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  1. Summary is a written material that reviews and analyzes the study, work or completion of a certain stage afterwards. It can help us summarize the past ideas and carry forward the achievements. Therefore, we must summarize and write a summary. So what should I pay attention to? The following is a summary of the work of pawn banks I collected for everyone, I hope to help everyone.
    The work summary 1 20xx I am involved in the guarantee industry and pawn karma. With the care of leaders and colleagues, and my own efforts, I have further improved the business perspective, business expansion, and business concepts, and there are also great gains and progress in business level. In 20xx, my two platforms and pawn platforms made me feel the happiness brought by my work itself. Let's make a summary and reflection on the work of this year.
    . Do your job carefully
    1. Conscientiously do a good job of review
    20xx I am mainly responsible for the risk control and risk audit work of pawn. The pawn business is my official contact in 20xx. In order to make myself familiar with the business as soon as possible, in addition to seriously studying the pawn system of the Zhejiang Middle -wealth Bookstock and the formal implementation of the "Polishment Management Measures on the Pangership Management Measures on April 1, 20xx, on April 1st, 20xx 》 In addition, I also checked the relevant information of the pawns banks from the Internet, library, etc., and took reading notes. In order to do this work, I first formulated a job responsibilities for risk approval. Second, in accordance with the job responsibilities of pawn risk approval, the pawn business is registered and tracking the pawn business in the review and filing form of non -traditional business, and a large business personnel understands the large business personnel. Third, the service fee, late funds and other content have been filled in, and the nuclear debts and archives are made. Fourth, compile a pawn risk follow -up monthly report. Fifth, I participated in some training of the pawn business.
    2. Do a good job of reviewing, filing and nuclear debt work for intermediate business
    The short -level intermediate business this year has brought good economic benefits to our company. It reflects the excellent psychological quality of the operator and highly responsible for the work. It also reflects the keen and correct judgment of the operator, the bank's excellent relationship network, and the skillful scheduling ability of funds. As one of the members, I deeply feel the major responsibility, especially the business I have done is even more stressed and the responsibility is unlimited. In terms of intermediate business, I am mainly responsible for reviewing, filing, archiving, and reconciliation with the Ministry of Finance. In order to do this work, I basically achieved each implementation tracking and checked accounts with the Ministry of Finance every month to ensure that the accounts of each fund are consistent.
    . While I completed my job, I also did the following tasks while completing my job:
    1. Drafting the work responsibilities of the 20xx year risk department
    20xx according to the work layout of the leadership, drafting The work responsibilities of the 20xx annual risk department. In the work responsibilities of the risk department, the risk review and approval system of different business types and different amounts of business types and different amounts of guarantees have been formulated, and the relevant system of risk approval for the first time of the pawn business has been added. At the same time, the work responsibilities, education and training, institutional construction, and daily work of the risk department are clarified.
    2. The relevant operating methods and procedures for the project guarantee
    The end of April 20xx, according to the arrangement of the leader, I participated in the two -day business training in Beijing. Although this training period is short, I have a preliminary perceptual understanding of the project guarantee. I suddenly felt that engineering guarantees had unlimited business opportunities, and I had a strong interest in this. After inquiring the information in the library and the online, I buy relevant books in the bookstore, remember a large number of engineering guarantee learning notes, pay attention to the latest news of engineering guarantee, and other channels. Different types of guarantees in engineering guarantee include owners' payment guarantee letters, contractors performed contract performance The content of the guarantee letter, the bidding letter, etc., designed a survey report for commercial guarantee of Zhejiang Zhongcai Guarantee Co., Ltd., and designed different contents of investigation and analysis of different types of guarantees in the survey report. In order to allow the salesperson to further penetrate the field of guarantee and improve the ability of the investigation and analysis, I also designed "the main points of the survey content of the project guarantee business guarantee" and what relevant information provided by different guarantee objects. I think the project guarantee is a commercial guarantee with a high risk and high return. Its cost lies in the maturity and experience of guarantee company personnel. Its risk lies in how to control customers before, in the event, and afterwards during the guarantee. To this end, I have currently written the relevant content of the management of the contractor's performance guarantee before, during and after the control. In order to improve the business personnel of China Finance Guarantee to understand this as soon as possible, I also organized a training course for the first engineering guarantee, preliminary explanation of various types of guarantees issued by the Ministry of Construction, and discussed related content.
