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  1. Under the conditions of new media, it is not easy to use high -quality content to suck powder. It is also not applicable in the new media environment. It still needs to be taken the initiative to find new breakthroughs and methods.
    In this competitive environment, we must adopt multi -form fission -up powder.
    The first method, we can use our early users and seed users to fission. The first batch of fans referred to the early users, but seed users refer to those users who interact with you more and give you a lot of suggestions. You can give full play to your relatives and friends to cultivate your seed users and let your friends expand to fission. Promote the WeChat public account to get more fans to pay attention, which is equivalent to opening its own offline resources to achieve the accumulation of fans, which is our first batch of seed users.
    The second method is that we can achieve multi -channel drainage, and the public account fission is achieved through various popular social platforms. Everyone needs to fully use these platforms to achieve fan growth on their public account. The main channels are except for the public account Weibo. In addition, we also have a lot of popular social platforms. It is worthy of our operators as public accounts and channels to expand, such as the platforms we know Zhihu, Jianshu, Douban, Headline, and other platforms. In fact, these platforms have played a great role in the promotion and channel drainage of our public account to a certain extent. The advantages of these platforms are almost free. As long as you have the right way, you can still bring traffic and fans to our public account.

    The third method, you can try the use of third -party platforms as activities to achieve the fission of the public account and achieve the demand for powder increase. This is actually a form of paid. The form of fission the poster is relatively simple, fast and effective. The essence is the poster fission powder suction mode. For example, make a poster, forward it to the circle of friends to invite friends to help, pay attention to the public account to complete the task to receive prizes. The authenticity and accuracy of such fans are high.
    The fourth method, you can find some WeChat groups that specialize in each other, QQ group or something. Pushing each other is actually a common form of public account rising powder, but how can I find some high matching and fans and fans. What about the strong stickiness? This needs to be particularly reliable on choosing and teaming. In terms of copywriting and innovation, it is also necessary to continue to work hard. The main purpose is to achieve the fission of the public number to achieve a win -win cooperation. For example, if others pay attention to your public account to send some gifts or something, it will still be more effective, and it is relatively easy to crack.

  2. Fission is a very recommended way for me. Customers are accurate, low in cost, and can get a large number of users in a short time. Whether it is a public account, or a personal number, or a small program, or a community, you can quickly get precision users through fission.
    The specific method is: first of all, there must be a fission tool, such as "small fission", and then use "maker stickers" and "map monsters" to make a simple poster for free. Your existing channels such as public accounts, friends circle, and community spread. The process is such
    a Seeing the activity to reward, scan the code to follow the public account and public account push a exclusive poster to A, A to share it, b sees and helps (A see B help success news at the same time. ), Public account push B exclusive poster to B, B sharing, C sees attention and help. Essence Essence In this cycle
    , in addition to posters, you can also participate in activities through the form of invitation codes. Individuals, communities, and applets can be obtained by fission to obtain precision customers.
    The fission tools can be used in private I use it for free

  3. When it comes to increasing the public account fans, the number of users of the public account and the fission of the public account. Most people may know that a successful user fission can bring tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of new fans at one time. Use the pink rising tool to increase the powder.
    It's experience in the use of multiple powder rising tools, the comprehensive experience of emerging taskbao is the best, the system is very smooth, and the activities are very stable. Don't worry, the price is much more favorable than other homes. In terms of fission growth, not everyone can do it blindly. Many people have the following problems
    In the following briefly analyze:
    1, no seed users
    2, zero experience, The theory and practice are blank, and even fission tools cannot be distinguished.
    3. Knowing a bunch of theories, such as the Aarrr rule, also learned a lot of fission courses, but in actual use, the effect of raising powder is very small.
    4. It will do the fission of powder, but it is not grasped. Every time you do activities, you are worried about being blocked by WeChat.
    5. The activity attracted fans, but the fans led the welfare in a blink of an eye. The user's retention and user transformation were basically 0.
    The above problems, almost every fission trader encountered, but user growth is that in various non -smooth situations, it is still possible to obtain accurate and high -quality users, which is the way of enterprise growth.
    So how should a basic fission activity be planned?
    . Requirement analysis and fission path confirmation
    . Digging seed users
    . Details of controlling fission, do not step on the pit
    The second question: How to set the fission prize? A fission activity, the most attractive place is the event prizes. If the prizes are not attractive, the path and tools are perfect, and it cannot be newly new. Therefore, a complete fission must include the continuous optimization of posters and copywriting during the event, the continuous monitoring and analysis of various data, to prevent various plans and measures of the WeChat title, as well as how to improve user retention and user transformation.

  4. Now everyone uses a lot of WeChat public account to raise the powder. The main task is mainly the task treasure. The operating process is as follows:

    1. When setting prize bait, you must clearly clear your own target fan group, and consider prizes Price and attractiveness.

    2. Making a attractive poster, it is best to understand the content of the event without clicking on the circle of friends.

    3. Set background copywriting and activity rules. You should not need too many people to attract new attention to help internal success, because this is easy to reduce the enthusiasm of participation.

    4. Use the circle of friends or the community to forward the invitation to invite friends to help, pay attention to the public account, and complete the task to receive prizes.

    The comparison with the products on the market. You can also try explosive juice fission

  5. The reason for fission is almost the same. It depends on how many users you are. If there are more seed users, and if you want to make large -scale fission, you can try some tools. You will find that the process is far simpler than you want.

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