Does the employee privately build a group to discuss the boss's influence of the work illegal?

2 thoughts on “Does the employee privately build a group to discuss the boss's influence of the work illegal?”

  1. First, employees set up small groups without permission to be dissatisfied with the company's management. As long as there is no insult, slander, slander and other personal attacks, it will not violate the law. This is the category of speech
    . If the employees are in private and harm the interests of the company, and the food climb inside, it is a violation of the company's system, and the circumstances that seriously constitute the law; if it is only private to the boss in private, it can only bring emotions into the work and affect work progress. It is not moral, but it is not illegal. And this criterion is mainly to see if someone is maliciously connected and slandered the company or boss with the unspeakable purpose, or just gathers the boss who is dissatisfied with the dissatisfaction.
    In third, in this case, if some people have achieved personal purposes, maliciously hurt the company and boss, and cause serious damage to the company if they are serious. Some people from the company are seriously dissatisfied with the boss and united to oppose the boss. Then it can only be said that the company is inconsistent with these employees. You can consider gathered and scattered. Since it is not suitable, you can break up peacefully and do not need to drag.
    The employees to discuss the boss and company privately, whether it is illegal, the key is to look at the purpose of the series, one is malicious, to achieve the purpose of not being able to sue people (such as commercial spies). Destroying the company or letting competitors gain profit, and those who obtain illegal interests themselves will definitely constitute illegal; the other is that employees are dissatisfied with the company and vent their dissatisfaction through some organizations. This situation belongs to workers' dissatisfaction and does not constitute illegal.

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