    3. The operating procedures for the transfer of the mortgage business of Zhejiang Zhongcai Guarantee Company
    It to successfully carry out the mortgage business of my guarantee company. According to the different requirements of the cooperative bank, after discussing and negotiating and mortgage business characteristics of the cooperation bank's business, I designed "Application Form for the Sales Sales of the House Sales during the House Sales of Zhejiang Zhongcai Guarantee Co., Ltd." Operation methods (1), (2) "," bank withdrawal of guarantee responsibility for guarantee "," notice notice "," guarantee "and" guarantee agreement "with lawyers, etc., and The foundation was launched.
    4. A new way to actively open up the guarantee and pawn cooperation field
    (1) 20xx adjustment according to the structural adjustment of the guarantee of the Bank of China in 20xx, I actively communicate and contact the provincial Bank of China. After the joint efforts of both parties, my guarantee company finally signed a cooperation agreement with
    Zhejiang Branch of Bank of China Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Branch. This cooperation agreement has greatly improved the important position of Zhongcai Guarantee in the provincial Bank of China guarantee, and provides a good cooperation platform for my guarantee company to further expand its business.
    (2) From October to November 20xx, I and the Hangzhou Branch of China Merchants Bank had a mutual communication and connection between the two parties on the mortgage business. The content was adjusted. After the joint efforts of both parties, Zhejiang Zhongcai Guarantee Co., Ltd. and China Merchants Bank Hangzhou Co., Ltd. officially signed the "Personal Loan Guarantee Business Cooperation Agreement" in November 20XX. This cooperation agreement has created a good start for the company's guarantee company in China Merchants Bank's business, laying a good foundation for future business cooperation.
    (3) In the face of Tingdangxing's demand for funds, 20xx has increased. I use the relationship between the high -level leaders of Hangzhou Branch and the senior leaders of the branch of the Hangzhou Branch and actively create conditions for the financing of pawn banks. Because the loan is the first loan of the head office of the Shenzhen Development Office, it is more tortuous. However, after several months of efforts, the CPIC finally achieved a loan amount of 10 million yuan in deep development. The significance of this loan is not only partially solved the demand for funding, but also more importantly, the mutual trust of the senior leaders of China Cai's wide -level corner and the senior leaders of Shenzhen Development Bank, and the further expansion of the China Financial Guarantee and the Shenzhen Development Bank. Create a good opportunity for cooperation.
    5. Further expansion of the quantitative statistics of the department's guarantee and pawn risks
    If in the guarantee and pawn industry is an industry that is engaged in risks. For guarantee companies and pawn banks, notifications and predictions that may cause direct risks and indirect risks are important means to grasp risks and prevent risks. To this end, I gradually explored the monthly statistics of the monthly and historical work of the risk of guarantee risks and paid attention to the risk. For the guarantee industry and pawn industry, I think that statistics and analysis of operating efficiency and operational quality are of great significance for the development performance of the industry's enterprises more accurately. And explore.
    The reflection of the year of the year of 20XX
    It's work experience of 20XX, I have many aspects worthy of reflection.
    1. Work sometimes emotional. In the 20xx years, although I was very devoted to each job and had a sense of achievement in my achievements, when I encountered myself and the outside world pressure, I would have emotions at work. There will be a sense of loneliness, a strong momentum, and no help, and sometimes the idea of ​​doing it is better. The main reason is that I do not have the persistence and perseverance of work, and there is no spirit of stress into power. Second, although there is communication with colleagues, the communication is not enough.
    2. The study of the pawn industry is not deeply studying
    20xx years, and in the process of responsible for the business approval of Dangdang Bank, I often think that the content of the business approval of the pawn bank ,research and develop. The reason is that I am lacking in the lack of pawn business knowledge and lack of sensitivity to the development of pawn business. At the same time, I am not enough to go deep into the pawn bank, especially the situation of the situation of concern to the clients of the clients is not enough to communicate with the pawn industry staff, and the tracking is not enough. Without the work that really exerts subjective initiative to cooperate with the pawn banks, there is no higher request for the investigation of the pre -loan, loan, or after loan of the pawn business.
    3. Recently, I have relaxed learning.
    The recent relaxation of learning has been relaxed, and the study and analysis of business knowledge, bank dynamics and industry changes is relaxed. The reason is that the motivation to learn by itself is in a stage of hovering and confusion. A kind of inertia on the body also starts to grow.
    The outlook of the year of 4.20xx
    1, 20xx I will continue to do my job well and do a good job of leadership arrangement. To continuously study business, we must make a new improvement in their business level and professional ethics.
