5 thoughts on “What do you do part -time in finance college students?”

  1. It is a good choice to go to China/Foreign Bank, securities company, accounting firm or unit part -time job/internship. Because of the major in finance and graduation, they generally want to engage in financial and economic work. If the college period (usually the junior starts to start) has related part -time job experience, the employer will be given priority in the future employment. The part -time job should be targeted at the beginning of the junior. Do not choose part -time jobs that have nothing to do with your future in the future. Part -time part -time jobs during this period is to prepare for the first job of the society. Observe and understand the work of the workplace environment, the work content of the department, the relationship between the relationship between the colleague/the relationship between the superior, and in short, pay attention to the accumulation of social knowledge and experience other than the book. Do not mind or see the matter or miscellaneous things in part -time projects. I have learned a lot!

  2. First of all, I want to wake you up, it is best not to touch the intermediary company in the society. There is almost no safety.
    After all, the society is very realistic. Most of the posters in the school are intermediary, flickering college students! Since you are still a college student at school, I advise you not to be so ambitious. Of course, it is good and the harvest will be great! But after all, it is a student. Many of the hidden rules in society are not very well understood. And you don't have enough ability to stay there, I suggest not to do such part -time jobs first!
    It you can choose to go out to post posters to find part -time jobs, such as leaflets, tutoring (preferably not to ask questions, unsafe) or something, on the one hand, to find part -time jobs, on the one hand, understand society! Of course, you can also kill some small companies to find part -time jobs, but you must pay attention to ensuring your legitimate rights and interests!
    Finally, I wish you good luck!

  3. Make stocks and make some pocket money and stir -fry and feel that you do n’t have enough knowledge. If you have enough dynamic professional knowledge, you can see that the domestic market is not enough. It's better to find a job. Essence Essence

  4. Some bank recruitment lobby managers, you can apply for it, I believe you have this ability, come on. Being a part -time job with your own career can exercise your own financial level and ability. After graduating in the future, you can also find a job. You say: Really?

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