1 thought on “How to pull people to invest in good projects”

  1. First write the business plan, learn some basic knowledge of the venture capital industry, understand the process of financing, and let yourself have the ability to distinguish. Then lock the related docking channels, try more, and recommend you several ways:
    1. Go to the official website of the major investment institutions to deliver the passage to deliver your business plan.
    2. Participate in various offline salons activities, and actively find investors present to exchange contact information to submit your project.
    3. Finding a financing platform, it is recommended not to choose a member system too high. You can choose the kind of self -help application for one -on -one docking investors. It is because you can choose to match the success of investors who match them all aspects.
    Generally, if it is just one idea, it is not easy to find investors. After all, the market has not been verified. It is just one idea, but it is not that there is no hope at all. It depends on what you have. Feasible information or research data, depending on how you tell investors to tell your profit model, your market prospects, how do you do now, etc., see how you communicate with investors.
    If the project has achieved a certain degree, at this time you are reasonable, it is better to find investors, because you have project information, market feedback, and ready -made teams. Tell investors your profit model, market prospects, how do you develop in the future, what do you need now, because there are ready -made companies, investors will also see your company, which is better than the first case.
    It, it should be explained that you are better to find investors to do business, and people who are more familiar. Those who have not done business will encounter many problems in the future. His thinking mode is still in the work mode of work. It will affect the progress of business. People who have done business, whether it is executed or from marketing or strategically, has at least that kind of thinking mode and that experience. In the future, they will think about the issues that the businessmen should think in the future. What businessmen should do, they must cooperate more happily.

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