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  1. The common five issues of workplace interviews
    Sepower in the workplace interviews. We inevitably encounter walls during the job search process. Knowing interpersonal communication is also a magic weapon for the workplace to win. Following the predecessor Daniel in the workplace, you can learn a lot of things. Five major issues in workplace interviews, those things in the workplace.
    Prepridence in workplace interviews 1 question 1: Why do you choose our company?
    The resolution: All applicants may encounter such problems. Remember to give positive and positive answers. In addition to explaining the company's advantages and their own development space in the company, they can further explain which expertise they are. Can be competent for recruitment positions.
    The topic 2: What do you think the company is in the industry prospects?
    Analysis: This question is mainly to understand the understanding and outlook of the current situation of the industry and the industry. Therefore, it is recommended to do some homework before the interview and check some industry information. It is best to add your own understanding.

    The questions 3: Are you willing to start from the grassroots?
    Analysis: The main examiner is a person who is a person with a solidity rather than a low -eyed master. Newcomers in the workplace can indicate that they are willing to exercise themselves from the grassroots.
    The question 4: What are the plans for the future?
    Analysis: To emphasize that if you have the opportunity to join, you must work hard to work for the enterprise. On this basis, he develops with the company, and his career goals are closely related to corporate goals.
    The topic 5: Your advantages and disadvantages?
    Analysis: This question is to test the objective understanding of the candidate. You can prepare several examples to prove it, or add other people's point of view, to avoid abstract statements, and focus on specific experience and self -reflection, making the content more attractive.
    This problems often occur during interviews. When answering this kind of question, in addition to the ingenious external situation such as experience, age, academic qualifications, gender, foreign language, and professionalism, you can have your own. Slightly transform. For example, the candidate of the sales position can say: My advantage lies in my communication ability, and I can quickly establish a good relationship with customers.
    The common five issues in workplace interviews The 2 group interviews are commonly known as "group face". The scientific statement is called "discussion of no leadership group" [that is the legendary "group fight. The group interview is an interview method adopted by more and more foreign companies and famous enterprises in recent years. The language ability, thinking ability, and role that is suitable for playing in the team.
    The group interview method is generally a group of applicants to form a group to face a problem that needs to be solved. The group members are discussed to collect a variety of views to jointly find the most suitable answer. The steps of group interviews are generally: first, accept the problem, the members are preparing for the outline of the speech separately; second, the group members take turns speaking in turn to explain their views; Result of discussion.
    Frequently Asked questions of group interviews
    (1) Open question
    The answer to the answer can be wide and wide. The main examination students think about whether the problem is comprehensive, targeted, whether the thinking is clear, and whether there are new views and insights. For example: What kind of leaders do you think are good leaders? Regarding this issue, candidates can answer many aspects, such as leaders' personality charm, leadership talents, leadership of affinity orientation, and leadership management orientation. For the examiner, this question is easy to come up, but it is not easy to evaluate the candidates, because such problems are not easy to arouse the argument between candidates, and the scope of the candidates who investigate the candidates are relatively limited.

    (2) Dilemma
    is one of them to allow candidates to choose one of the two mutual advantages and disadvantages. Mainly examine candidates' analytical ability, language expression ability, and persuasion.例如,你认为以工作为取向的领导是好领导还是以人为取向的领导是好领导?此类问题对考生而言,既通俗易懂,又能够引起充分的辩论;对于考官而言,不但在It is more convenient to prepare questions, and it is also more effective in evaluating candidates. However, the topic of such types should be noted that both alternative answers have the same degree of advantages and disadvantages. There is no obvious selectivity advantage in one of the answers than another answer.
    (3) Multiple choices
    It is for candidates to select several of them in multiple alternative answers or sort the importance of alternative answers. It mainly examines the ability of candidates to analyze problems and seize the essence of the problem.
    (4) Operating problem
    This is for materials, tools or props, and allows candidates to use the materials given to create an object specified by some examiners. It mainly examines the characteristics, cooperation ability, and characteristics of the role of candidates and the characteristics of the role in a practical task.
    This of such problems, examining the candidates' operating behavior is more than other types of problems, and the degree of scenario simulation is greater, but the ability to examine the language is less. The requirements for examiners and topics are relatively high.
    (5) Resource competition problem
    The discussion of this kind of problem is applicable to the non -leadership group of specified characters. Or summarize ability, the enthusiasm of speaking, and the sensitivity of reactions. If candidates should be responsible for the managers of each branch and allocate a certain amount of funds. Because if you want to obtain more resources, you must be reasonable and be able to convince others. Therefore, such problems can arouse candidates' sufficient debate, and it is also conducive to the evaluation of candidates for candidates, but the requirements for test questions are high.

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