5 thoughts on “How should people engaged in the front -end industry find a job?”

  1. Looking at your technology depth, it is not without JQ, but you usually do n’t ask too much JQ in the interview, so you can raise your native JS technology, such as those on the ES6 behind ES5.

  2. From the perspective of various industries across the country, the IT industry is definitely a rising industry. Among them, the Web front -end industry is definitely one of the hottest industries. It can be applied to the company, but the technical foundation must be solid. Performance must have a certain understanding.

  3. People who are engaged in the front -end industry also need to go to the company to apply, but the difficulty of applying will be relatively high. This requires fully showing its own strength and letting the company see your ability, so that the possibility of being hired will be greater.

  4. You can vote on your personal resume on the relevant recruitment website. You can let relatives and friends help introduce. You can add some, QQ and WeChat job search groups to increase your employment opportunities.

  5. You should actively deliver your own resume online to attract more people to discover themselves and let yourself do something.

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