    2. I will continue to use the gap time to conduct in -depth research on the guarantee business and varieties, and study and analyze the economic indicators, operating efficiency and operation quality of the guarantee industry, and use it. The study of the pawn industry must be made in the industry. In conjunction with the pawn banks, it is necessary to make a difference in reducing the risk of pawn. The review content and requirements must be summarized and summarized. The business development of the pawn must use some of its own advantages to do its best to expand the development of the pawn business.
    3. Some suggestions for China Captain Financial Industry:
    (1) Zhongcai's financial industry must develop and develop a unified network platform to a wider field and higher levels of development. Standard formats, unified operation methods, unified rules and regulations, and formable network management systems.
    (2) Increase the assessment indicators of the China Cai financial industry. The assessment of industry indicators is to set different assessment indicators based on the characteristics and connotations of different industries. The assessment of industry indicators can make the assessment more scientific, rational, comparable, and closer to the development law of the industry. The assessment of industry indicators can also give China Cai Financial Industry a deeper understanding of the industry and promote the healthy development of the China Cai financial industry.
    (3) The assessment and rewards of employees should be adopted. In addition to the company's business philosophy and business strategies, the company's success is mainly from the marketing achievements of the enterprise, the new product development of the enterprise, and the market's recognition of the enterprise. For Zhongcai Financial Industry, employees 'work performance, development and application of new products, banks' recognition and control of China Cai Financial Industry, and the ability to reduce risks should be the focus The basis for assessment.
    The work goal of the work of the second quarter of the second quarter of 20xx is to strive to create a profit of 7.5 million yuan for the company. At this stage, there is a small real estate mortgage borrowing project.
    2. The completion of other work is as follows:
    ①, the real estate, land mortgage loan business and small real estate redeeming business of the XX market; Some of XX's pawn banks, small loan companies, financing guarantee companies, guarantee companies and other personnel enter the group to facilitate everyone's information, business, etc.
    ② to assist the loan project of other colleagues.
    ③ the director of the notary office to Shenzhen and Guangzhou together, responsible for the contract notarization and contract certificate of the contracting and guarantee of several projects.
    3. The business introduced is:
    1. "30 million projects for real estate mortgage, equity pledge, real estate mortgage borrowing of real estate in Xiamen City, Fujian Province";
    It is more troublesome to supervise, and the market is not high, and the realization ability is poor. The project is in Xiamen, Fujian Province. If risks occur, follow -up processing is cumbersome and troublesome, and will increase our cost. Handling
    2. "Huizhou Bo Luo County XXX Co., Ltd. Factory Mortgage Borrowing 20xx 10,000 Project"; due to the insufficient mortgage rate, it has rejected
    3. "Guangzhou XX Real Estate Co., Ltd. 50 million projects; because the customer's project has not handled the pre -sale permit, and the interest that customers can accept is too low. Has rejected.
    4. The "2 million projects of the Handyuan Dongyuan County Power Station Mortgage Drand". Because the customer believes that the interest of our report is too high, we have rejected our company.
    5. "Huizhou Daya Bay XXX Management Co., Ltd. mortgage borrowing 30 million projects" Due to the insufficient mortgage rate, customers cannot increase the mortgage. 132 million yuan, including 1 single outside the province, 4 orders within the province (1 order in Heyuan, Huizhou 2 orders, Guangzhou 1 order).
    An analysis of the cause of the failure of the work
    An analysis of the reasons for failing to complete:
    . The direction of the development of the business is not accurate, the financing plan is not effective and reasonable, and the selected items are not high enough, thereby Guide until the project was not done.
    . The downturn in the real estate industry has caused a large amount of hot money in the lending industry. The general guarantee company has sprung up like a rain, which has led to a rapid increase in private borrowing in Ming Dynasty. And the interest of many small loan companies is between 1.8-2.5, and in June, a new small loan company was opened. After understanding the interest of not more than 2.5 points, our company's interest competitiveness was not high. (Recently, the Financial Bureau has begun to suppress the normal guarantee company and determined to regulate the financial lending market.)
    improvement measures: strive to get familiar with the company's business process and financing business varieties as soon as possible, and more with Shenzhen colleagues with Shenzhen colleagues Communication and learning, communicate with Heyuan's amount industry, improve your business knowledge, and open up new lending financial products suitable for Heyuan.
    The work summary of the work of pawn line 3 20xx. The four pawn companies in our state have developed healthy development in accordance with laws and regulations and law -abiding operations. The important role has made positive contributions to the economic development of our state.
