1 thought on “Has Xuzhou Xiangsheng Pipe Co., Ltd. took over San Gobban?”

  1. Xuzhou Xiangsheng Pipe Co., Ltd. did not take over St. Gogan. The two are partnerships in Xuzhou. Xuzhou Xiangsheng Pipeline Co., Ltd. was established on May 26, 1986. Its main business scope is the production of cast iron pipes, cast iron, cast iron, scorched carbon and sintering, ball dumplings, dregs and other by -products. San Goban plaster building materials are affiliated to San Goban Group, France, and St. Goban Group was established in 1665. St. Gobenjo's gypsum board is one of the top ten gypsum board brands in the world. Standard paper plaster boards produced can meet fire prevention, sound insulation, insulation and building structures. Power needs. Therefore, I did not take over St. Gobaban.

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