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  1. How to operate the newly opened decoration company
    The just opened decoration company how to operate. As real estate develops hot, young people have risen to buy a house, and the decoration has also become hot. In recent years Everyone was in a hurry to decorate, and many decoration companies occurred. Here is how to operate the newly opened decoration company.
    How how to operate the newly opened decoration company 1. Do not trust the advertisement
    Who whether the product is put into advertisement, the purpose is to attract consumers 'attention and consumers' consumption. Design and packaging, so it will definitely be made beautiful, more or less moisture, so whether it is on TV or on the Internet, don't be too trustworthy for advertisements.
    2. Occupible introductions may not be reliable
    Is you may say, how can the company introduced by your friends unreliable? You need to know that each of us's ideas is different, and the aesthetics must be different. Your friend thinks that it is not necessarily good. If you choose a decoration company introduced by a friend, you will also be It's not easy to blame,
    can only eat this dumb loss, so when an acquaintance is introduced, you must ask the details clearly, such as whether there are subsequent additions, etc., how about the technology, and then go to the friend’s home yourself. Whether the observation is your favorite decision.
    3. Do not trust the copy of the certificate
    The copy of the business license can be faked, so when we choose the decoration company, if the copy of the certificate presented by the other party, then we must consider this Is the company really reliable? The large -scale company, a long -established company is basically no problem. I am afraid that the newly established small -scale company is afraid of, so we still look at the original certificate for small companies!

    4. View the company's previous cases and model rooms
    The company with powerful capabilities, there will be many successful decoration cases, so we must understand those cases. It can be seen that the company's technical level can also determine the authenticity of the company.
    5. The real scene of the model room ≠ home improvement
    We we need to know that the model room of the decoration company is generally designed by the best designer and craftsman, and we please decorate the company when decorating the company. What must be invited is the best designer and craftsman,
    So we must go to a few more construction sites. From there, you can see the quality level of the decoration workers. Whether to cut corners and materials, etc., and what is the construction site that is about to hand over, observe the usual level of the decoration company, which can compare the gap between the model between the model.
    6. Do not trust the discount price
    Bee decoration companies will not float too much on the decoration price. There are so many cheap, so we have to consider whether there is a decoration trap.
    7. Observing the management system of the decoration company
    Excellent decoration company from consulting to the final completion, the period of the period is perfect, the management level is clear, the whole process is methodical, each of which is performed from the beginning to the beginning to the beginning to the beginning to Finally, management is supervising, and some company management systems are not perfect, so it is difficult to guarantee.
    How to operate the newly opened decoration company, how to operate the decoration company? Mainly these knowledge points!
    1. The system is sound
    The rules and regulations of the decoration company mainly include two aspects, one is the enterprise management system, and the other is the construction operation process and specifications. Among them, the corporate management system mainly guarantees the interests of employees, which can be gradually improved later. The construction process and specifications are the benefits of ensuring customers. Only in strict accordance with standardized operations can the quality of construction be guaranteed. Therefore, both systems must be established.
    2. Establishing a team
    , although the decoration company is relatively small, one of the functional departments must not be less. Generally speaking, the functional departments of the decoration company mainly include the project department, design department, customer service department, finance department, business department, etc. Each department cooperates with each other to complete the entire project as scheduled. The management of the team is also very important, and an intelligent management platform will give the enterprise a lot of effort.
    3. Equipment materials
    In order to ensure the completion of the construction period and to ensure the quality of each construction, it is recommended that the majority of enterprises can buy raw materials and equipment from well -known building materials suppliers.

    4. Finding business
    In order to allow the decoration company to survive, the company's salesperson also needs to actively find orders. The common methods for obtaining orders are: sales staff go out to run business; let relatives and friends help introduce; establish cooperative relationships with real estate developers; the business owned by the contracting company or use the new marketing method of the Internet to operate their own traffic users.
    5. Propaganda promotion
    Because the decoration company has just started, the fame is not too great, and it is difficult to receive orders. Therefore, the company needs to increase publicity. The common propaganda methods are local push, outdoor advertisements, or online advertising, etc., and now that promotion in the circle of friends may be better than that large advertisement, but it is necessary Master and method.

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    In how to operate a decoration company in the decoration company 3
    The team formation has largely affected the operating status of the decoration company. If you have a very good team and the team cooperation tacitly, it won't be long before you find that your company will gradually enter the right track, and there will be more and more orders.
    On how to operate the decoration company? It is not an exaggeration to say that, with the power of personal power, it is impossible to support the entire decoration company, or the ability of others. Live, treat them as a stairs to climb up, not to fight alone and be unique.

    The cooperation with high -quality brands
    The factors that can promote the development of decoration companies, one of them is the return. If you want to get a lot of returning guests, then you have to provide good materials for the owners, so that the owners can rest assured. Some readers and friends may ask me when they see here: Where does these materials come from? Naturally, you have to get it from those reliable brands! In other words, it is to let you cooperate with high -quality brand cooperation with high -quality brands Essence
    On how to operate the decoration company? Have you found a few good brands and are willing to build a long -term stable cooperative relationship with you? If not, then you have to work hard!
    Then! Propaganda
    The decoration company that does not know how to propagate is never a lot. Anyway, if you do n’t go public, it is difficult for the owner to find a way to get in touch with you. Maybe in the process of searching, it will be intercepted by his decoration company.
    From this perspective, publicity occupies an indelible position in the operation field. Do you know how to propagate? The method is actually very simple, such as online promotion, sending leaflets, and engaging in activities, which are often adopted. Driven by these methods, more and more owners will know you This decoration company.

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