    As of the end of 20xx, the registered capital of 4 pawn enterprises in our state was 45 million yuan, of which 2 were registered 15 million yuan, 1 of 10 million yuan, and 1 of 5 million yuan. The scope of business mainly involves the pledge of minerals, real estate, civil products, machinery and equipment and property rights. This year, a total of 122 pavilion businesses occurred, with a total of 38.4 million yuan, of which: 9 pens of residents' life financing, a total of 5.7 million yuan, accounting for 7.38%and 14.84%of the total number and total amount, respectively. 101 pens, the total amount of a total of 26.825 million yuan, accounting for 82.79%and 69.83%of the total number and total amount; 12 strokes of real estate development enterprises, a total of 5.875 million yuan, accounting for 9.84%of the total number and total amount, respectively And 15.3%.
    I. As a pawn corporate supervision department in the region, the State Commerce Bureau has carried out the following work in the past year:
    . Promoting scientific supervision
    1. In the first quarter of this year, the State Bureau targets the annual annual review work of the previous year. The problems discovered in China issued a rectification notice on the three pawn enterprises, requiring enterprises to formulate plans and rectify rectification. Each classic enterprise attaches great importance to it, starts with strengthening internal management, improves the internal management system that is in line with its own actual situation, standardized employee business behavior, and improves the business quality of employees and the social image of the enterprise.
    . The state bureau regularly implements a clear inspection and unannounced visit to the pawn enterprises, mainly to supervise the situation of the pawnshop compliance with laws, regulations and management measures, and the scope of business. Difficulties and problems.
    . In the second half of this year, under the unified arrangement of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the state bureau carried out comprehensive cleanup and statistics on the use of the tickets of 4 pawn enterprises in the state, and focused on the standardization of the use of tickets. Inspection, rectification opinions have been put on the problems found from it, so as to make the bill management of the pawn banks more standardized.
    4. Do a good job of reporting the information of the pawnshills, improve the monthly report system of the business situation, and analyze, review and summarize the reported monthly report form in a timely manner.
    . Provide high -quality services for the development and growth of pawn enterprises
    1. Do a good job of applying for new classics enterprises. According to the work requirements of the Provincial Department, the State Bureau promptly notify the enterprise willing to apply for a pawn bank to provide them with policy consulting, and guide and help enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the application materials, and earnestly do a good job of the declaration of Luxi County Yuantong Code Co., Ltd.
    2. This year's state bureau regulates the administrative approval procedures, and the application for the establishment or change of shareholders proposed by Dangdang Company will be handled in a timely manner. The reply and reported to the Provincial Department for approval to provide services to the growth of the enterprise.
    3. The pawn enterprises organized in the state to participate in the training and lectures of the pawn industry finance and business personnel organized by the provincial department to improve the level of the prestige practitioners in the state and make the enterprise more competitive.
    . Carry out the annual inspection and research work of the 20xx annual inspection and investigation in a timely manner.
    1. According to the "Notice of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce on the annual examination of the 20xx annual pawn" (Xiang Shang Construction [20xx] No. 9), the state bureau carefully guided and urged all the pawn enterprises to conduct the scope and content of the verification and content Carry out self -examination and self -examination, and improve related materials. After the preliminary examination of the state bureau, the provincial hall is reported as required. The 4th pawn enterprises in the state are rated as Class A during the annual inspection annual review.
    2. The state bureau also conducts in -depth investigations and research on the real estate pawn business situation within the state, summarizes experience in a timely manner, finds out deficiencies, guides the pawn enterprise to control the proportion of real estate business, and avoid business risks.
    The work summary 4 in order to conscientiously implement the notification spirit of the leading group of Jinxi County's blow and disposal of illegal fund -raising work, in order to comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers of illegal fundraising in our city, eliminate illegal fund -raising in the bud state, regulate the financial finance in our district The market order and maintaining social stability, according to the "Notice on the Special Rectification of illegal fund -raising" in accordance with the district blows and disposal of the illegal fund -raising leadership group office, our bureau attaches great importance to it and actively organizes the special investigation of illegal fund -raising risks of the pawn industry and e -commerce enterprises. Work. The investigation situation is reported as follows:
    . Increase publicity, effectively strengthen the public's legal awareness and resistance to illegal fundraising activities.
