5 thoughts on “What channels are the headhunters to BD customers (enterprises)?”

  1. Like ordinary companies, in an office building, a group of energetic hunters are recruited, attacking around, looking for prey, this mode is relatively stable and stable, there will be no sudden explosive growth.
    E each employee who joins is in line with certain conditions, becoming the company's partners, junior partners to intermediate partners, and then to high -level and top partners. Individuals regard yourself as the boss;
    The differences are that the annual profit distribution is different. The higher the level of partners, the more income. This system.
    Extended information: The headhunter company is very different from the simple intermediary company. The headhunter company does not charge individuals. Who needs to charge for the intermediary company, and individuals need to charge individuals. Essence
    The level of doing it is relatively low. The headhunting company is charged from the enterprise. If you charge the individual, it is definitely not a headhunter, but an intermediary. The headhunter company needs to provide talent evaluation, investigation, and assistance consultant consulting services. The intermediary company Often very simple matching; the headhunter charges are very high, and the intermediary service charges are often relatively low;
    This headhunters are mainly actively looking for talents. The intermediaries are more matched in existing resources. For the service of the job, the headhunting company is more of a talent for talents with strong ability and good professional ethics.

  2. What I know is to communicate with customers through the phone, and then we come out of the interview and can finally sign a cooperation agreement. Generally in Guangzhou, there are more customer resources. Their purpose is to carry out more cooperation, and customers can sign a cooperation agreement with customers.

  3. What we generally know is that the Guangzhou Headhunter Association gets the search resources of some industry associations. Generally speaking, members, thank you for obtaining it. If you have a long period of time and a wide range of contacts, you can get the information. BD customers.

  4. Their channels are generally. When we meet with corporate customers with time and conference calls, we must fully understand the situation of the enterprise before the first communication, so that we can list for the company to list better customers And potential customers.

  5. The headhunters generally find the company's recruitment needs first, then look at customers, and then have more resources on hand, and there are more headhunting on the side of Guangzhou. After optimistic about enterprises, you can contact customers to sign the agreement.

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