Financial analysis of Sany Heavy Industry? Sany Heavy Industry Stock Bar Communication Group? The latest product of Sany Heavy Industry?

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  1. Sany heavy work is the leader of dedicated equipment. Everyone should be familiar with it. Many institutional investors will choose to invest in this stock. Is this stock really worthy of our investment? Let's study together. I will share with you in front of these special equipment industry leading stocks before formal studying Sany Heavy work.

    The company profile: Sanyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a company that is mainly engaged in concrete machinery, pavement machinery, crawler lifting machinery, pile work machinery, mining machinery, automobile lifting machinery. It belongs to the construction machinery industry. The company is a domestic concrete mechanical leading enterprise. The main products include mop -concrete conveyor pumps, concrete conveyor pump trucks, full -liquid pressure vibration roller, pavement machines, excavators, flat -ground machines, etc. In the past 12 years, Sany Heavy Industry has been the first place at the Chinese construction machinery user brand.

    In introduction, it is not difficult to find that the strength of the company's corporate enterprise cannot be underestimated. Is Sany Heavy Industry really suitable for investment? With this problem, let's analyze it through its highlights.

    In highlights: The competitiveness of core products continues to increase, and the market share has further increased

    Inned downstream infrastructure and real estate investment demand, superimposed environmental policy upgrades, growth demand for equipment renewal, manual artificially Promoting factors such as alternative effects, the construction machinery industry continues high prosperity. As the leader of the industry, the company continues to grow throughout the entire line of products. The market share of domestic and foreign markets continues to increase.

    In highlights: Digital and intelligent transformation results are significant, the company's operating capacity continues to increase

    The company will continue to vigorously promote digitalization and intelligent transformation, and actively carry out the "lighthouse factory" construction , Visual recognition, process simulation, heavy -duty robots and other cutting -edge industrial technologies and digital technologies have been widely used in major domestic industrial parks, which has greatly improved human -machine collaboration and production efficiency. The reduction of manufacturing costs has further enhanced the company's global comprehensive competitiveness, and the company's per capita revenue has been enhanced. It is now in the leading position of the global construction machinery industry.

    In highlights: firmly promoting the internationalization strategy and obtaining a series of positive progress

    The sales situation of overseas markets is better than the overall level of the industry. Southeast Asian regions, the US, the United States, the three -one Europe, and Africa have achieved rapid growth. It has been greatly improved than previous years. As the demand in overseas markets is more than a day, the company has a deep layout in overseas business. Export business may become an important performance growth point for the company.

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    . From the perspective of the industry

    The multi -weight The impact of the factors, the construction machinery industry has far exceeded the expected rapid growth, and the degree of prosperity far exceeds the expectations of people. In addition, the expansion of the market size is obvious, the demand for downstream construction is continuous, and the dedicated equipment for exports continues to increase. In this case, Sany Heavy Industry is a leading enterprise in the industry. The company's products also have strong competitive advantages, and performance revenue is expected to further improve.

    In short, Sany Heavy Industry is indeed excellent, and this stock is good with long -term eyes. However, the content of the article does not represent future development. I want to know what the future of Sany Heavy Industries is. Clicked directly at the link below. Professional investment advisory will help you judge your stock. Good timing sold: [Free] Is there a chance to test Sanyi Heavy Industries?

    The Answee time: 2021-10-02, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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