    The publicity of the harmfulness of illegal fund -raising of society, improving awareness, and ensuring stable development. And publicize the national policies and measures on prevention and disposal of illegal fund -raising activities, enhance citizens' risk awareness and identification ability, and eliminate illegal fund -raising and spreading from the source.
    . Carry out risk investigations and do a good job of monitoring and early warning of illegal fundraising activities.
    The spirit conveyed by the district's strike and disposal of the leading group of illegal fund -raising work, our bureau quickly acted to promote the cleanup and investigation work. Investigate whether all the pawn companies and e -commerce enterprises in the region and e -commerce enterprises are found to find out the foundation.
    . Carrying out a joint inspection on the spot.
    From mid -June to August, our bureau actively cooperated with the Municipal Commerce Bureau to carry out the business situation, licenses, prevention and cracking down on illegal fund -raising publicity, safety prevention facilities, and management of tickets. After on -site inspections, prevention propaganda for the business sector that favored illegal fund -raising behaviors. Through field investigations, consulting bank bills, registered capital, financial status, ticket use, business structure, gold issuance, interest charging, standardized operations, etc., we can effectively grasp the operation of the pawn company. To strive for timely discovery of the risks of signs, deal with it as soon as possible, at the same time, signed a standardized business commitment with the heads of the pawn company and e -commerce company, improved corporate responsibility obligations, clarified illegal fundraising measures, and resolutely eliminated illegal fundraising.
    . Fourth, work plan next step. rn   为了进一步做好非法集资监测、预警、防范、打击工作,维护正常的金融秩序和社会稳定,保护广大人民群众的切身利益,在下步工作中我们将进一步提高思想认识,及时预防和To curb the emergence of illegal fund -raising, closely cooperate with the special rectification actions carried out by relevant departments to resolutely crack down on illegal fund -raising activities; strengthen prevention and propaganda, form a joint force, and effectively enhance the public's legal awareness and the ability to resist illegal fund -raising activities.
    The work summary of the work of pawn line 5 20xx. Under the correct guidance of the provincial and municipal business regulatory authorities, our company has played an important role in rescue rescue, lack of remedies, facilitating financing, supporting the development of small and medium -sized enterprises, and serving the public. Get a certain result. The relevant work of the year is summarized as follows:
    . Basic situation and financial status
    Our company approved the establishment of the year and month, and obtained the "Business Legal Business License" and "Special Industry Business License" in accordance with the law. The licenses such as the "Tax Registration Certificate" and the "Organization Code Certificate" are a limited liability company with independent legal person qualifications. The registered capital is 10,000 yuan, the actual capital injection is 10,000 yuan, and the capital is 10,000 yuan. The company adheres to the purpose of "promoting economic development, providing fast -acting financing channels for SMEs and individuals in the city, increasing income to shareholders, creating wealth for the society", follows the principles of equality, voluntary, honesty, and mutual benefit, operates in accordance with the law, consciously maintains the pawn market market Operating order. As of the year and month, the total assets of our company were 10,000 yuan, of which the balance of the flow assets was 10,000 yuan (including the balance of monetary funds, the amount of loan and the balance of loans and the balance of 10,000 yuan), the net value of fixed assets was 10,000 yuan, and the annual interest and comprehensive interest and comprehensive were achieved. The fee income is 10,000 yuan, the tax pays for 10,000 yuan, the donation is 10,000 yuan, the total expenditure business and management fee are 10,000 yuan, and the net profit of the year is 10,000 yuan.
    . Operation and main work measures
    (1) Wide publicity, establish an image, and expand the impact. In order to expand the pawn social impact and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, our company has continuously increased publicity in various ways. The first is to organize personnel to distribute brochures to commercial prosperous areas such as real estate trading centers, motor vehicle trading centers, and major shopping malls with a rest day and holidays. Carry out. Widely publicize the nature, characteristics, and the company's business scope, business philosophy, etc., to provide customers with a good financing platform.
    (2) Seize the opportunity, adjust ideas, and strive to increase their income. In the 20xx years, the development of the pawn industry is good, the business volume has continued to expand, the benefits have continued to increase, and the ability to support the development of SMEs is significantly enhanced. Our company seizes opportunities, and in response to the changing market situation, in the face of many uncertainty, give full play to the characteristics of the fast and convenient characteristics of the pawn business, and take practical measures: First, the organization is carefully organized, carefully operates, and improves the use rate of funds; Actively develop and establish a new high -quality customer group with excellent assets and economic benefits in the rise, focusing on private SMEs; the third is to actively open up the business of motor vehicles and inventory materials; Expand the scale of funds and make the total business amount; the fifth is to make full use of the flexible and diverse characteristics of pawn business methods according to market conditions, do everything possible to increase income and maintain stable growth of economic benefits. As of the end of the year, the company issued a total of 10,000 yuan to achieve an income of 10,000 yuan, completed the tax payment of 10,000 yuan, and achieved a good start.
