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  1. The prospects are very good, the market is broad, and the profits are also large. According to the "2016-2021 China Medical Device Industry Market Prospective and Investment Forecast Analysis Report", with the continuous improvement of the people's health awareness, people's self-care awareness increases The new medical reform policy also attaches enough attention to medical equipment. The entire medical device industry market has also developed rapidly, and the total profit growth is much higher than the average level of the pharmaceutical industry. The X0DX0A report shows that in 2011, the size of the Chinese household medical device market reached 17.66 billion yuan, an increase of 28.3%over the same period last year, and a compound growth rate of a compound growth rate of 29.8%in 2006-2011. However, on the other hand, China ’s household medical device accounts for a low share of the medical device industry. In 2011, it was only 13%, which was far lower than the level of 25%of the world, and it had huge growth potential. It is estimated that by 2013, the scale of China's domestic medical device market will reach 29 billion yuan. X0DX0A is urgent for those who are just discharged from the hospital. They urgently need to use various home medical devices after discharge for continuous rehabilitation treatment. X0DX0A home medical devices are generally divided into 4 categories: the treatment instrument, testing, health care, and rehabilitation, such as thermometer, hearing aid, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, traction, high potential therapy, warm therapy bed, etc. China has nearly 200 million patients with hypertension and more than 60 million diabetic patients. Similar chronic diseases have great potential for the demand for home medical devices. With the investment in national medical security, the improvement of consumption level, and the continuous transformation of consumption concepts, the Prospective Industry Research Institute is expected to be 6.59 billion yuan and 5.2 billion yuan, respectively, the market size of China's massage equipment, electronic blood pressure meters, and blood glucose meters in 2013, respectively. 240 billion yuan. At present, the global high -end home medical device market is basically dominated by the products of the United States, Germany and Japan, and well -known multinational companies have invested in establishing a production base in China to seize market share. After years of development, Chinese home medical device companies have continued to improve, and the current competitive advantage in the low -end market is obvious.

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