Which senior knows the role of halogen -free flame retardant conductive materials? High scores to solve ~~~~

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  1. Handalogless flame retardant guidance,
    rohs halogen-free environmental protection certification, flame retardant UL94-V0 level
    With the progress of society, human requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. highly valued. Many domestic and foreign companies (Dell,
    , etc.) Merchants provide halogen -free products, and the use of halogen -free products has continued to grow. The industry's innovation and environmental protection regulations will directly promote the widespread use of halogen -free products.
    In the harmfulness of halogen -containing products:
    . Carcinogenic
    produced two evils and fuzzy when burning. Excess
    This immune system toxicity, endocrine system impact, harm to reproductive systems
    -induced organic mutations
    L n most of the halogen substances are environmental hormonal substances It can cause obstacles to human organs or various developments
    The hot -melting film producers in China can provide customers with hot -melt rubber film suitable for conductive foam and halogen -free flame retardant. There are only a few hot -melt glue film manufacturers that can provide halogen -free products. In order to fill the gap in domestic halogen -free flame -retardant hot melting glue film on conductive foam products, Feirongda Electronic Technology invested a large amount of manpower, and material and financial research and development belonging to its own brand of halogen -free hot -fuse hot melting film.
    In early survey, developing the technical bottleneck of halogen -free flame -retardant hot melting glue film:
    The glue film is not halogen: halogen is the best flame retardant effect, but due to the due to The glue film must not contain halogen, the combustion cannot release harmful substances, and limits the choice space of adhesives and flame retardants. At present, there is still no hot -melt glue supplier in China that can provide conductive foam and can reach halogen -free V0 flame retardant. Hot melting glue film;
    M membrane: How to make hot -melt glue adhesives good compatible with flame retardants and additives, ensure that the glue film can form a film and achieve a certain curved strength, break and extension and extension The length level, due to the high content of the flame retardant, if the flame retardant cannot be fully dispersed and uniformly distributed in the hot melt glue, the flame retardant is easy to start, and the product cannot be made into a film;
    The flame retardant reaches UL94V0:
    If the halogen -free flame retardant film itself is not easy to reach the UL94V0 level, and after covering the conductive foam, it is the coated with conductive foam to reach UL94V0, which is this research and development The biggest bottleneck of the project.
    In order to shorten our R

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