    (3) Standardize operations, prevent risks, and abide by discipline and law. The company follows the principles of "equality, voluntary, honesty, and mutual benefit", abide by the law of discipline, pay taxes according to chapters, and establish a good company image to internal and external.
    1. Since the establishment of the company, it is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the "Administrative Measures of Poly Polishment", so as to go to the industrial and commercial department to change the name, equity and registered capital, legal representative, legal address, and branch of the branch; The company's legal representative, individual shareholders and other senior managers have no change and no intentional crime.
    2. In the pawn business business, the company carries out the pawn business in accordance with the business rules of the "pawn management Measures", and the phenomenon of pre -deduction of the interest of the household without gold; The proportion of a single customer business reached 25%of the registered capital and the amount of more than 10 million yuan, and a single business amount exceeded 10 million yuan. "
    3. According to the "Pool Administration Measures" and the documents and the relevant provisions of the Municipal Public Security Bureau on the safety management of pawn banks, our company strictly follows the "Standards for Safety Prevention Standards for Powers of the Places of Management" to strengthen safety precautions and management, so that enterprise operations can be operated The installation and settings of the place, the storage warehouse and its safety prevention facilities are complete, and there is no change, and there is no change to effectively prevent the occurrence of various safety accidents;
    . Content, our company arranges a special person to be responsible for timely, accurate, and completely submitting information statistics month, quarterly, and annual conditions;
    5. In order to ensure the standards and sustainable development of pawn banks, strengthen the practitioners of pawn practitioners Management and training to improve the quality of managers is the primary task of pawn. The company's employees carefully studied the "Management Measures for the Director -D personship" jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Public Security in April of 20xx, regulated business management, resolutely eliminated the scope of super -business and exceeded the regulations and charging interest and comprehensive fees. According to the relevant provisions of the Administration Measures, the registered claims of the real estate mortgage are registered, and the dynamic pledge reports the "registration form of the pawn items", and the public security organs do a good job of public security prevention and control; Credit loans, deliberately accepting stolen goods, and escape funds are seriously violated and violated.
    (4) Strengthen construction, establish a system, and strengthen management. In order to enable the company's employees to be dedicated, comply with discipline and law, the company has strengthened institutional construction, formulated rules and regulations, and strengthened internal management. In terms of organizational construction: the company has set up general manager, with four departments: the valuation department, the finance department, the office and the security department. The safety management system, financial management system, management personnel work responsibilities, vault management system, labor employment system, internal management system, internal audit system, cash management system, fire safety management system, public security defense system, important blank voucher management system, and A series of rules and regulations such as business work rules are used to regulate the words and deeds of employees.
    (5) 20xx annual pawnshores to collect, use and deposit. Since the second half of the 20xx year, the company has realized the number of tickets and renewal votes on the Internet in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, which is open and transparent. The collection, use and deposit of the ticket (renewal of the ticket) are strictly handled in accordance with the "Poly Polible Administrative Measures" and the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, and effectively eliminate illegal phenomena such as abuse, abuse, transfer, lending, and loss. The accident occurred. 20xx uses a ticket in the year and is effective. Among them: handwritten ticket portions, handwriting as ticket number, knotting: handwriting as ticket portion, pilot as a ticket portion, and a ticket number:, for deposit: pilot as a ticket. 20XX uses continuity to be tickets in the annual, effective use. Among them: handwriting continuing tickets, handwriting continuing ticket number:, clocking: handwritten continuity, machine continuation of the ticket portion, the machine continuation of the ticket number:, for the deposit: the machine continues the ticket.
    . The main problems existing
    20xx Although the company has achieved certain operating performance, there is still a certain gap in the regulatory requirements. The first is that the system management needs to be improved, and the professional level needs to be improved. In particular, there are currently fewer professionals in the company's employees, and the level of appraisal and evaluation is low. Therefore, it may cause potential risks and losses to the enterprise when handling the pawn business. Second, the degree of social awareness is not high, and business development is restricted. Third, the industry competition has further intensified, and the market environment is very severe. These need to be improved and improved in the future.

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