3 thoughts on “Does the incense industry have developed? Is it true that the company's recycling is true?”

  1. The incense industry is a huge industry, and the future is still very large. The biggest thing to make incense is not to worry about selling. It is not necessary to recycle others at all, and the cost of making incense is very low. If you send the incense where to recycle others, freight = cost.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer claiming that Xiangxiangyue earns tens of thousands of actual monthly income of 67 yuan, beware of "getting rich" into a "nightmare" national party media information public platform national party media information public platform, July 16, 2020 · National Party Media Information Public Platform official account source : Huasheng Online Huasheng Online July 15 (Reporter Xie Longbiao Xiong Yanghao) "A person can make 9600 incense in 8 hours a day, 200,000 roots a month, the company's recovery price is 0.07 yuan/root, and one month's profit can reach 10,000 yuan. "In the face of such investment promotion, are you heart -making? Recently, Mr. Chen, a netizen of Hainan Wanning, reflects his experience to the column of" Xiangwen · Complaints ". Referred to as Hunan Bangfu Company) signed an agency processing agreement to use the machine provided by the company to make incense, and handed it over to the company for recovery after completion, and settle the processing fee. However, more than a month later, not only did he not earn tens of thousands of monthly, but the company's technicians also "lost contact". 4580 yuan buying machine claims that the monthly income is over ten thousand and the monthly income is 67.2 yuan. At the end of May this year, Mr. Chen saw the publicity of Hunan Bangfu Company's promotion of "making incense and recycling a monthly money". He added a sales staff's WeChat at home. After understanding, he paid 4580 yuan to buy The incense machine and signed a foundry contract with Bangfu Company.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, if the company you say recycled the product, it should generally not be true. If you just say this on the Internet, don't believe it. Because there are too many scams on the Internet, if you really believe it, it is best to go to the field to inspect it clearly. With a regular business license, it means that it is true.nQuestion how to analyze the authenticity of the licensenThe answer can be performed by the company's business license in the following ways: 1. Inquiry through the local industrial and commercial bureau, and the registration authority on the business license for authenticity inquiries. 2. You can use the "National Credit Publicity System" to query. 3. You can scan the QR code on the business license to query the authenticity of the business license. The method of querying the "national credit publicity system is as follows": 1. Open the computer's browser, and enter the "National Credit Information Publicity System" in the search box. Sogou asked 2. Enter the homepage of the official website, enter the name of the business license in the input box of the official website homepage, and click the query. Sogou asked 3. Determine according to the query results.n1 morenBleak

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