participate in the talk show together, such as Zhang Wei in the entertainment industry to participate in the talk show, not only says that they also have to sing, but also perform talents, causing other people's multipoles to become monotonous.
    So many talk show actors have to improve their competitiveness and learn some talents or singing. In the long run, they may form a vicious circle.
    2. Many actors and singers are stressed by the talk show.
    S previous actors only performed movies and TV series, singers just sing, and now the entertainment industry likes to perform cross -border performances. Many actors and singers will talk on the show to increase their exposure This has led to a lot of pressure from the talk show actor.
    So I have to improve my competition to make themselves a place in the talk show industry. As more and more star singers pour into the talk show industry, they not only say but also concert, many talks The show actor chose to withdraw from the pressure, and many talk show actors were forced to increase their talents.
    3, the comedy industry is more difficult to do, the more difficult it is.
    The talk show can also be regarded as a comedy direction in the comedy industry. He is the same as cross talk and sketches. They all need to shake the burden to make everyone happy, but a bag can only shake once or twice, more times, more times, and the number of times is more than the number of times. The audience naturally won't laugh, which makes many talk show actors have to rack their brains to think about all kinds of burdens to tease the audience.
    The famous movie star Xiao Shenyang has already claimed to withdraw from the comedy industry to prepare to enter the performing arts circle, because he said that comedy is more difficult to do, especially when you want to get revenge. Think of one or two burdens.
    In general, whether it is the inside of the talk show actor industry or the competition in other society, there are still. As long as the competition is in the inside, the intensity of competition will become more and more serious with the internal currency. Essence Everyone has to double hard to expand their business and expand their ability. In the end, everyone lives particularly, but it may not get what they want.
    The insiders are a relatively hot word in society, especially in the young people's groups, which are particularly obvious. The inside rolls make many people exhausted.

  2. I personally think that the reason why the talk show industry will be rolled in is that now everyone generally sees the talk show industry, so it will have such obvious phenomena.

  3. The status quo of the talk show is relatively obvious. For some people's interests, regardless of their fairness and justice.

  4. The quality of the talk show is uneven. And the quality of the talk show is getting worse and worse, which is a bit disappointed.

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