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  1. The headhunting company does recruitment for the enterprise, commonly known as the "agent recruitment agency of senior management personnel", and searches for the organization of recruitment services for high -level management talents and key technical positions for the organization. The corresponding commissions required by the company's payment and recommendation candidates are not charged for individuals. They can provide professional and targeted services for enterprises, high confidentiality, and save time. At present, many enterprises will adopt headhunter recruitment in high -end talent recruitment.

  2. Hongpeng head hunting service program

    . Understand customer needs
    communicate with customers, introduce Hongpeng, understand the customer's detailed needs of the position, please fill in the "Hongpeng position provided by Hongpeng's" Hongpei position provided by Hongpeng The instructions provide the background information of the customer unit, and at the same time, the information provided by the two parties is signed and confirmed.

    . Payment analysis
    Hangpei will analyze the distribution of talents in each position according to the customer's position, as well as the difficulty of searching for hunting, and pass the difficulty of searching and hunting. Communication and discussion are agreed with customers.

    . The formal signing of the contract
    Baships of the two parties shall jointly negotiate and sign the "Hongpeng Headhunter Entrusted Contract" based on the analysis results of the headhunter position. Hongpeng pays for the search deposit in full.

    . The implementation of the search operation
    Hongpeng has a strict and standardized project implementation process inside. Expand the search operation, and the high efficiency is suitable for candidates.

    5. The preliminary test and comprehensive evaluation
    The finalists collected by the search through the search, and Hongpeng will first arrange the initial test to conduct targeted comprehensive tests and related investigations for the preliminary test. And determine whether to formally recommend it to customers based on the preliminary results.

    6. Recommendation, re -examination and business review
    The people who obtained Hongpeng recommendation and affirmed customers, Hongpeng assisted customers to interview and review the candidates. Generally, Hongpeng also arranges business review with customers according to the customer's interview feedback to obtain more accurate job understanding.

    7. Customer hiring candidates
    The candidate recommended by Hongpeng, after being re -examined and approved by the person unit, Hongpeng will assist both people to do various items in the candidate and the original work unit to do various items. On the basis of procedures, go through formal recruitment and registration procedures.

    8. Cost settlement and subsequent follow -up services
    The talents recommended by Hongpeng until the entrusting unit will pay the rest within five working days after reporting. Later, Hongpeng will continue to carry out multi -level, multi -latitude follow -up customer service, and timely evaluate the work of talents in the customer's work in a timely manner.
    Hangpee head hunting standards
    This headhunter service is Hongpeng's core business. In Hongpeng's professional team, a large number of senior senior project managers and professional headhunters are gathered. The search channel, with professional operation methods to provide outstanding talents or related commission services for outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises at home and abroad.
    The on the headhunting service, Hongpeng provided free services to senior talents for a long time, and provided them with a keen vision and scientific system working method to provide them with good opportunities for life and career development. For corporate customers who entrust the headhunter position, Hongpeng shall be charged in accordance with international standards and standards for the difference in entrusted positions. (The total annual salary usually refers to all income including monthly salary, various subsidies, bonuses, dual salary at the end of the year, stock and options). Depending on the difficulty of visiting and the specific situation of customers, the two parties are properly adjusted by friendly negotiation.
    ▲ Searching for deposit
    From the date of signing the contract between the two parties, within two working days, Hongpeng will collect the search deposit from the entrusting customers, which is 30%of the total service fee for all visits.
    ▲ Cost payment
    Hongpeng has officially started from the date of receiving the customer's search deposit. The candidates recommended by Hongpeng have served for five working days, and the commissioner pays the remaining service fee.
    ▲ Trial guarantee
    For the candidates for clients, Hongpeng will ensure a three -month trial period. For normal reasons, if they leave or were fired, the needs of this post will quickly provide follow -up reference candidates. If there is no appropriate candidate within the agreed time, unless the customer's request continues to visit the recommendation, we will return 50%of the candidate to the customer (except for the targeted headhunter entrusted service).
    The description: For more detailed terms, please refer to the "Hongpeng Headhunter Entrusted Contract".
    Hangpee advantage industry
    As one of the leaders of China's headhunting industry, Hongpeng has gradually formed its own advantageous service field through effective accumulation for many years. In hundreds of industries, Hongpeng's service level and performance in the following industry areas are even better:

    Successful positions

    Energy and chemical industry:
    The vice president of the group, general manager of sales company, marketing director, pharmaceutical factory director, laboratory director, district director, production/quality manager, senior sales manager, senior certification engineer ... r
    textile and apparel industry:
    The executive president, quality director/manager, production director/manager, technical director, market director, senior sales manager, purchasing director/manager, HR director, training manager, senior technical experts ...
    The automotive industry:
    A quality director/manager, production director/manager, technical director, market director, senior sales manager, purchasing director/manager, HR director, training manager, senior technical expert And commercial retail:
    The executive president, senior marketing vice president, chief planner, chief architect, general manager of planning center, engineering director, general manager of project, cost management director, cost department manager; China Merchants Director, Department Store Corporation General Manager, operating director, senior purchasing manager, construction manager, new store development manager ...
    communication industry:
    Senior vice president, vice president of R

  3. The real headhunting company is mainly for customers to find and recommend talents that meet the requirements.但是,要想真正为客户寻找和推荐成符合要求的人才,前提是必须为客户提供具有相当水准的咨询服务;后期是必须具备高超的搜寻技巧和相当水准的识别人才的能力,以及对人才和Customers have touched lobbying ability. The contents of these services are not available in some companies with a brand with a headhunting company. These services are not available in some companies similar to headhunting companies, and even their operating models are not ordinary non -standard companies that can be used by ordinary non -standard companies that can be used by ordinary non -standard companies that can be used by ordinary non -standard companies that can be used Essence

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