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  1. It's easy to do, the treatment is very high, but you have to know a lot about parenting.
    Mun -month -old industry has always been very easy to do, especially for development, many people have improved the economic level, and they are willing to spend money to enjoy services, and they are particularly willing to spend money about children. In addition, encouragement is encouraged now. There are two babies and third babies, so the market of Yueyue is quite large, but not everyone can eat this bowl of rice, because making Yuexun is a very detailed job, it requires great patience and observation. The more you have, the more you have The more experienced the experience, the more the month in his 40s and fifty -year -olds is the favorite of employers.

    . My cousin, she is doing business. When she gave birth to a second child in the past two years, she asked for a month to take care of her home. For others, I do n’t know if she can get it with her, so she has found a lot of institutions to learn about it. I personally interview Yueyue. It is not necessary to have a certificate that the institution has taken out without a certificate.
    mainly takes care of the baby 24 hours, feeding, bathing, massage, etc., will also prepare her nutritional recipe for three meals a day. The month, but it is also very hard. No matter the day and night, Yueyue is brought, but she invited this month to be very diligent and experienced. The cousin said that he gave her the baby to bring her completely with peace of mind.
    Is when we were full of moon wine, we went to her house to be a guest. When I saw Yueyue have been busy, coaxing children was very patient. I wanted to see her with her. After I had a baby, I knew how to take care. But I am embarrassed to add trouble to others. She originally wanted to ask her to help her bring her children this month, but people have been scheduled by the next employer and have to go in two days, so she intends to ask a nanny to come back to take care of the child in a few months. Okay, okay. Yueyue is not afraid that no one wants. It is experienced well. People will introduce each other, accumulate more and more good reputation, and have outstanding ability to become "gold medal Yuexun". Monthly salary.
    Mooning a monthly requires some professional functions and care related knowledge. These are not enough to rely on self -study. Generally, you need to go to some institutions for training. With professional qualification certificates and institutional guarantees, others dare to dare to dare to dare to Hire you, if you have a moon -bearing person around you, you can get the scriptures from them. It will be a bit difficult, after all, people don't want to invite Yueyue who just entered.

  2. At present, the industry is still better to do, because the country has liberalized the second child policy, and the country’s policy is now promoting fertility, which will increase the birth rate of the newborn. Then, in the context of such a major environment, Yueyue is this. The prospects of the industry are clear. Although the current Yuexun industry is the same as other industries and the pressure of competition is relatively large, in the policy environment of the country's promotion of fertility, the business opportunities brought to the Yueyue industry are unprecedented situations.

    . My daughter -in -law's daughter -in -law is a monthly sister in Guangdong. The monthly salary is as high as 10,000, which is such a high salary. She still feels too busy. I was hired by another family. Although the work of Yueyue is very high, it is indeed a delicate work. The child who was just born was the most weak and delicate. You have to notice in all aspects. Pay attention to the temperature. If the temperature is high, you must reduce the clothes in time, otherwise the child will be covered.
    In the weather suddenly cooled up, you have to add clothing to your child immediately, otherwise the child will have a cold and get cold. You will not only be complained by your employer. How much milk powder is drinking each time, pay attention to the temperature of the milk when feeding the child to drink milk powder. Can pull diarrhea, indigestion, and the consequences will be serious.
    It, sometimes the child is crying, you have to find the reason carefully, where the child is uncomfortable. First of all, you have to give your child a body temperature, observe whether the child is thirsty, or too cold, or too hot to be too hot You have to consider these situations, so to do the Yueyue industry is a job of making money, but it is also an extremely worrying job.
    The daughter -in -law's daughter -in -law, she has been doing moonlight in Guangdong, and her salary is a lot higher than us. At present, the salary of Yueyue in first -tier cities is more than 10,000, and in our Chongqing City, this On the side, Yueyue's salary is also around eight thousand every month. First of all, to do the work of Yueyu, you need to conduct job training, and then obtain the qualification certificate.

    Cura's industry prospect analysis and admission notes
    . What are the requirements for making Moon 嫂
    The first to make a woman, the second is to correct the facial features The third is that you need good health and no disease. The fourth one is that you have a good temper and patience. The age requirements are under fifty years old and over eighteen years old.
    . How to enter the Yueyue Industry
    If you decide to be a monthly sister, you can go to the local housekeeping service company, you need to bring your ID card to the local disease control center, apply for a health certificate, and then the housekeeping company After checking your health certificate, you will arrange the training of Yueyue. After the training is qualified, you can obtain the qualification certificate, and you can arrange you to go to the employer's house to do the moon.
    The training of housekeeping companies is free and does not need to pay. If you charge you, you must not believe it.
    . The prospect of Yueyue
    In the context of the country's promotion of fertility, the need for the demand for the work of Yuezhang is very large, so the prospect of the Yueyue industry is very good. It is said that Yueyue is in short supply, so the industry in Yuezheng is still very easy to do.
    The monthly industry is very easy to do. The monthly salary of tens of thousands in first -tier cities, the monthly salary of the second -tier cities is also around eight thousand, and it is in short supply, but the monthly 嫂 requires patience and carefulness.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, dear! I'm glad to answer questions for you. The following answers to the questions you have asked: Nowadays, young people have insufficient parenting experience, and many elderly people can not help them. In addition, everyone's material conditions are good. In order to give birth, they can take good care of them. Therefore, many young people in the city will choose Please make a monthly or confinement center; if you have a rich parenting experience, it is still very marketable.

  4. First of all, there is no very good job in the world, and all walks of life have difficulty in all walks of life. The key is to depend on your comprehensive ability (communication efforts, expression ability, work experience, professional skills, service attitude, word of mouth evaluation, etc.); R N more and more people in the Yueyue 越
    Secondly, Yueyue belongs to the service industry, and has certain requirements for employees. There are high requirements in all aspects. When you form a habit, these are natural details at work.
    Muoyu training class takes class photos
    again, the current supply and demand relationship of the Yueyu industry is unbalanced, tens of millions of newborns and mothers in China, and the number of professional Yuexun employees is not large. An appointment for a few months to make a place. Therefore, the Yueyue industry will only get more and more popular in the future.
    The monthly photo of the trainees of the training class
    Finally, each job needs to be persisted, and it needs to be continuously paid and self -improvement in order to achieve the forefront of the industry. Come on, the most beautiful moon in the world!

  5. There are many housekeeping companies, and judging that a housekeeping company can be inspected from the following aspects:
    1. View qualifications
    Whether there is a tax registration certificate issued by the tax department.
    2, choose the appropriate, reliable
    Is to choose a housekeeping company if you choose a housekeeping company. For example, the aunt of E domestic government is complete in 3 insurances. Auntie needs to participate in housekeeping insurance, personal accident insurance family property insurance, injury or accidental damage to customers during the service process. nCoustically communicate with the hired housekeeping service personnel, such as specific working hours, work content, work requirements, etc., to avoid housekeeping companies introducing non -corresponding housekeeping personnel. Therefore, when you communicate with your aunt for a while, you can also see the quality of a housekeeping company.
    4, E domestic government has real -name authentication system, price transparent system, housekeeping insurance system, equipment specification system, evaluation feedback system, and comprehensive training system, which is relatively better.

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